Boston / Budokan 1979 2nd Night / 2CD

Boston / Budokan 1979 2nd Night / 2CD / Zion

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 19th April 1979

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BOSTON legend’s first visit to Japan that came true in 1979. It is the emergence of that wonderful world first public live album. This work was recorded by QUEEN’s “NAGOYA 1975 (Wardour-249)” “BUDOKAN 1979 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-250)” recording shooter who shocked the impact. Despite being the first public in the world, although I pulled out the liver with a terrible high quality sound, it is the audience recording that becomes the third bullet.
The essence is in a wonderful sound, but the show is extremely valuable. It is contained in this work “19 April 1979: Nippon Budokan” performance. First of all, let’s look back on the legendary first visit to Japan “CHERRY BLOSSOM TOUR ’79” on a schedule.

· April 13: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
· April 14: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
· April 16: Ku Den Memorial Gymnasium
· April 18: Nippon Budokan “THE HOTTEST BAND IN A GALAXY”
· April 19: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
· April 20: Nippon Budokan “FIRST ENCOUNTER”

Over, all six performances. In our shop we archived it as a masterpiece such as “FIRST ENCOUNTER (Trial – 240)” “THE HOTTEST BAND IN A GALAXY (Zion – 014)”, which is the first day of Nippon Budokan and the third day. This work is a special-grade audience album on the second day which is different from either one.
That quality is right for calling it the highest peak and the best masterpiece. The episode was also a wonderful masterpiece, especially the press title “THE HOTTEST BAND IN A GALAXY” was a masterpiece that was praised even as “one of the best in 1979” beyond the rare value of the Japanese performance. However, this work updates the vertex sound. Clearness is “THE HOTTEST BAND IN A GALAXY” in five minutes, but the phenomenal sense is direct. Performances and singing voices are captured on, and it comes closer to the front. Of course, it is not the type called “as if it is a soundboard”, but as a recording of Nippon Budokan in the 1970’s, it is phenomenally bright and the sense of air is transparent. If the core of the musical sound is also bone, the spacious ringing is delicate as the waveform of the vibrations floats in the eyes.
What’s even wonderful is its freshness. The sound unique to the Omoto master who was transferred directly from the recordingist himself is beautiful and graceful. There are not dubbing traces nor aged deterioration, neither distortion nor cloudiness. It seems that it is as if the 1979 Nippon Budokan and the 2017 speaker are directly connected by pipes. That is the kind of reality that flows out as it is, even to the dusty smells and cold air at the site. Although the recording itself is wonderful, the long tone which disappears while squeezing is brilliant until the moment when its end is sucked into the octagonal space. Indeed, there is a feeling that the “sound” produced in front of you arrives at hand.
Moreover, it is irresistable because the site depicted with that sound is the legendary first visit to Japan. The set is a combination of best selling “Help Me To Forget (Shattered Images)” and “Television Politician” for 6 songs by Daimyo Flight “DO NOT LOOK BACK”. It plays it with the famous bamboo potento. Moreover, the live album is scheduled to be produced in this performance in Japan, and the spirit overflows from every corner of the performance. Although such enthusiasm will bleed from one song, the enthusiasm of enthusiast who witnessed it is also wonderful. I truly reproduce the world of that precious album with five people …. While surprised by the precise ensemble, the clapping hands that unify with a beautiful melody are spectacular. Although there are scenes which are too vast and may outperform the performance a little more, the rugged musical sound of this work does not allow it. Rather, the combination of the rhythmic sense of the Japanese as a part of the rhythm team and the spectacle of the spacious sound is sublimated to a sense of scale. BOSTON space of only Japan is brewed, which is different from Europe and the United States making a big noise.

