Bruce Springsteen / Darkness On The Edge Of Town / 1CDR

Bruce Springsteen / Darkness On The Edge Of Town / 1CDR / Non Label

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Taken from US Promotional LP (Columbia JC 35318)


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Born To This is the blues that was started on the road to great success in the Run, but this immediately after the became impossible to present a new work by Showbiz world of the trouble is, it would be episode that was well known and even not fan. Live activities in just Fortunately It is this also a well-known episode also the members went to polish their skills along with the E Street Band has just been fixed for that it could be done. Such trouble to resolve, I will release the Darkness On The Edge Of Town in ’78 is finally 4th album. Of course met with this album is a great success, is the Badlands of the current US became of Hartland Rock that has been established as one of the genre of rock pioneer is one song of this album, also a also a quote from the lyrics has been said.
The Darkness On The Edge Of The Town of the US white label promo board was reproduced in direct is this time of gift items. Remastered has been released in the current, but the original analog board of “sound” is also Please enjoy.
Also it has been well known to fans of this album is also some episodes. One can be that such Kimara photos of jacket until just before release, are familiar guitar part is added to the end of the last in The Promised Land, in the test panel acetate will not exist the guitar part there is no version (This acetate This also you know you’re being-media than E Street Records).
This time I’m finished in this Darkness On The Edge Of Town in was also often guest appearances in ’77 tour, Ronnie Spector and Billy Joel E Street Band has played Say Goodbye To Hollywood (best blues style Spector sound! a cover single of) the Stereo / Mono version included with your ultra rare promo only 12 inches single I recorded on both sides direct. The B side songs Miami Steve original songs album Baby Please Do not Go (he this time, in other Southside Johnny & The Asbury
And worked on producing of Jukes, also we are also providing music along with the blues. These works are now a great success). Since this Apartments in a so was also album is scheduled, if it is what you want to hear if the recording is remaining (this Promo to 12 inches of single label are listed catalog number of the album). MONO version I think because it seems not currently media of it’s valuable items. The still Spector sound MONO will match!
Please enjoy all means one end of the trajectory of this time in the studio of Bruce and the E Street Band through 77-78 in gift items. This is the best must-have item! ! !

Born To Runで大成功への道をスタートさせたブルースですが、この直後ショウビズ界ののトラブルにより新作を発表できなくなってしまったのは、ファンならずともよく知られたエピソードでしょう。ただ幸いなことにライブ活動は行うことができたためにメンバーが固定されたばかりのE Street Bandと共にその実力を磨いていったのもこれまたよく知られたエピソードです。そんなトラブルも解決して、78年には遂に4thアルバムであるDarkness On The Edge Of Townを発売します。もちろんこのアルバムは大成功を収め、現在米国ではロックのひとつのジャンルとして確立されているHartland Rockの元祖となったのがこのアルバムの1曲であるBadlandsであり、またその歌詞からの引用だとも言われています。
そのDarkness On The Edge Of TownのUS白レーベルのプロモ盤をダイレクトに再現したのが今回のプレゼントアイテムです。現在ではリマスター盤が発売されていますが、オリジナルアナログ盤の”音”もぜひお楽しみください。
またこのアルバムもいくつかのエピソードがあるのもファンにはよく知られています。ひとつは発売直前までジャケットの写真が決まらなことであったり、The Promised Landでは最後の最後にお馴染みのギターパートが付け加えられており、テスト盤アセテートではそのギターパートがないバージョンが存在しています(このアセテートはE Street Recordsより メディア化されているのはこれまた皆さんご存知でしょう)。
今回はこのDarkness On The Edge Of Townに77年ツアーにも度々ゲスト出演した、ロニー・スペクターとE Street Bandが共演したビリー・ジョエルのSay Goodbye To Hollywood(最高のブルース風スペクターサウンドに仕上がってます!)のカバーシングルを超レアなプロモオンリー12インチシングルに収録のStereo/Monoバージョンを両面ダイレクトに収録しました。B面曲はマイアミ・スティーブ作のオリジナル曲Baby Please Don’t Go(彼はこの時期、他にもSouthside Johnny & The Asbury
ぜひ今回のプレゼントアイテムで77年から78年にかけてのブルースとE Street Bandのスタジオでの軌跡の一端をお楽しみください。最高のマストアイテムです!!!

1. Badlands 2. Adam Raised A Cain 3. Something In The Night 4. Candy’s Room
5. Racing In The Street 6. The Promised Land 7. Factory 8. Streets Of Fire
9. Prove It All Night 10. Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Ronnie Spector & The E Street Band – Say Goodbye To Hollywood / Baby Please Don’t Go
Taken from US Promotional 12 Inch Single (Epic/Cleveland International Records ASF 350)

11. Say Goodbye To Hollywood(Stereo) 12. Baby Please Don’t Go(Stereo)
13. Say Goodbye To Hollywood(Mono) 14. Baby Please Don’t Go(Mono)

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