Boz Scaggs / Video Anthology 1971-2009 / 2DVDR

Boz Scaggs / Video Anthology 1971-2009 / 2DVDR / Johanna

The Ultimate Collection Of Boz Live & Video Clips 1971-2009,Feat.TOTO, Donald Fagen & Allmans. NTSC


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★ Live & video clips Boz Scaggs comes up!
★ The thorough coverage in a time series, Video Clip appeared in the exclusive stereo version!
★ Encounter Jeff Porcaro, and Duane Allman also follow!

Live & video clips Boz Scaggs comes up!
Beginning and Fillmore live in ’71, to live bluesy in Central Park ’71,
by causing reborn in urban and R & B and live, of tow the Porcaro brothers TOTO sect in the 1970s
the number of AOR-life world by storm each (stereo sound!), a rare clip of the hit songs of
co-starring with the Allman Brothers and recent up,
appeared in content dark over 3 hours to cover thoroughly in a time series of activities Boz.

Of Atlantic era based in Fillmore you know if old fans
live video of Boz uncommon, and has been recorded three here,
and Central Park performance that served as a curtain raiser of the Beach Boys among them a must-see.
Please also look enthusiastic performance of 1971 at the Fillmore masterpieces “I’ll Be Gone”.

And from AOR period, also studio work video late Jeff Porcaro and (Drum)
sees it, such as “Lowdown”, “Lido Shuffle”, “What Can I Say” able
to Ya live video at the time in ’77 hits clip also included.
Clip such as “Jojo”, “Twilight Highway”, “Heart Of Mine” is
we recorded as a stereo remastered audio is restored to JOHANNA own.

Japan tour is also much remains the 1980s the popularity soared,
has recorded seven songs pro-shot live in 1980 at a rare,
picture quality is good is not much but is TOTO specific sound of “Middle Man” explode
or would not such a must-see mania and Live Version.
Japan tour in 1993 and the video (JPD-279) 1985 years (JPD-269) of JOHANNA label already
so prerecorded notation Part a DVD, has been recorded to digest basis here.

And EPK of the album “Speak Low” that challenged the Jazz, live, 2003 from activities in recent years more
I record up to co-star in 2009 at the Beacon performances and ALLMAN BROTHERS.
It is a Live & clip collection of all over 3 hours, full of Boz was not until now.

In addition, this place becomes the still image, but as a bonus,
good acting of Duane Allman is a legend, in 1977 after the death of Duane
known as excellent record of previous be revised to the current MIX, the core fans
Boz masterpieces “Loan Me a Dime” minor blues of US first album
I have also included the original mix.
Here is the sound image Duane and Boz is supposed seen together in 1969.

■ ■ JPD-610/DISC-1 117Mins / ALL PROSHOT
JPD Opening
We Were Always Sweethearts <Central Park 1971>
I’ll Be Gone <Fillmore 1971> West
Hollywood Blues <Fillmore West 1971>
Lido Shuffle <JOHANNA Exclusive Clip / Stereo Vers .>
What Can I Say <Live Clip 1976>
Lowdown <Live Clip 1977,Oakland>
Lido Shuffle <Studio Footage/Live Clip 1976>
Lowdown <Saturday Night Live 1976>
What Can I Say <Saturday Night Live 1976>
Jojo <Video Clip 1980 / JPD Exclusive Stereo Vers.>
Look What You’ve Done To Me <Live In Japan 1980>
Breakdown Dead Ahead <Live In Japan 1980>
Jojo <Live In Japan 1980>
We’re All Alone In Japan <Live 1980>
Middle <Live Man In Japan 1980>
You’re Mine <Live In Japan 1980>
You Can Have Me Anytime <Live In Japan 1980>
You Can Have Me Anytime <video Clip 1980 / JPD Exclusive Stereo Vers.>
We’re All Alone < japan 1983 / Young Music Show>
Loan Me a Dime (sound only) <original Atlantic LP Mix 1969>
Disc-1 Ending

■ ■ JPD-610/DISC-2 108Mins / ALL PROSHOT
Breakdown Dead Ahead <“Hot Sound In Tsukuba” 1985>
Miss Sun <“Hot Sound In Tsukuba” 1985>
Heart Of Mine <video Clip 1988 / JPD Exclusive Stereo Vers.>
drowning In The Sea Of Love <Live 1992 / Donald Fagen with /Audience Shot>
Look What You’ve Done To Me <NHK Hall, Tokyo 1993>
Hard Times <NHK Hall, Tokyo 1993>
We’re All Alone <Great American Music Hall 2003>
Slow Dancer <Great American Music Hall 2003>
Speak Low – EPK 2008
It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry <Beacon Run 2009 W/ ALLMAN BROTHERS>
Sick And Tired <Beacon Run 2009 W/ ALLMAN BROTHERS>
Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City Run 2009 <Beacon W/ ALLMAN BROTHERS>
Loan Me a Dime <Beacon Run 2009 W/ ALLMAN BROTHERS>
Ending Slate

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