Bon Jovi / Tokyo Road Live In Japan 85 / 1DVD

Bon Jovi / Tokyo Road Live In Japan 85 / 1DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo, Japan 28th April 1985 PRO-SHOT


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Latest of Japanese board laser disc reprint series of the world highest peak, BON JOVI. 1985, it is the vision that contains the second time of the Japan tour masterpiece “TOKYO ROAD”!
Although not much familiar in Japan, the envy of the Japanese edition laser disk abroad. Laser disk, strike noise and unevenness of tape Unlike video tape to record the magnetic, to aging is not (strictly by the playback but there is a possibility of moisture absorption deterioration in resin and recording surface, the same level it and CD is). Among them, laser disc made in Japan was actively involved in the latest media from time, known as the highest quality, making it the overwhelming brand among the lineup also rich in mania. an image multi-master is lost and I such as to be used even for official DVD of. This reprint series, that even in the Japanese edition laser disk, those that do not warp or resin degradation that foreign manufacturers were turned into press DVD in high-end equipment of professional use. In other words, it’s the quality is good to say that almost the same process as the official DVD!
And, this time of BON JOVI. While is a super-heavyweights band of travel of the archive, “TOKYO ROAD” works of vision that is not listed in Wikipedia. Foreign manufacturers also I did not plan for commercialization, but was realized from the Japanese side by request as “all means”.
Live of this work, “April 28, 1985, Shibuya Public Hall”. You hit in the fifth was a total of eight performances “7800 ° Fahrenheit Japan Tour 1985” (the first day of Shibuoyake 3DAYS). (Course of thing but) the official picture quality and sound quality of Baribbari, you can enjoy plenty of over 82 minutes the figure of young ANTICIPATED BON JOVI To. After all, BON JOVI 25-year-old average age at the time, John also just turned 23 years old, is led to Tico Torres young that 21-year-old is. After the big game feel and different like, stage of dazzling that it has with its lively!
Moreover, the expected BON JOVI where the youth is not only momentum. “SUPER ROCK ’84” to refer from first visit to Japan and 8 months only have passed on, like increases the sense of stability as a different person, you are playing progress also staging also wonderfully. Exactly, I know well that was a rapid growth midst to professional. Well-1986, also said that the second of the debut but is not play a large garbage in “SLIPPERY WHEN WET”, at this point, we have things the band potential that already shake the world.
Best song selection from that has been condensed in the potential “BON JOVI”, “7800 ° FAHRENHEIT”, What a cool! Now and it became a number of masterpieces almost never to be played in comes out whether even this. Will be taught the “winning formula” from Desmond Child and Bruce Fairbairn in “SLIPPERY WHEN WET”, but here they are, still do not know such a calculation. While ability only grow to world-class, I passion that “this is of us music!” Has become exposed to remain innocent.

They did not know yet “winning formula”. By had noticed on the merits, it was Japan only. Concert dedicate the gratitude and joy of Zenrei to the audience. It, and to official recorded in perfect, it was revived in the world’s highest quality. That is the true character of this work.
In this work, “Livin ‘On A Prayer” also “You Give Love A Bad Name” and No also. However, That’s why I unbearable. Here to there is, yet they it was “We of the band”, “Why, everyone goodness is kana do not know” they are that made me think. Now, but is “… and Then There Were Three …” of the state BON JOVI, live that “those five” was burning with the aim of the world, where faster than to “You’re amazing,” told me with Japan It is thanks that a full stage.
Perhaps, for BON JOVI fans, this work is not may not only “there is no early years live hit songs”. At least, at the beginning I “Welcome back, Tokyo road. Sakura, Sakura, empty Yayoi is ……” I think the “unusual I” even listening to what, not the hot chest. That’s why, Will continues to be ignored official. However, we, so was good. I loved such they. And, that feeling even after 30 years, not what one change. Official is, if not me aware of this feeling, there is no choice but to leave in the underground. Before laser disk are killed, it is not gone in yet fully, within the now.
The loving performance to the distant island nation, one that was put together to press DVD that does not fade forever. We will deliver those days to anyone who can not forget them.


