Brian Setzer Orchestra / Osaka 2018 / 2CDR

Brian Setzer Orchestra / Osaka 2018 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live at Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 2nd February 2018

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Just now, BSO in the midst of Japan tour of the 25th anniversary of formation. The latest and ultra superb live album is arriving.
Anyway, I’m still in Japan during this slogan. It will be the fastest release indeed, but what is included in such a work is “February 2, 2018: Namba Hatch” performance. The concert performance is also the last recorded live album. First of all, let’s check that position in the tour schedule.

· January 24: Nitori Cultural Hall
· January 26: Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi
· January 29 – 31: Tokyo Dome City Hall (3 shows)
· February 2: Namba Hatch 【this work】
· February 5: Fukuoka International Conference Center
»Coco now«
· February 7: Hiroshima JMS Aster Plaza
· February 8: Nagoya International Conference Center

Over all, nine performances. I think that you can realize how quickly the Osaka performance of this work is. Such quality of this work will be bad soon … it will not be … so it’s amazing. No, rather, it is the reverse, it is possible that the fastest release became possible without the need for any sound processing because of the ultimate master. Anyhow “superb sound quality” that goes to the terrible going on “the sound board” on the ground. There is no sense of distance, the detail is brilliant, even with a large organization of 19 people it is beautifully separating, yet there are few talks that are close at hand but the outrageous extraordinary recordings are outrageous.
That is supposed to be, it is the shop ‘s familiar “West Japan strongest taper” that made this work a thing. Though it is recorded widely from heavy heavy thrash metal to disco music, his profession is guitar sound. It is good for waza recording glossy and beautiful peculiar sounds, and the separation of nature and the whole is also brilliant in order to make the guitar stand out. As a result, the guitar has details such as the string trembling in front of me until picking up, if the undulation of the base also feels handy, the drum kit also appears in the kit, and the horn looks like a shiny metallic luster The three-dimensional feeling is wonderful. The sound that could be realized because it is backed by the know-how cultivated in numerous bands / genres. It is the world of noises that can not be reached in a morning to prepare high-end equipment. As far as we have produced many masterpieces and masterpieces so far, we can not declare it as “the best masterpiece!”, But I want to declare. It is a perfect recording with no faults.
It is drawn with that sound, the 25th anniversary show full of acclaim at every place. Although it is an anverser which counted from the formation of BSO, it is luxurious like summarizing the career of Setzer. The STRAY CATS number is also large-scale, about one-third of the show is STRAY CATS. It has been reborn as a gorgeous version of BSO, and Sezsaer also recorded “Runaway Boys” firmly talking about “How fun it will change because it’s been a long time”.
Of course, other repertoires are full of listening. Especially the middle stage is rich. Ichiro’s CM is familiar with Japan “Sexy Sexy”, Glenn Campbell who died in last year and “Wichita Lineman” and “Runnin ‘Down A Dream” dedicated to Tom Petty are played in succession. “Sexy Sexy” has an image of a limited number in Japan, but in fact it has been 15 years since then, even if it is “Wichita Lineman” “Runnin ‘Down A Dream” initially “I am sad, so I do not want to tribute anymore” As I was saying, it has been replayed for Japanese fans.
In the latter half of the show from there there was a variety of variety richly crawling. “Rockabilly Boogie” to change to 4 piece style, and 3 piece “Fishnet Stockings” which the piano passed out. On the contrary, the spectacular arrange “The Nutcracker Suite” where the real pleasure of the big band explodes, etc. In addition to the set, it is a transfigurable ensemble to grandly summarize the 25th anniversary.

With release report released, super and superb sound board jumped out. A super masterpiece of quality seen rarely in recent years even from the world viewpoint. I can not say that it is the best masterpiece because the final performance has not ended yet, but it will be pretty beyond anything else. A live album of such dimension. It is the fastest and urgent release decision of shock!


・2月2日:なんばHatch 【本作】

そのサウンドで描かれるのが、各地で絶賛真っ盛りの25周年ショウ。BSOの結成からカウントしたアニヴァーサリーではありますが、セッツァーのキャリアを総括するような豪華絢爛ぶり。STRAY CATSナンバーも大盤振る舞いで、ショウの約1/3がSTRAY CATS。BSOのゴージャスバージョンに生まれ変わっており、セッツァーが「久しぶりだからどう変わるか楽しみ」と語っていた「Runaway Boys」もしっかり収録しています。
もちろん、それ以外のレパートリーも聴きどころ満載。特に中盤は濃厚。イチロー選手のCMで日本には馴染み深い「Sexy Sexy」や昨年立て続けに亡くなったグレン・キャンベル、トムペティに捧げられた「Wichita Lineman」「Runnin’ Down A Dream」が続けざまに演奏される。「Sexy Sexy」は日本限定ナンバーのイメージもあるのですが、実は15年ぶりですし、「Wichita Lineman」「Runnin’ Down A Dream」にしても当初は「悲しいからもうトリビュートはしたくない」と言っていたのですが、日本のファンのために再演してくれました。
そこからのショウ後半はバラエティも豊かに一気呵成。4ピース・スタイルにチェンジする「Rockabilly Boogie」、さらにピアノが抜けた3ピースの「Fishnet Stockings」。逆に壮大なアレンジでビッグバンドの醍醐味が爆発する「The Nutcracker Suite」などなど、セットだけでなく変幻自在なアンサンブルで25周年を盛大に総括していくのです。


Disc 1 (46:03)
1. Intro. 2. Pennsylvania 6-5000 3. Hoodoo Voodoo Doll 4. Guitar Intro.
5. This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof 6. Stray Cat Strut 7. Runaway Boys 8. Gene & Eddie
9. Sleepwalk 10. The Dirty Boogie 11. Jump, Jive An’ Wail 12. Rumble In Brighton 13. Sexy Sexy

Disc 2 (46:35)
1. Wichita Lineman 2. Runnin’ Down A Dream 3. Rockabilly Boogie 4. I Got A Rocket In My Pocket
5. Fishnet Stockings 6. Band Introductions 7. Rock This Town 8. The Nutcracker Suite
9. In The Mood

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