Boston / Definitive Giants Stadium 1979 / 1CD+1DVD

Boston / Definitive Giants Stadium 1979 / 1CD+1DVD / Zion

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Live At Giants Stadium , The Meadowlands, New Jersey, USA 17th June 1979. PRO-SHOT/STEREO SBD

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A great masterpiece project shot representing the era “DO NOT LOOK BACK” is a big upgrade. Appeared in two copies of majesty permanent preservation press DVD + CD.
The representative pro shot is “Meadowlands performance on June 17, 1979”. In the concert at “Giants · Stadium”, it is a 2-sheet set with its multi-camera · pro shot on disc 1, stereo sound board · album on disc 2. Let’s first check the position of the show from the whole world tour.

“August 2″ DO NOT LOOK BACK released ”
· August 10 – December 14: North America # 1 (74 shows)
· January 3 – April 1: North America # 2 (68 performances)
· April 13th – 20th: Japan (6 shows)
· April 29 – June 18: North America # 3 (14 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· September 15 – October 28: Europe (29 shows)

【Disk 1: Pro Shot of Ultimate Upgrade】
Over all, 191 performances. The legendary first visit to Japan is symbolic for us Japanese, but the Meadowlands performance of this work is two months after its first visit to Japan. It was a concert that was 13 concerts of “North America # 3”. This show is famous for its outflow Pro Shot and has been popular as a decision picture of the heyday BOSTON. I think that there are also many people who saw the departure where the time code and the telop in the center of the screen are included. This work is a masterpiece upgrade board of such a masterpiece shot. Besides the center angle, it is the same thing that becomes monochrome, the time code which does not get in the way and there is no telop, the best image where only BOSTON occupies the screen. The same “telop-free version” introduced also as a gift title, but this work was made into a disc with lossless from its original master. Basically it is the ultimate quality version which is similar to the gift board, but also improved image quality and sound quality.
Moreover, it is not just ‘There is no code or telop.’ The intensities are the basic image quality / quality of sound. Apparently, at that time, it seems that it was digitized directly from the grandmaster who was shot / edited at that time, there was no straying or collapse due to aged deterioration of the tape that had already been made, and there is no distortion derived from analog dubbing. Of course, the shooting itself is analogue (presumably thought to be taken at the time of shooting) fine disturbance at the time of angle change is intact. Although it is not an official level in this work, generations and preservation status are so vivid that they are not comparable. It is a type of upgrade that seems to be “not good” but “beautiful” “no more than this”.

【Disk 2: Superb sound board album】
Such an ultimate pro shot, the sound is superb. This work has finished the live album of stereo sound board sound which is too wonderful.
The quality is direct sound sound from Tom Scholz’s spacious sound and Brad Delp’s singing voice that jumps directly into your ear. To call it “Official grade” also, the cheers are far and somewhat rough mix, but the sense of sync that you can taste is tremendous. In the official and FM broadcasts, they refined themselves with cheers remixes, which creates elegance that seems to be a work. There is no such act in this work, the performance sound itself played on the spot is pushed into the brain, and it can become completely integrated with the band. Random realism is amazing. And it is brilliant because it is “TOTO of 1979”. Unlike the present large household organization, only five people reproduce the precise sound world. That miraculous ensemble is painted in detail no more.
Moreover, this disc is its ultimate board. In the gift board mentioned above (although it is very instantaneous) there was a sound cutout and noise, but the master of this work has no such drawback at all. Seamless beauty sound is a superb article that constantly penetrates the whole. Of course, instead of just extracting the sound from the DVD, we are optimizing on the premise of audio playback.
The show of the heyday depicted with that quality is luxurious. Because the opening stadium during the day, the mood is different from the Japanese performance, but the set is almost the same. Encore’s “Television Politician” “Do not Be Afraid” is missing, and over 80 minutes “famous flight” “DO NOT LOOK BACK” famous songs rush to the cascade. Especially the famous song “Help Me To Forget (Shattered Images)” that is still an illusion can be seen on Proshot & Soundboard.

BOSTON does not officially leave the live album or the video despite reproducing the precise music world on the stage. It is the ultimate one that can taste its heyday with multi camera, pro shot and stereo sound board. The highest peak upgrade board of precious images. The most important official work “fantasy flight” “Do not look, back” is a cultural heritage of rock that is too thin. It’s a press DVD & CD that leaves that glow forever.
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『DON’T LOOK BACK』時代を代表する大傑作プロショットが大アップグレード。堂々の永久保存プレスDVD+CDの2枚組で登場です。

《8月2日『DON’T LOOK BACK』発売》


そのクオリティで描かれる全盛期のショウは豪華絢爛。日中のオープンスタジアムなので日本公演とはムードが違うものの、セットはほぼ同一。アンコールの「Television Politician」「Don’t Be Afraid」が未収録なだけで、約80分に渡って『幻想飛行』『DON’T LOOK BACK』の名曲群が一気呵成に押し寄せる。特に幻のままになっている名曲「Help Me To Forget(Shattered Images)」がプロショット&サウンドボードで観られるのです。



1. Introduction 2. Rock And Roll Band 3. Shattered Images 4. Peace Of Mind 5. Feelin’ Satisfied
6. Don’t Look Back / The Journey 7. More Than A Feeling 8. A Man I’ll Never Be
9. Smokin’ 10. Organ Solo / Smokin'(reprise) 11. Guitar Solo 12. This Time
13. Foreplay / Longtime 14. Something About You 15. Party


1. Introduction 2. Rock And Roll Band 3. Shattered Images 4. Peace Of Mind 5. Feelin’ Satisfied
6. Don’t Look Back / The Journey 7. More Than A Feeling 8. A Man I’ll Never Be
9. Smokin’ 10. Organ Solo / Smokin'(reprise) 11. Guitar Solo 12. This Time
13. Foreplay / Longtime 14. Something About You 15. Party


Tom Scholz – Guitar, Keyboards Brad Delp – Vocal Barry Goudreau – Guitar
Fran Sheehan – Bass Sib Hashian – Drums


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