世界最高峰の日本盤レーザーディスク復刻シリーズの最新作は、BON JOVI。1985年、二度目の来日公演を収めた幻の名作「TOKYO ROAD」です!

そして、今回のBON JOVI。アーカイヴの進む超大物バンドでありながら、「TOKYO ROAD」はWikipediaにも載っていない幻の作品。海外メーカーにも製品化の予定はなかったのですが、日本側から「ぜひ」とリクエストして実現しました。
本作のライヴは「1985年4月28日・渋谷公会堂」。全8公演だった“7800° Fahrenheit Japan Tour 1985”の5回目(渋公3DAYSの初日)にあたります。(当然のことですが)バリッバリのオフィシャル画質・音質で、若かりしBON JOVIの姿が82分に渡ってたっぷりと楽しめます。なにしろ、当時のBON JOVIは平均年齢25歳、ジョンも23歳になったばかりで、ティコ・トーレスに至っては21歳という若さ。後の大物感とはまるで違う、その溌剌としたステージの眩しいこと!
しかも、その若さが勢いだけでないところがさすがBON JOVI。“SUPER ROCK ’84”での初来日から8ヶ月しか経っていないというのに、まるで別人のように安定感が増し、演奏もステージングも素晴らしく上達している。まさに、プロフェッショナルへ急成長まっただ中だったのがよく分かります。翌1986年には、第二のデビューとも言える「SLIPPERY WHEN WET」での大化けを果たすわけですが、この時点で、すでに世界を揺るがすバンド・ポテンシャルをものしています。
そのポテンシャルで凝縮された「BON JOVI」「7800° FAHRENHEIT」からのベスト選曲、なんて格好いい! 今となってはほとんど演奏されることのない名曲の数々がこれでもかと飛び出してくる。「SLIPPERY WHEN WET」でデズモンド・チャイルドとブルース・フェアバーンから“勝利の方程式”を伝授されますが、ここでの彼らは、そんな計算をまだ知らない。実力だけはワールド・クラスに成長しながら、「これが俺たちの音楽!」という情熱が無垢なままにむき出しになっているのです。

本作には、「Livin’ On A Prayer」も「You Give Love A Bad Name」もありません。しかし、だからこそ、たまらないのです。ここにいるのは、まだ「俺たちのバンド」だった彼ら、「なんで、みんな良さが分かんないのかな」と思わせてくれた彼らです。今や、“そして3人が残った”状態のBON JOVIですが、「あの5人」が世界を目指して燃えていたライヴ、どこよりも早く「お前たちは凄いよ」と言ってくれた日本への感謝が溢れるステージなのです。
恐らく、世界中のBON JOVIファンにとって、本作は「ヒット曲もない下積み時代ライヴ」でしかないかも知れません。少なくとも、冒頭の“Welcome back, Tokyo road. さくら、さくら、やよいの空は……”を聴いても「珍しいね」とは思いこそすれ、胸を熱くはしない。だからこそ、オフィシャルも無視し続けているのでしょう。しかし、私たちは、それで良かった。そんな彼らを愛していた。そして、その気持ちは30年が経っても、何ひとつ変わっていない。オフィシャルが、この気持ちに気づいてくれないのなら、アンダーグラウンドで残すしかない。レーザーディスクが死滅する前に、まだ完全には消え去っていない、今のうちに。

1. Tokyo Road 2. Breakout 3. Only Lonely 4. Drum Solo 5. She Don’t Know Me 6. Bang Bang
7. Shot Through The Heart 8. Silent Night 9. The Hardest Part Is The Night
10. Guitar Solo 11. In And Out Of Love 12. Runaway 13. Burning For Love 14. Get Ready


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