Bruce Springsteen / The Backdoor Club Tapes / 4CDR

Bruce Springsteen /  The Backdoor Club Tapes / 4CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Translated Text:

Live At The Backdoor Club, Richmond, VA February 4th + 26th 1972. Soundboard + Audience


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First appearance excavation sound source in the club gig was recorded in ’72 to become the major debut before Bruce Springsteen together!

February 4, 72, package of the stage at the 26th Richmond backdoor Club! !

Venue audience sound source and sound source line is a mix, but is a valuable treasure sound source captured the boss of this time.

It is a large recommendation collectible item of fan must listen has become a center cover that suggests the roots many of his stage repertoire at the time in the VOLUME of 4 pieces!





Live At The Backdoor Club, Richmond, VA February 4th + 26th 1972

01. Down The Road Apiece
02. Make Up Your Mind
03. Like A Stranger
04. I Remember #1
05. I’m Into Something Good
06. Take Out Some Insurance
07. Down To Mexico #1
08. When You Dance 

01. Magic Kind Of Lovin’
02. Love Is A Crazy Thing
03. Band’s Just Boppin’ The Blues
04. I Just Can’t Change
05. All I Want To Do Is Dance #1
06. Down To Mexico #2
07. Bless My Soul #1 

01. Down To Mexico #3
02. Darkness, Darkness
03. Sitting On Top Of The World
04. Bright Lights, Big City
05. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
06. Cowboys Of The Sea 

01. Down To Mexico #4
02. Something You Got
03. All I Want To Do Is Dance #2
04. I Remember #2
05. Bless My Soul #2

Midnight Dreamer. MD-651A/B/C/D

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