Brian Setzers Rockabilly Riot / Osaka 2016 / 2CDR

Brian Setzers Rockabilly Riot / Osaka 2016 / 2CDR / Uxbridge
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Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 18th Februay 2016 (from Original Masters)


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Latest live album right now, led by Brian Setzer in Japan ROCKABILLY RIOT is appeared. Of this work it has been recording “February 18, Namba Hatch concert 2016”. Since this poor writing of comes out for the first time into the world is the 23 February the Japan Tour Finals have been made, not later than a week from the recording. Exactly’s the freshly-recording of the hottest live album. How much of the latest, here let me realize in a 2016 visit to Japan scheduled.

– Feb. 11: Sapporo Nitori Culture Hall
– Feb. 13: Sendai, Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi
– Feb. 15: Hiroshima · CLUB QUATTRO
– Feb. 16: Fukuoka · DRUM LOGOS
– February 18: Osaka Namba Hatch [this work] – Feb. 19: Nagoya Diamond Hall
– Feb. 22: Tokyo Tokyo Dome City Hall
– Feb. 23: Tokyo Tokyo Dome City Hall

In this way, this time of the Japan tour, but was intended to be vertical in all eight performances the archipelago from Hokkaido to Fukuoka, this work is around to the right in the middle. Of course, only the early-out is not a merit. Moment “If take into moment also soon release!” I heard what superb sound that is caused to determination that the biggest attraction. After all, all of the processing is also no need, though, I had been rather recorded in quality of enough to getting in the way, even with the latest remastering technology. Is to have such a Sugowaza recording in mono, honor of longer master craftsman also become a staple “strongest taper Mr. West”. There is a recording artist has been active around the HR / HM, but the wider the field to volley a masterpiece even in such as Jeff Beck and CHIC. However, it was a defensive range Surely to Setzer, was surprised honestly. However, the wide music taste is what is also the secret of the go-getter of the master craftsman. It is rumored to be familiar with the sound of all the live spot of West There is also, simply does not infallible of the masterpiece is recorded in the same position to say that because it is the same venue. In fact, although it became the site of this work “Namba Hatch” is in the garden of the master craftsman, likely recording position change to an unusually quiet and sombre mood. The place usual position is in the second floor, dare was changed on the first floor of the standing this time. When I heard the intention “but that’s metal first floor has a thick bass goes around, rockabilly sounds. Rather those of the first floor is I’m a good balance because not rather tight up there.” Of course, location is not only different, equipment that is appropriate to the position, it seems to have been prepared a setting that was assumed to music and commotion how the customer base of Setzer.
It sophisticated industry is not a bluff up there, the sound of this work is to prove. Japan members of this time I mean four people organized, one one of the rhythm & piano & guitar, clearly, tightly down to each note. Its super near the first time in the Ie …… as if you were in the front row, direct as if in like standing between members. On top of that, you dandy vocal and Gretsch sound of Setzer comes protruding in front and a jerk. Although such if de fastball musical tone only you a place referred to as “like a sound board”, ultra-realistic cheers, field sense of realistic enough to not reach even at the feet such as a sound board. Because it is rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll spree glue to glue, to the clapping the whole audience is beating out is no longer one of the rhythm, cheer to respond to shout and guitar solo of Setzer is good to say that chorus. Although this is coming very different in whether realistic, this work is at all have been hundred-point scale! Us also may be two around the round alive of lightly zip up band. To table direct sound board, while a perfect balance as if overdub the cheers of the audience microphone, such random feeling even no natural sound speck. We use the word “official-class” as the best form of flattery, but as had been tentatively official recording, you will not be more than this work.
Hot thing hot Made in Japan of the latest Setzer unfolded in much of the sound. ROCKABILLY latest work RIOT “ROCKABILLY RIOT! ALL ORIGINAL”, which was a pleasant work that has been filled with the origin of the rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll, veteran complete set its members also referred also to the Setzer as “the best of rockabilly musician.” . Rich and tough beat also roll piano, brilliant enough to think that it is the highest ever. Dandy of the singing voice of Setzer also without knowing the decline, not to completely feel the decline also sexy whisper also a relaxed tone. Of course, the world’s best Gretsch is also Kirekkire.
Brian Setzer not to lose the shine of now that your world’s best rockabilly / rock ‘n’ roller in the 56-year-old. The brave figure this week that ran through Japan, is a live album that his breath was filled with plenty that just breathing this moment in Japan. Latest recording of large masterpiece burning rock ‘n’ roll has been blown to remain piping hot. By all means, it served within your hot!

