Bon Jovi / 2005-2006 / 1Blu Ray R

Bon Jovi / 2005-2006 / 1Blu Ray R / Lost And Found

Translated Text:
Live at Nokia Theatre, New York City, NY, USA on September 19th, 2005 AMSTERDAM 2005. Pro-Shot


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“2000-2001”, recorded in large VOLUME pro shot video of 2005-2006 of the “HAVE A NICEDAY” announced at the time of “2007-2008” continued this time!

New York performances of September 19, 2005 broadcast of the original was full High Vision With that said this Blu-ray, recorded in the quality of the record without compromising the quality for the first time.

What is missing or video webcast, had been around far Amsterdam performances of September 16 the same year, but the complete recording in perfect condition from high Vision broadcast this time.

And the definitive edition VOLUME, Quality both this time CROSSSROADS familiar with co-star of the Sugar Land, has recorded over live video of TV appearances during this period, including a number of first appearance video, 5 hours total a further it is a must-have item fan to say!

「2000-2001」、「2007-2008」続き今回は「HAVE A NICEDAY」発表時の2005年から2006年のプロ・ショット映像を大ヴォリュームで収録!




Lost And Found. LAF 2018


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