Bruce Springsteen / A Night For The Vietnam Veterans 1981 / 3CD WX OBI Strip

Bruce Springsteen / A Night For The Vietnam Veterans 1981 / 3CD WX OBI Strip / Growin Records

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Memorial Sports Arena Los Angeles CA USA August 20, 1981


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The high-quality complete recording of a charity concert for the Vietnam War veterans.

Than Bruce Springsteen of 1981 River tour, special stage one night only, took place in Los Angeles August 20, 1981, the title you have complete recording of the concert in high-quality sound for the Vietnam War veterans will be release . This is the impressive concert that does not listen to by eliminating tears, it’s a great live you do not see the other kind.

Born after the Second World War, for the United States of young people who have spent a youth in the 1970s from the 1960s, the Vietnam War has cast a dark shadow on the heart, the shadow is intended to cover the whole society is not young of heart only was. Reality of young people of the same generation went to the battlefield, also killed. Bruce generations it would be nice to say that generation that whether is inspired in response to the Vietnam War. As many representation person is the case, Bruce has also left many of the songs on the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, August 20, 1981, is a charity concert for the veterans of the Vietnam War took place. It has been recorded in this work.

There are many veterans have been invited to the audience. Has been disabled veterans many invitations, such as half-body paralysis and limb defects in, before the veterans that went to the battlefield is said to be due to the nation of the United States, Bruce has sung a concert full emotion. For Sachio Kinugasa rookie era it was not serious baseball, when drinking with a friend of US forces in Japan, it is said that he go to Vietnam tomorrow, though it is the same age for that I is not baseball Do not happiness, its baseball even to copper so they do not do seriously, and is working hard to replace the heart, after it became players until the winner of the People’s Honor Award. Similarly the same age of the young people go to the battlefield, we have been demobilized to bear the large scratch in mind not only the body. The soldiers and the wall of life across the Bruce himself intended only thin, might be time became the other side Even myself, it is not hard to imagine such a thought is was inspired blues.

The concert begins speech by Bruce and Bob Mueller,. “We went to the battlefield over their lives for America. But America was a lock was allowed to bind the. Antiwar movement that tried to forget us. In an attempt Kureyo heal our wounds It is also locked to have. ” Such a thing is said to be would not be people who do not my imagination gulp. Vietnam War is one of the United States is one of the few war that defeat, from an increase in the prolonged and victims that the anti-war movement was raised was the feature. Lock the unity of the anti-war movement that had a great impact, I can ask from this speech.

According to the description of the book “Glory Days”, was chosen as the concert of the opening “Who’ll Stop The Rain” is said to be in during the Vietnam veterans has been a treat pursuant to the State, lyrics content is exactly the concert gist and will not match. At least two of the bands is already thing to have been played in tears. In addition painful “The River”, singing clogging the audience to voice blues itself Kankiwamari in follow, you can clearly also confirmed it is from the sound source to then singing in a tearful voice. “Ballad Of Easy Rider” of bird that is sung in the way of the main title last also that the song popularity was high between the Vietnam War military servicemen, but here are showcased specially.

The complete recording of the charity concert for the August 20, 1981 Vietnam War veterans with high-quality sound. Great special night you do not hear by eliminating tears. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese band.






著書「グローリーデイズ」の記述によると、コンサートのオープニングに選ばれた「Who’ll Stop The Rain」はベトナム帰還兵の間では国家に準ずる扱いとなっていたと言われ、歌詞内容がまさにコンサートの主旨と合致しています。バンドのうちの少なくとも2人は既に涙を流して演奏していたとのことです。また切ない「The River」においては、ブルース自身が感極まり声に詰まり客席がフォローで歌い、その後も涙声で歌っているのが音源からもはっきりと確認出来ます。本編最後の方で歌われるバーズの「Ballad Of Easy Rider」もベトナム戦争従軍軍人の間で人気が高かった曲ということで、ここで特別に披露されています。


Memorial Sports Arena Los Angeles CA U.S.A. August 20, 1981

01. Arena Announcement
02. Bruce Springsteen Intro
03. Bobby Muller Intro
04. Who’ll Stop The Rain
05. Prove It All Night
06. The Ties That Bind
07. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
08. Johnny Bye Bye
09. Independence Day
10. Trapped
11. Two Hearts
12. Out In The Street
13. The Promised Land
14. The River
15. This Land Is Your Land
16. Badlands

01. Thunder Road
02. Hungry Heart
03. You Can Look
04. Cadillac Ranch
05. Sherry Darling
06. Jole Blon
07. Wreck On The Highway
08. Racing In The Street
09. Candy’s Room
10. Ramrod
11. Rosalita

01. Jungleland
02. Ballad Of Easy Rider
03. Born To Run
04. Detroit Medley – I Hear A Train – You Can’t Sit Down – Sweet Soul Music – Shake
05. Twist And Shout

August 28, 1981
06. Proud Mary
07. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)

August 23, 1981
08. Stolen Car

August 21, 1981
09. Follow That Dream

August 24, 1981
10. Jackson Cage

August 28, 1981
11. I Fought The Law
12. Quarter To Three


Grownin. GR-12/13/14

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