Brian Setzer Trio / Brand New Cadillac / 2CDR

Brian Setzer Trio / Brand New Cadillac / 2CDR / Non Label
Translated text:
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Buffalo, NY, USA 3rd July 2002 (STEREO SBD)/Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA, USA 13th July 2002 (STEREO SBD)


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Brian Setzer From July 3rd live in New York State Buffalo Performance and July 13 Pencil Vani State Asclanton Performance on Brian Setzer 2002 live, recorded with super high quality stereo sound board recording from the master tapes of the official leakage .
Of course it is the first complete appearance sound source in the world. In 2002, a tour was organized as an orchestra, and a joint tour with Tom Petty was organized as a Brian Setzer trio from June 18 to July 20 for three weeks, Unlike the gorgeous sound with the orchestra, it also shows plenty of vibrant, direct and attractive performances. In the stage which was developed from the beginning with the smallest members conveying the rockabilly style of the past year, it consists of a set / list that interlaced the old and new including the number of Stray · Cats, and it plays a line with the trio performance in the orchestra performance Expansion. Among them, Brian Setzer’s play got to a great extent, showing off all his techniques, including using different fingers and picks, timing of Bigsby and tremolo, and creating a variety of sounds by controlling Gretc.

(Disc 1): 01.Please Don’t Touch / 02.This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof / 03.Twenty Flight Rock / 04.When The Bells Don’t Chime / 05.Hell Bent / 06.Stray Cat Strut / 07.Eight Track / 08.Sleepwalk / 09.Gentle On My Mind / 10.Instrumental / 11.Chet Tune / 12.Rock This Town / 13.Brand New Cadillac
=Recorded Live at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center,Buffalo,New York,USA 3rd July 2002=

(Disc 2): 01.Opening / 02.Please Don’t Touch / 03.This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof / 04.Twenty Flight Rock / 05.When The Bells Don’t Chime / 06.Hell Bent / 07.Stray Cat Strut / 08.Fishnet Stockings / 09.Sleepwalk / 10.Gentle On My Mind / 11.Instrumental / 12.Chet Tune / 13.Rock This Town / 14.Rumble In Brighton
=Recorded Live at Montage Mountain,Scranton,Pennsylvania,USA 13th July 2002=

Brian Setzer (Guitar & Vocal) / Bernie Dresel (Drums) / Johnny “Spazz” Hatton (Bass)

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