No way, I still can not believe that the revisit did not come true for the next 35 years. It is that concert that the space of Nippon Budokan is full of happiness. A masterpiece of a live album that drew at the scene with a wonderful sound that updates the highest sound quality record so far. It is a superb new excavation album that can experience the legendary first-come tour in Japan. A document recording surrounded by the pleasure of visiting Japan for the first time as it gets drunk with beautiful and familiar masterpieces. Please enjoy the master sound of the miracle that has risen beyond the moment of 38 years.

★ In 1979 Japan performance is the best sound quality.

1979年に始まったボストンの伝説の日本への初来日。その素晴らしい世界初公開ライブアルバムの登場です。この作品は、QUEENの「NAGOYA 1975(Wardour-249)」「BUDOKAN 1979 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-250)」の録音シューターが衝撃を受けたことで記録されました。世界で初めての公衆であるにもかかわらず、私はひどい高品質の音で肝臓を引き出しましたが、それは第3の弾丸になる聴衆の録音です。
エッセンスは素晴らしい音ですが、ショーは非常に貴重です。この作品には「1979年4月19日:日本武道館」のパフォーマンスが収録されています。まず初めに、伝説的な日本初の「CHERRY BLOSSOM TOUR ’79」を予定どおりに見てみましょう。


以上、6つのパフォーマンス。当店では、日本武道館の初日と3日目の「FIRST ENCOUNTER(Trial-240)」「GALAXY(Zion-014)の最強バンド」などの傑作として保管しました。この作品は、2日目の特別グレードのオーディエンスアルバムで、いずれかとは異なります。
その品質は、それを最高峰と最高の傑作と呼ぶのに適しています。このエピソードはすばらしい傑作でもあり、とりわけプレスのタイトル「THE HOTTEST IN A GALAXY」は、日本のパフォーマンスのまれな価値を超えて「1979年の最高のもの」として賞賛された傑作でした。しかし、この作品は頂点音を更新します。クリアランスは5分で “最強バンドのギャラクシー”ですが、驚異的な感覚は直接的です。演奏や歌声が捉えられ、正面に近づきます。もちろん、それは「響板」のようなタイプではありませんが、1970年代の日本武道館の録音としては、驚くほど明るく、空気感が透明です。音楽サウンドのコアがボーンの場合、広がりのあるリンギングは、振動の波形が目に浮かぶほど繊細です。
その新鮮さはすばらしいのです。録音家自身から直接移譲された大本マスター特有の音は、美しく優雅です。ダビングのトレースや経年劣化、歪みや曇りはありません。あたかも1979年の日本武道館と2017年のスピーカーがパイプで直接結ばれているようです。それは現実のようなもので、現場のほこりの多いにおいや冷たい空気にさえも、そのまま流出します。録音自体は素晴らしかったが、締め付け中に消える長い音色は、その終わりが八角形の空間に吸い込まれる瞬間まで鮮やかである。確かに、あなたの前で生まれた “音”が手に届くという気持ちがあります。

まあ、私はまだ再訪が今後35年間は成立しなかったとは信じられません。日本武道館のスペースは幸福に満ちたコンサートです。今まで最高の音質レコードを更新するすばらしいサウンドでシーンを描いたライブアルバムの傑作。日本で伝説の先行ツアーを体験できる絶好の新発掘アルバムです。美しく親しみのある傑作で酔っ払い、初めて日本を訪れる喜びに囲まれた記録。 38年の瞬間を超えて甦った奇跡のマスターサウンドをお楽しみください。


Disc 1 (36: 45)
1. Intro 2. Rock And Roll Band 3. Help Me To Forget 4. Peace Of Mind 5. Feelin ‘Satisfied
6. Do not Look Back 7. The Journey 8. More Than A Feeling

Disc 2 (64: 28)
1. A Man I’ll Never Be 2. Smokin ‘3. Guitar Solo 4. This Time 5. Foreplay / Long Time
6. Something About You 7. Party 8. Television Politician 9. Do not Be Afraid

Tom Scholz – Guitar & Keyboards Brad Delp – Vocal Barry Goudreau – Guitar
Fran Sheehan – Bass Sib Hashian – Drums

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