Bon Jovi / Inside Out / 1DVD

Bon Jovi / Inside Out / 1DVD /Non Label

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Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA 15th July 2008,New Meadowlands Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA 26th, 27th & 29th May 2010 O2 Arena, London, UK June 2010.

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BON JOVI The ultimate professional shot, the theater movie “BON JOVI / INSIDE OUT” appears in permanent preservation press DVD. This video is a concert movie released in theaters only in certain countries such as the United States and Canada in November 2012. After that, although live album of only sound was made public, it is only overseas limited delivery only. It is a visual work of a phantom that was not officially commercialized.
As a matter of fact, although a part of the video was also released on the web, this work is a super-first-class item recorded over a length of about 76 minutes from the owner of the stakeholder outflow. Do you say that quality is Official grade without asking questions … or more. Official DVD and television broadcasts are edited and produced on the premise of home viewing, but this work is a majestic theatrical release. Screen specification image quality, gorgeous editing, and precise sound are far beyond the usual official video works. Although it is an outflow master, it is not a production process, it is perfectly built up from the opening director to the end roll, and it is completed. It is a superb picture that reached the realm of “image art”.
Such artworks are roughly divided into three pieces that are knitted as materials. That material ……

· July 15, 2008 Madison Square Garden

· May 26 – 29, 2010 East Rutherford (3 performances)
· June 7 – 26, 2010 London O2 Arena (12 performances)

Has become. MSG Show 2DAYS produced the official work “LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN”, ​​but only “July 15” was used in this work. The detailed schedule for 2010 is not limited, there is a possibility that the best scenes are mixed from the maximum of 15 performances. Twelve performances, especially in the UK ‘s biggest arena venue “London O 2 Arena”, are likely to be overwhelmed by the amazing scale feeling before watching.
And the image that actually witnessed is even more masterpiece. It is gorgeous and magnificent anyway, both material and construction. There is also a director splitting the big screen just for the theater premise, but a huge spectacle and a feeling of scale give out super masterpieces in a casual way. The set is 14 songs same as “INSIDE OUT” distributed overseas, about half the songs from “SLIPPERY WHEN WET” to “KEEP THE FAITH” big songs and “CRUSH”. Approximately “LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN” is excerpts but “We Were not Born To Follow” announced after that is also included.

Anyway, the quality of the official whole body. This is exhausted. Although it may have been difficult to commercialize in the situation where “LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN” has already been released, it is a wonderful “picture art of rock” even by that ultimate.
If it says it is a video version of the live album “INSIDE OUT”, but it is more than that. It is sad that we can not put these stocks at hand. It is too lonesome. It is meaningless to contain this ultimate video in DVDR. If the official is not issued, someone has to make it into a pressed disc with its complete form. That’s it. It is a “art work” that will remain permanently.

BON JOVI究極のプロショット、劇場映画『BON JOVI / INSIDE OUT』が永久保存プレスDVDで登場です。この映像は2012年11月にアメリカやカナダ等の一部の国でのみ劇場公開されたコンサート映画。その後、音声だけのライヴアルバムも公開されましたが、それも海外限定の配信のみ。オフィシャルに製品化されなかった幻の映像作品なのです。



となっています。MSG公演2DAYSからは公式作品『LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN』が制作されましたが、本作に使用されたのはそのうち“7月15日”のみ。2010年分は詳しい日程が限定されておらず、最大15公演分からベストシーンがミックスされている可能性がある。特に英国最大のアリーナ会場“ロンドンO2アリーナ”での12公演は、観る前から凄まじいスケール感に圧倒されそうです。
そして、実際に目の当たりにする映像は更に圧巻。素材も造りもとにかくゴージャスで壮大。劇場前提だけに大画面を分割した演出もあったりしますが、巨大なスペクタクルとスケール感で超名曲が一気呵成に繰り出される。セットは海外配信された『INSIDE OUT』と同じ14曲で、『SLIPPERY WHEN WET』から『KEEP THE FAITH』の大代表曲と『CRUSH』以降が約半々。おおよそで『LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN』の抜粋的ではありますが、それ以降に発表された「We Weren’t Born To Follow」も収録されています。

何はともあれ、オフィシャル渾身のクオリティ。これに尽きます。すでに『LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN』がリリースされている状況での製品化が難しかったのかも知れませんが、それにしても究極的なまでに素晴らしい“ロックの映像芸術”です。
言ってしまえばライヴアルバム『INSIDE OUT』の映像版ですが、作り込みはそれ以上。これだけの銘品を手元に置けないのは寂しい。寂しすぎる。これだけ究極な映像をDVDRに封じ込めても意味がない。オフィシャルが出さないのなら、誰かが完全なカタチでプレス・ディスク化しなくてはならない。それが本作。永久に残る“芸術品”です。

1. Intro. 2. Blood On Blood 3. Lost Highway 4. Born To Be My Baby 5. You Give Love A Bad Name
6. Whole Lot Of Leavin’ 7. Raise Your Hands 8. We Got It Going On 9. Have A Nice Day
10. It’s My Life 11. I’ll Be There For You 12. We Weren’t Born To Follow
13. Wanted Dead Or Alive 14. Livin’ On A Prayer 15. Keep The Faith
16. End Credits (Who Says You Can’t Go Home)

76min. Linear PCM Stereo 16:9


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