Boston / Heaven On Earth In Artpark / 2CDR

Boston /Heaven On Earth In Artpark / 2CDR /Non Label

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Live At Artpark Ourdoor Amphitheater, Lewiston, New York, USA 8th July 2014.


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From the North American tour in 2014, July 8 which is the first 21 performances, New York Lewiston is recorded in ultra-high quality audience recording the Art Park performances. On this day, in the live of a rare outdoor venue, and is confirmed by You Tube as the first half of the tour, under the blue sky, live in Boston that impassioned performance under outdoor sets, such as the festival will sounded very fresh. Set because of the outdoors, there is almost no Komori of sound, and much rare up to date tour sound, vivid band sound feel the taste classic hear, it has become the biggest attraction of this board. The contents of the little short of Cool The Engines of midfield, I Think I Like It Angkor has been removed to the set, but you can enjoy the stage of Boston, which unlike the live album of the ordinary. In Walk On Medley, Shivu~on Magnus of “American Idol” appeared in a guest vocal, I wowed the venue. The sound quality is the highest class, do you Roku~tsu was in front of the PA, has been recorded in a hard sound like a line recording (voice of the audience does not hear too much). However, because unfortunately, in the Party of the last, tapered away is said to be “want to go back again” from his wife, was performed by moving the parking lot as it is, there is a drawback that sound becomes far away gradually. Up there, so had been recorded in a really great sound, this is a pity! However, the pleasing somehow is also the case, including the Japan Tour, even of content unique these is “highest quality board” Some of Boston tour of this year that good sound source of many will continue to be released in the future would not be interesting. Until encore, was a natural outdoor live, and since you have been recorded at the highest sound quality unprecedented in the texture of the unique sound. Because it is the sound of top-class tour in sound quality, it is a piece that has everyone enjoyed.

2014年北米ツアーから、21公演目となる7月8日、ニューヨーク州ルイストンはアートパーク公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で収録。この日は、ツアーの前半としては珍しい屋外会場でのライヴで、You Tubeで確認すると、青空の下、フェスティバルのような屋外セットの下で熱演するボストンのライヴは非常に新鮮に響きます。アウトドアのセットゆえ、音の籠りが殆どなく、最新ツアー音源にしては珍しいくらい、クラシックなテイストを感じさせる生々しいバンドサウンドが聴け、それが本盤の最大の魅力となっています。セット的には中盤のCool The Engines、アンコールのI Think I Like It が外されたやや短めの内容ですが、通常のライヴ盤とは違ったボストンのステージを楽しむことができます。Walk On Medleyでは、「アメリカンアイドル」のシヴォーン・マグナスがゲストボーカルで登場、会場を沸かせます。音質は最高クラスで、PAの前で録ったのか、ライン録音のような硬質なサウンドで収録されています(観客の声もあまり聞こえません)。ただ、残念なことに、最後のPartyで、テーパーが奥様から「もう帰りたい」と言われてしまい、そのまま駐車場に移動して行ったため、次第に音が遠くなってしまうという欠点があります。そこまでは、本当に素晴らしいサウンドで録れていたので、これは残念です!しかしながら、何となく微笑ましいのも事実であり、日本公演も含め、これからも数多くの優良音源がリリースされ続けるであろう今年のボストンツアーのなかにはこういったユニークな内容の「最高音質盤」があっても面白いのではないでしょうか。アンコールに至るまでは、野外ライヴ然とした、独特の音の質感で空前の最高音質で収録されているわけですから。音質的にはツアートップクラスのサウンドですので、誰しもが楽しめる一枚です。

Disc 1 (46:26)
1. Intro 2. Rock & Roll Band 3. Smokin’ 4. Feelin’ Satisfied 5. Last Day Of School 
6. Life, Love & Hope 7. Peace Of Mind 8. It’s Been Such A Long Time 9. Surrender To Me 
10. Don’t Look Back 11. Something About You 

Disc 2 (52:52)
1. Amanda 2. The Launch 3. More Than A Feeling 4. Guitar Solo 5. A New World 
6. To Be A Man 7. Walk On Medley (with Siobhan Magnus) 8. Foreplay / Long Time 
9. Band Introductions 10. Party 

Tom Scholz – guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Tommy DeCarlo – lead vocals, keyboards, percussion 
Gary Pihl – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals Kimberley Dahme – guitar, backing vocals
Tracy Ferrie – bass, backing vocals Jeff Neal – drums, percussion, backing vocals

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