Bon Jovi / Rock In Rio 2017 / 1DVD

Bon Jovi / Rock In Rio 2017 / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Parque Olimpico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 22nd September 2017 PRO-SHOT

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“THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE” became No. 1 in the whole of four works. After “LOST HIGHWAY”, we have accomplished a feat that never gives up the throne for as long as 10 years, but ultra and super best shots that will represent the “THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR” appear.
It is contained in this work “September 22, 2017 Rio de Janeiro performance.” It is a pattern when I appeared on “ROCK IN RIO 7” which is cutting off the topic of rocking world right now. Currently, Portugal · Spain · America and overseas editions are also prosperous “ROCK IN RIO”, but it was the first time in two years that the host country was held. This will be the seventh time. This time it was carried out in all seven days, we BON JOVI appeared as a bird of the fifth day.
That pattern is live, and that pro shot is sweeping the rock world. Of course, BON JOVI of birds is superb, superbly excluded as an example as well. Not only the image quality and sound quality unique to the latest digital broadcasts but also the image quality and sound quality of Zero deterioration, the show directing and camera work of South American festival that has evolved into a big market of the rocking world is also raging. It is exactly a full official grade and there are no shortcomings in the full show drawn with that quality.
But that alone does not mean “one representative of the times”. In order to understand that this work has reached that area, let’s first organize the live activities related to “THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE”.

【2016: Promo Show】
· October 1 – 20 th: North America # 1 (4 performances)
· December 3rd: Miami Beach (1 shows)
“November 4” THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE “Release”
· January 19 – 26: North America # 2 (3 shows)
· February 8 – April 15: North America # 3 (29 performances)
· August 18: Endicott (1 performance)
· September 17 – 23: South America (5 shows) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the whole view of the live schedule which has been published to date. Last year, a complete reproduction show of “THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE” was also talked about, but a full-scale tour started after 2017. After that, go to “South America” ​​around the whole country. After that no plan is assembled at all. The Rio performance of this work is the fourth show of that “South America”, it is just the final show.
And, in fact, this work is also the first full pro shot of “THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR”. Of course, Pro Shot of 2016 gave great popularity as a gift board “LIVE FROM NEW YORK”, but over there is a special show with the theme of “album reproduction” to the last. This work is the first time as a regular concert over the world with successive supernormal songs.
In fact, the show is a big spectacle where new songs and great songs are creating huge enthusiasm. Keep the new song only to 3 songs, from “Runaway” to “Because We Can”, a supreme masterpiece running through the history of glory. However, unlike just the Greatest Hits and Shows, the early “This House Is Not For Sale” “Knockout” is fresh, and a huge set with a motif of album jacket also declares “2017” in high . And it is the great frenzy of South America that is facing it. A huge “undulation” that continues to the horizon rushes like a tsunami with a tremendous sense of scale, and tens of thousands of choruses push the super masterpieces to the biggest song in the world …. While showing regretfully the dignity of super-big things, the active feeling which makes a new work big hit all over the world is also intense. Then only in South America, even the big tsunami chorus that can only be “ROCK IN RIO” will be beaten up. It is exactly the video work which spreads the screen to the enormous amount of “BON JOVI of now”.

Official grade professional shot of the latest tour, both rabbits and horns. It is unclear whether future schedule will be announced in the future or will be re-partitioned as a separate tour. However, this work is definitely a masterpiece and symbol of “THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR” without any doubt. One big BON JOVI picture scroll filled with superior spectacle of that quality and “ROCK IN RIO”. A super tune of the great tsunami that lasts 2 hours and 5 minutes. Please drown plenty for yourself.

