Boston / Live At Budokan 2014 Original Iem Recording / 4CD

Boston / Live At Budokan 2014  Original Iem Recording / 4CD /Zion

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Budokan Tokyo, Japan 2nd October 2014 & 9th October 2014.


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“ULTIMATE (ultimate)” and “DEFINITIVE (final edition)” BOSTON Japan group title words dance like. Although it is also heard coming likely situation voice of the “other okay” and, if it is not able to reach the audience recording “official release also possible sound”, but it does not have to only still to press? So, to deliver this time, complete recording board of Budokan two performances a perfect uncompressed in-ear monitor (IEM)! If I listened to those who do not know any underground sound source circumstances “It’s official,” it is definitely believe would level of press 4CD!
Also title groups that have been released so far, but just hyper work lie truly “ULTIMATE” “DEFINITIVE” in each, there is audience recording. Although superior in taste and is not in line sources, it is precisely because “underground sound common sense” is ingrained, those that enjoy the true value. Compared to it, this work is it even “the million people corresponding type sound” that I do not need!
Who you think “there? Out Kke did not? What IEM of Budokan” is sharp. I’ve released by recorded “BACK IN BUDOKAN” IEM also to disk 3 & 4 of the recently released, the original sound source Iyamoni there is that Gary Peel had been received. In contrast, this time’s the Iyamoni sound of Tom Schultz of essential requirements. On the relationship to monitor his own guitar in Gary of IEM, Tom’s guitar at a long distance, chorus I’ve heard projects. However, this work is to seize all, of Tom to control IEM. Everything is perfectly mix, we are able to enjoy both days of the show an ideal sound that fans want sincerely!
Streets in the matrix mix board of Iyamoni sources and net audience source also but has been released, it stands out unnatural instrument sound and vocals, the reaction of the audience also because often are missing shot. However, “Tom IEM” of this work, Kansei applause of unbelievably audience and Iyamoni have also been well-balanced recording, I need the matrix is like no perfection. All there is no unnatural such because it is a mix of band side “throat clearing of musical sound and customers hear directly”. In other words, to one this source, all of the joy of the Boston sound and audience that resounded in that Budokan is beautifully packed. Every musical tone is Sosoritachi Kiritsu, tell soften the enthusiastic concert …… This is another, would not be an exaggeration to say that “a new dimension of sound board recording”!
(By the way, you feel like a jump sound moment in the middle of the “Surrender To Me” in the October 2, this is the place peel was Tsu miss the keyboard. This is not a drawback of the master, just in case)
Those who think “What Tom of IEM? Did not come out from the other label”, you will admire. So, this work is well-established in the recording of the concert in Japan See No Evil Records has CDR release “HEAVEN ON BUDOKAN FIRST NIGHT” “HEAVEN ON BUDOKAN SECOND NIGHT” and the same master. In fact, from customers who have heard the title of the See No Evil Records “this much of a sound source, why not press?” Because the tail voice, and “when I also want to listen in peace until” was number submitted, in collaboration that is beyond the label was crossing. And borrowed the See No Evil Records master kind of direct, and I was factory press of did on remastered. And recording technology of See No Evil Records that reputation, our one of the combined mastering technology and press technology of, one of I that brings together the power of the industry.

The mere fact that this work has appeared, it does not disappear disappear attractive audience recording us a “ULTIMATE” “DEFINITIVE”. They also, it is because there is no miracle us veritable that hauntingly shine to experience only in the audience. The honor of such audience recording, Words to “ULTIMATE” “DEFINITIVE” in this work is not used. Instead, appropriate to the sound that works to million people, let me set a Kinkanban of tradition leading to the million people. This is what is “LIVE AT BUDOKAN” of BOSTON!
Tom Scholz led by spacecraft Boston No. First Flight (October 2) is, to convey the very best the ability of US tour that has been carried out over a long period of time, it was intended to show off the results. Then, in the second flight that took off on a journey of further space exploration (October 9), it was us he has shown vividly the scale and mystery of the universe as seen in Boston degree in. In both flight, the middle, the wonderful views of the searched planet was me fully communicated in a number of hit songs. In addition, the landing to Tom captain and ferry workers from the planet, racing around the surface of the planet in three people boarded search cars Neil personnel (by Abaremakuru in three persons of improvisation), and reports a variety of adventure to me. Last was a crew who earnestly play we in company in celebration party of mission of to return safely Earth. By Boston, thank you. You guys feats, are recorded forever in this panel of press 4CD. Please look forward to please your most boil to the Memorial concert in 2014 to try to tell the end with Atohitotsuki.

