Bob Dylan / Theme Time Radio Hour The Whiskey Episode / 2CD Trifold

Bob Dylan / Theme Time Radio Hour The Whiskey Episode / 2CD Trifold / Crystal Cats

Sirius XM Broadcast, Mon 21 Sep 2020.

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1-1 Intro Diana Krall
1-2 B.Dylan Heko Friends
1-3 Wynonie Harris “Quiet Whiskey”
1-4 B. Dylan About W. Harris & Other Musicians
1-5 B. Dylan About Floating Verses
1-6 Charlie Poole “if The River Was Whiskey”
1-7 B. Dylan About Johnny Bush & Willie Nelson
1-8 Johnny Bush “I’m Dreaming In A Whiskey River”
1-9 Willie Nelson “Whiskey River”
1-10 B. Dylan He Was At Elmo & About Bottleneck
1-11 B. Dylan About Zonophone Label
1-12 Edmund Tagoe & Frank Essien “Whiskey Sununu Odia”
1-13 Dylan About Cocktails
1-14 Bobby Charles “He’s Got All The Whiskey”
1-15 B. Dylan Playing Songs About Intoxicating Amber…
1-16 Penn Jilette Of Penn And Teller
1-17 Timmie Rogers “Oh Yeah”
1-18 B. Dylan About Pinpoint Carboration
1-19 B. Dylan About “Beer Goggels”
1-20 Laura Cantrell “The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter”
1-21 B. Dylan About Mose Alison & Helo From David Hidalgo
1-22 Frank Sinatra “Drinking Again”
1-23 B. Dylan About Jeff Beck’s Album “Truth” From 1967
1-24 Jeff Beck / Rod Stewart “I’ve Been Drinking”
1-25 Professional Speaker
1-26 B. Dylan About Corn Whiskey
1-27 Jimmy Witherspoon “Corn Whiskey”
1-28 B. Dylan About Billie Harbert
1-29 Billie Harbert “Ain’t That Whiskey Hot?”
1-30 B. Dylan About Hot Toddy
1-31 B. Dylan About American Jump Blues
1-32 Alfred Brown “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer!
1-33 B. Dylan Was Nursing A Drink At Elmo’s Lounge
1-34 B. Dylan About H. Choates And Rye Whiskey
1-35 Harry Choates “Rye Whiskey”
2-1 B. Dylan About Robert Burns w. John C. Reilly
2-2 John C. Reilly “Coming Through The Rye”
2-3 Julie London “Comin’ Thru The Rye”
2-4 B. Dylan About Haven’t Done A Show In A While, Still Get E-Mails
2-5 B. Dylan About Drink Responsible
2-6 The Stanley Brothers “Mountain Dew”
2-7 B. Dylan About Moonshine Liquor
2-8 B. Dylan Met Van Morrison In Greece
2-9 Van Morrison “Moonshine Whiskey”
2-10 Dean Martin “Bourbon From Heaven”
2-11 B. Dylan About Lotte Lenya
2-12 Lotte Lenya “The Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)”
2-13 Hey, It’s Billy Gibbons
2-14 B. Dylan About Horce Race
2-15 Tom Waits “Jokey Full Of Bourbon”
2-16 B. Dylan About A Good Bourbon Drink
2-17 B. Dylan About George Jones
2-18 George Jones “Tennessee Whiskey”
2-19 Hey Bob, It’s Me Allison Janney
2-20 Thin Lizzy “Whiskey In The Jar”
2-21 B. Dylan About The Clancey Brothers
2-22 The Clancey Brothers “The Parting Glass”
2-23 B. Dylan About A Wonderful Story
2-24 Liam Clancy Tells A Story
2-25 B. Dylan About A Cure To Recommend
2-26 Byllye Williams “Hangover Blues”
2-27 B. Dylan About Recordings…
2-28 B. Dylan Read A Poem By Hayden Carruth
2-29 B. Dylan About Tuff Green
2-30 Tuff Green & His Orchestra “Let’s Go The Liquor Lounge”
2-31 B. Dylan About Charles Bukowski
2-32 B. Dylan Read From Novel “Mother” C. Bukowski
2-33 B. Dylan But There’s Plenty More To Say On This Subject
2-34 B. Dylan, A Toast David Crosby Taught Me
2-35 B. Dylan To Stay Safe, See You Soon, Oh, Yeah!
taken from the SiriusXm Broadcast Sept 21, 2020

Crystal Cats. CC 1121-22

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