Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Osaka 1985 2nd Night / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Osaka 1985 2nd Night / 3CD / Zion

Translated Text:
Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 23rd April 1985


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Previously, it is that Japan tour of Springsteen in 1985 was released in quick succession from our shop it seems whether still fresh in our minds, one of the performances that had been left in such is the Osaka second day of April 23 . Worldwide during the big hit, Japan Springsteen was finally realized the album “BORN IN THE USA”. It is also the performance became the last day of such a Japan tour. Before the audience tour beginning that English is not through, it is a state that was trial and error that prompted a different behavior and always live I hear about, great live Springsteen also in Japan, and also a tour last day how to enjoy it can ask. And, after finishing the Tokyo dates also said tour the first half, foreign land, yet (have been released from our shop as “A GREAT GIG IN KYOTO”) gymnasium live that was realized in Kyoto “BORN IN THE USA” tour start After, for Springsteen line that stadium rather than arena has been a commonplace by popular explosion, and became a great breather.
Thus Kyoto subsequent performances missing from trial and error in Tokyo, playing suggests even which day room also has become an attractive. It should get used to the tour last day, finally something like it has been committed to us to showcase the live of full power.

Although such is the Osaka second day, LP “SECOND DAY AT CASTLE HALL VOL. 1 & 2”, “LAST NIGHT IN THE EAST” in a familiar or would not than mania is not a few. And such as stay in the same name of the CD-R in which the degraded master in the latter via overseas to the split in the original is released, CD item is not blessed surprisingly. However in recent years, appeared in different audience recording master on the net with their LP, in between the mania around the world there is a feeling that here has become popular.
The sound source to be construed based on a second-generation copy, also Japanese recording will be inferred that it is the number of copies of the results circulated via overseas from there. Certainly still sound quality I was very good, but the fact that not a master copy there was something hard to elusive. From master’s to exist in Japan, but I of course of speaking for granted saying circumstances, would have probably wanted the mania around the world, the original audience master shop was successful in obtaining!

This recording To tell the truth, is something due to taper who have provided Osaka schedule of Mick Jagger’s first concert in Japan in recent years. Just it was so description supposed to get to imagine the height of quality. Around Tour of his sound source is a translation and that has been spread abroad, but the release from this master tape, which takes you confronted To vividly the difference between the sound source that has undergone large book of the sound source and the number of times of dubbing.
Literally “Hitokawamuke was” clearness and goodness of freshness Rekizen difference. Examples mania you have the net version of, please try by all means listen compared. Especially hiss from the right channel was prominent in the net sound source, you do not hear any in this release. This is not intended to processing such as equalization has brought, it would be a natural state of precisely because the master is brought home. It is not only that, in the “Prove It All Night” the first half from the “Working On The Highway” late, we are compensated by using the part that has been missing from the tape change, there even now own availability audience recording master. The net version in this regard is what you have been subjected to editing that compensated from the first to raise the LP, but it was confronted by the difference there, even in the editing that reflects the sound source available capacity of the country.

Stop even overseas mania was described as “Meien” of the day “Point Black”. To become now more rather tasty Eitizu arrangements of DX-7 half-assed intro. Meien that what was created because in Japan you listened playing. And more than anything, even in the sound source with a number of Springsteen’s first concert in Japan, clearness of audience recordings boast the highest sound quality was recorded at the best state is exceptional. Most “sound board” and the proximity of the voice of Springsteen that was made likely illusion. In the first visit to Japan performances were full of that enthusiasm, skill was Mise to catch in this much balance, it is not longer help but called supernatural. It would surprise mania around the world definitely, it is recorded in perfect sound quality from the master, yet the release of a limitation of the press CD, the definitive edition of the first visit to Japan performance last day was born here!
以前、当店からスプリングスティーン1985年の来日公演が立て続けにリリースされたことは記憶に新しいかと思われますが、そんな中で残されていた公演の一つが4月23日の大阪二日目です。アルバム「BORN IN THE U.S.A.」の世界的な大ヒットの最中、遂に実現したスプリングスティーンの来日。そんなジャパン・ツアーの最終日となった公演でもあります。ツアー開始当初は英語が通じない観客を前に、いつものライブとは違う振る舞いを求められたことに試行錯誤した様子が伺えましたが、ツアー最終日ともなるとスプリングスティーンも日本でのライブを大いに楽しむ様子が伺えます。それに、ツアー前半とも言える東京の日程を終えた後、異国の地、しかも京都で実現した体育館ライブ(当店から「A GREAT GIG IN KYOTO」としてリリースされています)は「BORN IN THE U.S.A.」ツアー開始後、人気の爆発によってアリーナどころかスタジアムが当たり前となっていたスプリングスティーン一行にとって、大いなる息抜きとなりました。

そんな大阪二日目ですが、LP「SECOND DAY AT CASTLE HALL VOL. 1 & 2」「LAST NIGHT IN THE EAST」で慣れ親しんだマニアが少なくないのではないでしょうか。その割に後者の海外経由で劣化したマスターを元にした同名のCD-Rがリリースされるにとどまるなど、CDアイテムは意外なほど恵まれていません。ところが近年、それらLPとは違ったオーディエンス録音マスターがネット上に現れ、世界中のマニアの間ではこちらがポピュラーとなった感があります。

文字通り「一皮むけた」クリアネスや鮮度の良さは違いが歴然。例のネットバージョンをお持ちのマニア、是非聴き比べてみてください。特にネット音源で顕著だった右チャンネルからのヒスノイズが、今回のリリースでは一切聴こえません。これはイコライズのような処理がもたらしたものではなく、マスターだからこその自然な状態であることが痛感させられるでしょう。それだけではありません、「Working On The Highway」終盤から「Prove It All Night」前半部分において、テープ・チェンジから欠けていた部分、そこでも今回独自入手したオーディエンス録音マスターを使用して補てんしています。この点に関してネット・バージョンでは最初に上げたLPから補てんするという編集を施していたものですが、そこでも自国の音源入手能力を反映させた編集で違いを見せつけました。

とどめは海外のマニアにも「名演」と評されたこの日の「Point Black」。今となってはDX-7丸出しなイントロのエイティーズ・アレンジがむしろ味わい深いほど。演奏を聞き入る日本でだからこそ生み出された名演。そして何よりも、スプリングスティーン初来日公演の数ある音源の中でも、最高音質を誇るオーディエンス録音が最高の状態で収録されたクリアネスは格別。ほとんど「サウンドボード」と錯覚しそうになるスプリングスティーンの声の近さ。あの熱狂に満ちた初来日公演において、これほどのバランスでキャッチしてみせた手腕、もはや神業と呼ばずにはいられません。間違いなく世界中のマニアを驚かせるであろう、マスターからの完璧音質で収録され、しかも限定のプレスCDでのリリースによって、初来日公演最終日の決定版がここに誕生しました!

Disc 1 (74:19)
1. Intro
2. Born In The U.S.A. 3. Out In The Street 4. Darlington County 5. Atlantic City
6. Point Blank 7. Working On The Highway 8. Prove It All Night 9. Glory Days 10. The Promised Land
11. My Hometown 12. Badlands 13. Thunder Road

Disc 2 (55:41)
1. Cover Me 2. Dancing In The Dark 3. Hungry Heart 4. Cadillac Ranch 5. Sherry Darling
6. No Surrender 7. Backstreets 8. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Disc 3 (31:02)
1. Bobby Jean 2. Born To Run 3. Can’t Help Falling In Love 4. Twist And Shout / Do You Love Me

Zio – 067

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