Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Emirates Stadium 2008 / 5CDR

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Emirates Stadium 2008 / 5CDR / TRIAL
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Live at Emirates Stadium, London, UK 30th & 31st May 2008

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London on 30th and 31th May 2008 recorded the 2 Days performances at the Emirates Stadium completely with good audience recording. Five essential titles of fans who used the original DAT master which has not been circulated even among traders. It is a somewhat lacking direct feeling because of the big venue of the stadium, but you can enjoy the full picture of the show with stable recording. The set has been changed significantly in 2 days, on the first day only the first day did not play the songs were 16 songs in 28 songs, while the 2 nd day only played 13 songs in 24 songs It is. The Downbound Train that appeared in the eighth song on the second day and I’m On Fire continued to be played for the first time on this tour. Both are recorded with rich realistic sounds, but the musical sounds themselves are more clearly recorded on the second day than on the first day. The opening feeling unique to outdoor performance and dynamic performance match and directs a wonderful time. Document of the high-quality London 2 Days masterpiece that can not be overlooked by a serious blues · Springsteen collector!

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.98 (September 2008 issue). For your information.

After releasing the big hit album “Magic”, we recorded both the show at the Emirates Stadium in London, which was held for the second time in the leg from May 2008 when it was the second European tour. The attention is that this sound source was a sound source which is not distributed between the Internet and traders. Besides that, it’s good for two days of overwhelming performance content. Both of them are not comparable with the European tour of 2007 when Blues caught a cold, the performance’s voltage is high, the first day “Rising” stands out by incorporating “Waitin on a Sunny Day” An intermediate performance that can be called a corner is terrible. Again, the greatness of that album is made to feel it. Furthermore, the runaway performance from “Glory Days” in “encore” to “Dancing in the Dark” is also amazing. On the second day, a rare selection of “Downbound Train” and “I’m On Fire” from “BORN IN THE USA” played in the middle was attractive, and the big choir in the latter was spectacular.

★ In 2008, released in 20 sets · only, the title which gained popularity from fans · media is re-released for the first time in 10 years with a new jacket.

Live at Emirates Stadium, London, UK 30th May 2008

2008年5月30日と31日に行ったロンドンはエミレーツ・スタジアムでの2デイズ公演を良好なオーディエンス録音で完全収録。トレーダー間でも一切出回っていないオリジナルDATマスターを使用したファン必携の5枚組タイトル。スタジアムの大会場ゆえ、ややダイレクト感には欠けるサウンドですが、安定した録音でショウの全貌を堪能することができます。2日間で大幅にセットを入れ替えており、初日のみで2日目には演奏しなかったのは曲は28曲中16曲、逆に2日目のみ演奏したのは24曲中13曲となっています。2日目の8曲目で登場したDownbound Trainと続くI’m On Fireは今回のツアーでは初めて演奏されています。どちらも臨場感豊かなサウンドで収録されていますが、楽音自体は初日より2日目のほうがクリアーに収録されています。屋外公演ならではの開放感とダイナミックなパフォーマンスがマッチして素晴らしいときを演出してくれます。シリアスなブルース・スプリングスティーンのコレクターには見逃せない高品質なロンドン2デイズの圧巻のドキュメント!

★beatleg誌 vol.98(2008年9月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

大ヒット・アルバム「マジック」リリース後、二度目のヨーロッパ・ツアーとなった2008年5月からのレグで2日間行われたロンドン、エミレーツ・スタジアムでのショウをどちらも収録。注目は、この音源はネットやトレーダー間では流通していない音源だったということ。それに加えて、二日間の圧倒的な演奏内容の良さだ。どちらもブルースが風邪をひいてしまった2007年のヨーロッパ・ツアーとは比べ物にならない程、演奏のボルテージが高く、まず初日は「Waitin on a Sunny Day」を組み込んだことで際立っている「ライジング」コーナーとも言える中間の演奏が凄まじい。改めて、あのアルバムの偉大さが痛感させられる。更にアンコールでの「Glory Days」から「Dancing in the Dark」までの暴走した演奏もまた凄まじいものだ。二日目は中間で演奏された「BORN IN THE USA」からの「Downbound Train」と「I’m On Fire」というレアな選曲が魅力的で、しかも後者における大合唱が壮絶だった。


Live at Emirates Stadium, London, UK 30th May 2008

Disc 1
1. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 2. Radio Nowhere 3. Ties that Bind 4. Lonesome Day 5. The Promised Land
6. Magic 7. Atlantic City 8. Reason to Believe 9. Candy’s Room 10. Prove it all Night
11. Because the Night 12. Working on the Highway

Disc 2
1. Cadillac Ranch 2. Living in the Future 3. Mary’s Place 4. Waitin on a Sunny Day 5. Point Blank
6. Devils Arcade 7. The Rising 8. Last to Die 10. Badlands

Disc 3 : Encore
1. Thunder Road 2. Born to Run 3. Glory Days 4. Rosalita 5. Dancing in the Dark 6. American Land

Live at Emirates Stadium, London, UK 31st May 2008

Disc 4
1. Out In the Streets 2. No Surrender 3. Darkness On The Edge of Town 4. Gypsy Biker
5. Radio Nowhere 6. 4th of July Asbury Park (Sandy) 7. Growing up 8. Downbound Train 9. I’m On Fire
10. Because The Night 11. She’s The One 12. Living in the Future 13. Mary’s Place

Disc 5
1. Promised Land 2. Backstreets 3. The Rising 4. Last to Die 5. Long Walk Home 6. Badlands
Encores: 7. Girls in their Summerclothes 8. Jungleland 9. Born to Run 10. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
11. American Land


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