Bob Dylan / The Times They Are A Changin Outtakes / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Bob Dylan / The Times They Are A Changin Outtakes / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / BDCL

Translated Text:
Outtakes of album “The Times They Are A-Changin'” plus Bonus DVDR “QUEST: THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN. Mono & Stereo


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The outtakes ‘”THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN” this time as rare recordings collection of album Bob Dylan has left the fork era following the “BOB DYLAN RADIO STATION DISC It became very popular, thanks THE FREEWHEELIN”‘ collection will be released. Upon this release, became the original intended sound source collection was put together by a fan of “TAPES AND ACETATES FROM THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN ‘”, but rather that it had been around in the trader between. However, we have achieved an improvement in sound quality dramatically by it rather than just be on CD, to replace the sound of the latest upgrade the majority of the recorded sound. Also making it the editing also excluded unreleased song was recorded in the “THE BOOTLEG SERIES VOLUMES 1? 3”, reorganize the mix and take rare. Two songs of the first alternate take of the song that is the album. You will be surprised version is totally different atmosphere of “The Times They Are A-Changin ‘” is appeared suddenly. The next “Ballad of Hollis Brown” is the initial version was recorded in session album before “THE FREEWHEELIN ‘”.
Unreleased song that was not the album is lined with Zurari is later, but is a new sound source most of which appeared at the end of last year, the performance was familiar with, such as items in the past until this great stereo none-and has realized the recording of sound. Those who had been overlooked that the high-quality sound source there is such I think this is one of the many such as “Farewell”.
It’s surprising in the outtakes of these, you’ll be playing to Dylan sang while playing the piano is large. Did not have that glimpse of the piano sound like that is a glimpse of the actual album, but I had to try so much the songs of piano accompaniment In between sessions. However, such as “East Laredo Blues” be construed Tsutana of piano playing he does not deny, that was playing as a break-shoulder before starting the recording session as a person does not know it was last recorded. It can be said that’s prime example, such as where it’ll show singing of Elvis Presley “That’s All Right Mama”. Because it is the album songs such as synonymous with folk song called “change era” has been recorded, piano accompaniment might was taken intended disproportionately into the album anyway. Take piano playing these was also sound familiar to traders and between mania from a long time ago, but do not miss to hear it from being recorded in stereo sound of the best this time.
And is what the famous outtakes “Lay Down Your Weary Tune” from Kamata previous version and “Percy’s Song” The second, which is two takes recorded, have seen the light of day already, such as compilation album. But I’ve recorded a mono mix of acetate from here. Version to be heard, such as editing board of the example is stereo, but those who feel attractive and fresh version of here that echoes in stronger, feel up close more and playing Dylan may be higher. Second edition followed by “THE FREEWHEELIN ‘~” The row arranged outtakes rare of “THE TIMES ~”, it becomes compilation album that was put together in the state yet high quality. Should the person who is the main of this time, a new sound source, which appeared last year in circulation in the form of analog LP, it was not feel inconvenience it very often. Moreover, remove as much as possible scratch noise of the LP-specific when recording of this, we aim to outtakes collection perfect and also performed a review of the pitch of the sound source recorded a whole. Please enjoy carefully outtakes rare at a press CD of the limited time!

おかげさまで大好評となりました「THE FREEWHEELIN’ BOB DYLAN RADIO STATION DISC」に続いてボブ・ディランがフォーク時代の残したアルバムのレア音源集として今回は「THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’」のアウトテイク集がリリースとなります。今回のリリースに際し、元になったのはファンによってまとめられた音源集「TAPES AND ACETATES FROM THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’」というもので、トレーダー間で出回っていたものです。ただしそれをただCD化するだけではなく、収録音源の大半を最新のアップグレード音源に差し替えることによって飛躍的な音質の向上を実現しました。また「THE BOOTLEG SERIES VOLUMES 1?3」に収録された未発表曲も除外し、レアなテイクやミックスをまとめ直す編集となっています。最初の二曲はアルバムに収録された楽曲の別テイク。いきなり「The Times They Are A-Changin’」のまったく雰囲気が違うバージョンが登場して驚かされることでしょう。次の「Ballad of Hollis Brown」は前のアルバム「THE FREEWHEELIN’」のセッションで録音された初期バージョンです。
これらのアウトテイクの中で驚かされるのは、ディランがピアノを弾きながら歌った演奏が多いということでしょう。実際のアルバムでそのようなピアノ・サウンドの片鱗が垣間見られることはありませんでしたが、セッションの合間ではピアノ伴奏の曲をこれほどまでに試していたのです。もっとも「East Laredo Blues」などは彼のピアノ演奏の拙さが否めないもので、本人としてもセッションで録音を始める前の肩慣らしとして弾いていたものが録音されたのかもしれません。エルヴィス・プレスリーの「That’s All Right Mama」を歌ってみせるところなどはその最たる例だといえるでしょう。いずれにせよ「時代は変わる」というフォーク・ソングの代名詞のような曲が収録されたアルバムですので、ピアノの伴奏がアルバムに不釣合いと取られたのかもしれません。これらピアノ演奏のテイクも昔からマニアやトレーダー間にはおなじみの音源でしたが、今回は最高のステレオ・サウンドで収録されているから聞き逃せません。
そして二テイク収録されている「Percy’s Song」二つ目のバージョンと「Lay Down Your Weary Tune」がまた以前から有名なアウトテイクで、編集盤などで既に日の目を見ているものです。しかしここではアセテートからのモノ・ミックスを収録しました。例の編集盤などで聴かれるバージョンはステレオですがエコーが強めで、ディランと演奏がより間近に感じられるこちらのバージョンを新鮮かつ魅力的に感じられる方が多いかもしれません。「THE FREEWHEELIN’~」に続く第二弾は「THE TIMES~」のレアなアウトテイクをずらりと並べ、しかも高音質な状態にまとめ上げた編集盤となります。今回のメインである、昨年登場した新音源はアナログLPという形で流通し、それを不便に感じていた方が非常に多いはず。しかも今回の収録に当たってはLP特有のスクラッチ・ノイズを可能な限り削除、さらに収録音源全体のピッチの見直しも行なってパーフェクトなアウトテイク集を目指しています。今回も限定のプレスCDにてレアなアウトテイクをじっくりとお楽しみください!
1. The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Alternate take 23rd October 1963)
2. Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Early version from “Freewheelin” sessions 14th November 1962)
3. Farewell (Take 4 6th August 1963)
4. Eternal Circle (Incomplete early version 7th August 1963)
5. New Orleans Rag (Incomplete early version 7th August 1963)
6. Hero Blues (Take 3 12th August 1963)
7. Eternal Circle (Take 4 12th August 1963)
8. Percy’s Song (Take 1 23rd October 1963)
9. East Laredo Blues (Take 1 23rd October 1963)
10. That’s All Right Mama / Sally Free And Easy (Take 1 23rd October 1963)
11. Percy’s Song (Take 2 24th October 1963 Mono acetate mix)
12. Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Take 1 24th October 1963 mono acetate mix)
13. New Orleans Rag (Take 2 24th October 1963)

BDCL 2105


Bob Dylan / Quest The Times They Are A Changin / 1DVDR / Non Label
Recorded 1st February 1964, Broadcast 10th March 1964. Pro-Shot


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