Bob Dylan / Shot Of Love Work Tapes And Outtakes / 2CDR

Bob Dylan / Shot Of Love Work Tapes And Outtakes / 2CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:

1981 Unknown Location, Complete Set Of The Circulating ‘Shot Of Love’. Soundboard



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A compilation of 2 compilations of session sound sources such as working tapes and outtakes for Bob Dylan’s 21st studio album “Shot of Love” released in 1981. Along with “Slow Train Cumming” and “Saved”, this is the final album called “Christian Trilogy” and is recorded mainly in sessions in Los Angeles. It is a highly recommended title that includes a collection of session sound sources that include songs that have been partly recorded later in the “Boot Leg Series” etc. and have been reevaluated!


01. Almost Persuaded
02. Tune After Almost (Instrumental)
03. Rock’n Boat
04. Borrowed Time
05. Gonna Love Her Anyway (Instrumental)
06. Wait & See
07. Angelina
08. Caribbean Wind
09. It’s All Dangerous To Me
10. Well Water (Instrumental)
11. My Oriental Home
12. I Want You To Know I Love You
13. Yes Sir. No Sir
14. Is It Worth It ?
15. Ah, Ah. Ah (Takes #1-3)
16. Child To Me
17. Wind Blowin’ On The Water
18. All The Way Down
19. More To This Than Meets The Eye (Instrumental)

01. Straw Hat (Instrumental)
02. Instrumental Calypso (Instrumental)
03. Walking On Eggs (Instrumental)
04. All The Way (Instrumental)
05. Shot Of Love
06. Caribbean Wind
07. Magic
08. Don’t Ever Take Yourself Away
09. You Changed My Life
10. Mystery Train
11. Need A Woman
12. Heart Of Mine (rough take)
13. Let It Be Me (rough take)
14. Let It Be Me (single edit)
15. Watered-Down Love (rough take)
16. The Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar (rough take)
17. Lenny Bruce (rough take)
18. In The Summertime (rough take)
19. Let Me See (demo)


Project Zip. PJZ-598A/B

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