4作連続の全米No.1となった『THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE』。『LOST HIGHWAY』以降、10年もの長きにわたって一度も王座を譲らない偉業を成し遂げたわけですが、その“THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR”を代表するであろう超・極上プロショットが登場です。
本作に収められているのは「2017年9月22日リオ・デ・ジャネイロ公演」。今まさにロック界の話題をかっさらっている“ROCK IN RIO 7”に出演した際の模様です。現在、ポルトガル・スペイン・アメリカと海外編も盛況な“ROCK IN RIO”ですが、本国開催は2年ぶり。今回で第7回となります。今回は全7日間で実施され、我らがBON JOVIは5日目のトリとして登場しました。
その模様は生放送され、そのプロショットがロック界を席巻しているわけです。もちろん、トリのBON JOVIも例に漏れず超・極上。最新デジタル放送ならではの超鮮明&劣化ゼロの画質・音質はもちろん、今やロック界の一大マーケットへと進化した南米フェスのショウ演出やカメラワークも大絶賛を巻き起こしている。まさに完全オフィシャル級であり、そのクオリティで描かれるフルショウに欠点などないのです。
しかし、それだけでは“時代を代表する1本”とはならない。本作がその域に達していることをご理解いただくため、まずは『THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE』にまつわるライヴ活動を整理してみましょう。


これが現在までに公表されているライヴスケジュールの全景。昨年は『THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE』の完全再現ショウも話題になりましたが、本格的なツアーは2017年になってから始動。その後、全米を巡りつつ「南米」へ。その後は一切の予定は組まれていません。本作のリオ公演は、その「南米」の4公演目にあたり、まさに最終盤のショウなのです。
そして、実は本作こそが“THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR”初のフル・プロショットでもある。もちろん、2016年のプロショットはギフト盤『LIVE FROM NEW YORK』としても大好評を賜りましたが、あちらはあくまで“アルバム再現”をテーマにした特別ショウ。歴代の超名曲群と共に世界を巡る通常コンサートとしては、本作が初なのです。
実際、そのショウは新曲と大代表曲が巨大な熱狂を生み出していく一大スペクタクル。新曲は3曲だけに抑え、「Runaway」から「Because We Can」まで、栄光の歴史を駆け抜ける超名曲の一気呵成。かと言って単なるグレイテストヒッツ・ショウとも違い、序盤の「This House Is Not For Sale」「Knockout」が新鮮で、アルバムジャケットをモチーフにした巨大なセットも“2017年”を高らかに宣言している。そして、それに対面しているのが南米の大熱狂。地平まで続くような巨大な“うねり”が凄まじいスケール感で津波のように押し寄せ、数万人のコーラス隊が超名曲たちを世界一のビッグ・ソングに押し上げていく……。超大物の貫禄を遺憾なく見せつけながら、新作も全世界で大ヒットさせる現役感も強烈。その上で南米でしか、“ROCK IN RIO”でしかあり得ない大津波合唱までもが叩きつけられる。まさに、“今のBON JOVI”の巨大ぶりが画面いっぱいに広がる映像作品なのです。

兎にも角にも、最新ツアーのオフィシャル級プロショット。今後、さらなる日程が発表されるのか、別のツアーとして仕切り直されるのかは不透明ではあります。しかし、それでもなお本作こそが間違いなく“THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR”の代表作、象徴となることでしょう。それだけのクオリティと“ROCK IN RIO”の超スペクタクルに充ち満ちた一大BON JOVI絵巻。2時間5分に及ぶ、超名曲の大津波。どうぞ思う存分、たっぷりと溺れてください。

1. Pre-Show / Intro 2. This House Is Not for Sale 3. Raise Your Hands 4. Knockout
5. You Give Love a Bad Name 6. Born to Be My Baby 7. Lost Highway 8. Because We Can
9. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead 10. Runaway 11. We Got It Goin’ On 12. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
13. Bed of Roses 14. It’s My Life 15. Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars
16. Roller Coaster 17. Wanted Dead or Alive 18. Lay Your Hands On Me 19. Keep the Faith
20. Bad Medicine 21. Have a Nice Day 22. Livin’ on a Prayer


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