Boston / LA Forum 2014 / 1DVDR

Boston / LA Forum 2014 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 29th July 2014. NTSC


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Its wonderful large reputation stage is in many places, 2014 Boston Japan tour that wrapped to impress the storm over Japan. First time since coming to Japan in 1979, return to indeed 35 years Japan Tour – Budokan. The last day, complete recording of the Budokan performances the second day of the stage of the October 9 from the best seat called Arena B6 block with high quality audience recording. Apparently it was happened around also quiet, there is no adverse effect of noisy clapping such as audience noise, making it very easy to hear. Friendly ear that was captured concluded moderate sense of distance, you can enjoy the show in a really good clear sound. The show because of the conduct large-scale tour in the United States, sound, performance, stage productions, all of which perfection of the word. Progressive, dramatic, but it did waged over a 1 hour and 40 minutes or more a scale perfect score of the show should be called the incarnation of Melodic Rock. Japan performances from before the last day of play or even matching begins that clapping occurs such as, also climax of more than the first day audience. Vocals of Tommy DeCarlo also, any will not let in no way inferior voice and Brad Delp. Tom Schultz shows off the best part of the guitar work. In addition Walk On Medly of Get Organ-ized, longer feature has been organ solo in Foreplay, etc. is directing one of the peak of the show, everyone is recorded in the real situation in which listened to the amazing performance are we. In the second half of the show Walk On, Party, US tour Similarly, “American Idol” in the familiar Shivu~on Magnus will attach the Hana appeared to show the guest vocals. As mentioned above, the sound quality is stable in the clear, in addition to the fact that very easy to listen, how after the end of the venue, including the end of a show announcement and has been recorded for over 2 minutes, it has become a valuable document. Excellent live album of quality 100% guarantee. This is recommended.

その素晴らしいステージが各所で大評判、日本中を感動の嵐に包み込んだ2014年ボストン来日ツアー。1979年の初来日以来、実に35年ぶりの日本公演・武道館への帰還。その最終日、10月9日の武道館公演2日目のステージをアリーナB6ブロックと言う最良の席から高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。たまたま回りも静かだったらしく、うるさい手拍子などオーディエンスノイズの弊害が無く、非常に聞きやすくなっています。適度な距離感をもって捉えられた耳に優しい、実に良質なクリアーなサウンドでショウを堪能できます。アメリカでの大規模なツアーを行ってのショウゆえに、サウンド、パフォーマンス、ステージ・プロダクション、その全てが完璧の一言。プログレッシヴ、ドラマチック、メロディック・ロックの権化と言うべきスケール満点のショウを1時間40分以上に渡って繰り広げてくれました。日本公演最終日ということもあってか演奏が始まる前から手拍子が起こるなど、オーディエンスも初日以上の盛り上がり。ボーカルのトミー・デカーロも、ブラッド・デルプと何ら遜色のない歌声を聞かせています。トム・シュルツは圧巻のギターワークを披露。加えてWalk On MedlyのGet Organ-ized、Foreplay等で長めにフィーチャーされたオルガンソロはショウのピークの一つを演出しており、誰しもがその凄いパフォーマンスに聴き入っている様子がリアルに記録されています。ショウ後半のWalk On、Partyでは、USツアー同様に「アメリカンアイドル」でお馴染みのシヴォーン・マグナスがゲストボーカルで登場しショウに華を添えます。前述の通り、音質はクリアーで安定しており、大変聴きやすいことに加え、終演アナウンスを含む終了後の会場の様子が2分以上に渡って収録されており、貴重なドキュメントになっています。品質100%保証の優れたライヴアルバム。これはお薦めです。

Disc 1(48:52)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Intro 3. Rock & Roll Band 4. Smokin’ 5. Feelin’ Satisfied 
6. The Last Day Of School 7. Life, Love & Hope 8. Peace Of Mind 9. It’s Been Such A Long Time
10. Cool The Engines 11. Surrender To Me 12. Don’t Look Back 13. Something About You

Disc 2(62:16)
1. Amanda 2. The Launch 3. More Than A Feeling 4. Guitar Solo/Instrumental
5. A New World 6. To Be A Man 7. Walk On Medley 8. Foreplay / Long Time 9. Band Introduction
10. I Think I Like It 11. Party

Tom Scholz – guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Tommy DeCarlo – lead vocals, keyboards, percussion 
Gary Pihl – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals Kimberley Dahme – guitar, backing vocals
Tracy Ferrie – bass, backing vocals Jeff Neal – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Siobhan Magnus – lead & backing vocal(guest)

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