「ULTIMATE(究極)」や「DEFINITIVE(決定版)」といった言葉が踊るBOSTON来日タイトル群。「もういいよ」との声も聞こえてきそうな状況ですが、オーディエンス録音では到達し得ない「オフィシャルリリースも可能なサウンド」となれば、やはりプレスするしかありませんよね? そう、今回お届けするのは、武道館2公演を完璧な非圧縮イン・イヤー・モニター(IEM)の完全収録盤! もし、アングラの音源事情を一切知らない方に「オフィシャルだよ」と聴かせたら、間違いなく信じてしまうレベルのプレス4CDです!
「あれ? 武道館のIEMって出てなかったっけ?」と思われた方は鋭い。先日リリースの「BACK IN BUDOKAN」ディスク3&4にもIEMを収録してリリースしましたが、そちらはゲイリー・ピールが受信していたオリジナル・イヤモニ音源。それに対し、今回は肝心要のトム・シュルツのイヤモニ音源なのです。ゲイリーのIEMでは彼自身のギターをモニターする関係上、トムのギターが遠目で、コーラスが突出して聞こえました。しかし、本作はすべてを掌握し、コントロールするトムのIEM。すべてが完璧にミックスされ、ファンが心から望む理想的なサウンドで両日のショウを楽しむことができるのです!
(ちなみに、10月2日の「Surrender To Me」の中間で一瞬音跳びのように感じられますが、これはピールがキーボードをミスった箇所です。マスターの欠点ではありませんので、念のため)
「トムのIEMって他レーベルから出てなかった?」と思われた方、感服いたします。そう、本作は来日公演のレコーディングで定評のあるSee No Evil RecordsがCDRリリースした「HEAVEN ON BUDOKAN FIRST NIGHT」「HEAVEN ON BUDOKAN SECOND NIGHT」と同じマスター。実は、See No Evil Recordsのタイトルを聴かれたお客様から「これほどの音源、なぜプレスしない?」「いつまでも安心して聴きたいんだ」とのお声が多数寄せられたため、レーベルを超えたコラボレーションに踏み切りました。See No Evil Recordsのマスター現物を直接借り受け、リマスタリングした上でファクトリー・プレス化したのです。定評あるSee No Evil Recordsの録音技術と、当店のマスタリング技術・プレス技術を合わせた1本、業界の力を結集した1本なのです。

本作が登場したからと言って、「ULTIMATE」「DEFINITIVE」なオーディエンス録音たちの魅力が消えてなくなるわけではありません。彼らもまた、客席でしか味わえない輝きを湛えた紛れもない奇跡たちだからです。そんなオーディエンス録音に敬意を表し、本作には「ULTIMATE」「DEFINITIVE」なる言葉は用いません。その代わり、万人に通用するサウンドに相応しい、万人に通じる伝統の金看板を掲げさせて頂きます。これこそ、BOSTONの「LIVE AT BUDOKAN」です!

Disc 1 (47:57)
1. Intro 2. Rock & Roll Band 3. Smokin’ 4. Feelin’ Satisfied 5. The Last Day Of School
6. Life, Love & Hope 7. Peace Of Mind 8. It’s Been Such A Long Time 9. Cool The Engines
10. Surrender To Me 11. Don’t Look Back 12. Something About You

Disc 2 (60:15)
1. Amanda 2. The Launch 3. More Than A Feeling 4. Guitar Solo / Instrumental 5. A New World
6. To Be A Man 7. Walk On Medley 8. Foreplay / Long Time 9. Band Introduction
10. I Think I Like It 11. Party

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 9th October 2014

Disc 3 (48:09)
1. Intro 2. Rock & Roll Band 3. Smokin’ 4. Feelin’ Satisfied 5. The Last Day Of School
6. Life, Love & Hope 7. Peace Of Mind 8. It’s Been Such A Long Time 9. Cool The Engines
10. Surrender To Me 11. Don’t Look Back 12. Something About You

Disc 4 (60:03)
1. Amanda 2. The Launch 3. More Than A Feeling 4. Guitar Solo / Instrumental 5. A New World
6. To Be A Man 7. Walk On Medley 8. Foreplay / Long Time 9. Band Introduction
10. I Think I Like It 11. Party

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