今まさに来日中のブライアン・セッツァー率いるROCKABILLY RIOTの最新ライヴアルバムが登場です。本作が録音されたのは「2016年2月18日なんばHatch公演」。この駄文が初めて世に出るのはジャパンツアー・ファイナルが行われている2月23日ですから、録音から1週間も経っていない。まさに録りたてのホットなライヴアルバムなのです。どれだけ最新なのか、ここで2016年の来日スケジュールで実感していただきましょう。

・2月15日:広島・CLUB QUATTRO
・2月16日:福岡・DRUM LOGOS
・2月18日:大阪・なんばHatch 【本作】

そこまで精緻な業がハッタリではないことは、本作のサウンドが証明している。今回の来日メンバーは4人編成なわけですが、リズム隊&ピアノ&ギターの1つひとつ、1音1音に至るまでクッキリ・キッチリ。その激近ぶりは最前列にいるかのよう……いえ、まるでメンバーの間にたたずんでいるかのようにダイレクト。その上で、セッツァーのダンディなヴォーカルやグレッチ・サウンドがグッと前に迫り出してくるのです。そんなド直球な楽音だけなら「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶところなのですが、超リアルな歓声、現場感はサウンドボードなど足下にも及ばないほどにリアル。ノリにノリまくるロカビリー&ロックン・ロールですから、満場が叩き出す手拍子はもはやリズム隊のひとつですし、セッツァーのかけ声やギターソロに応える声援はコーラス隊といってもいい。これがリアルかどうかで全然違ってくるのですが、本作はまったくもって百点満点! 軽快にかっ飛ばすバンドの活きを一回りも二回りも良くしてくれる。卓直結サウンドボードに、客席マイクの歓声をオーバーダブかのように完璧なバランスでありながら、そんな作為感さえ微塵もない自然なサウンド。最上の賛辞として「オフィシャル級」という言葉を使いますが、仮にオフィシャル・レコーディングされていたとしても、本作を超えることはないでしょう。
それほどのサウンドで繰り広げられる最新セッツァーのライヴ・イン・ジャパンの熱いこと熱いこと。ROCKABILLY RIOTの最新作「ROCKABILLY RIOT! ALL ORIGINAL」は、原点のロカビリー&ロックンロールで埋め尽くされた快作でしたが、そのメンバーもまたセッツァーをして「最高のロカビリー・ミュージシャン」と呼ぶ猛者ぞろい。豊かで強靱なビートも転がるピアノも、過去最高ではないかと思うほどに鮮烈。セッツァーのダンディの歌声も衰えを知らず、色っぽい囁きも伸びやかなトーンもまったく陰りを感じさせない。もちろん、世界最高のグレッチもキレッキレです。

Disc 1 (47:20)
1. Intro. 2. Ignition 3. Rumble In Brighton 4. Vinyl Records 5. Stray Cat Strat
6. Nothing Is A Sure Thing 7. Stiletto Cool 8. Cry Baby 9. ’49 Mercury Blues
10. What’s Her Name 11. Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder)
12. Slow Down / Folsom Prison Blues

Disc 2 (51:53)
1. Gene & Eddie 2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 3. Member Introduction 4. Runaway Boys
5. 8-Track 6. Fishnet Stockings 7. Let’s Shake 8. Sleepwalk 9. Rock This Town
10. Seven Nights To Rock

Brian Setzer – vocals, guitar Mark W. Winchester – bass
Kevin McKendree – piano, guitar Noah Levy – drums

Uxbridge 553

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