Bonnie Raitt / Legendary Blues Night /1CDR

Bonnie Raitt / Legendary Blues Night /1CDR /Vintage Masters

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Live At McDonough Arena, Gerogetown University, Wahington, DC April 7th 1973.

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Bonnie Raitt and Little Feat and blues man of legend, a special gig as long as overnight to Arthur “Big Boy” Kurudappu have met together Saundobo – appearance than “vintage Masters” in degrees sound source!

April 7, 73 Washington DC luxury co-starring in the stage of Bonnie Raitt was held at Georgetown University in Little Feat Lowell George, Bill Payne, and left the world to have joined better ’74 Richie Hayward of put away the legendary blues man, Arthur “Big Boy” Kurudappu also historic live that played four songs!
It is a valuable record sound was recorded exactly “Legend of Bruce Knight” in the high-quality sound board!



01. Special Delivery Blues/02. That Song About The Midway/03. Any Day Woman/04. Write Me A Few Of Your Lines / Kokomo Blues/05. You Got To Know How/06. Nothing Seems To Matter/07. Love Me Like a Man/08. Under The Falling Sky/09. Love Has No Pride/10. Mean Old World (Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup)/11. Look On Yonder’s Wall (Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup)/12. That’s All Right (Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup)/13. Short Love (Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup)/14. I Almost Lost My Mind

Live At McDonough Arena, Georgetown University, Washington, DC April 7th 1973

Vintage Masters. VMCDR – 383

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