Bob Dylan / Santa Monica 1979 2nd Night Mike Millard First Generation Master / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Santa Monica 1979 2nd Night Mike Millard First Generation Master / 2CD / BD

Translated Text:
Live At Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica , CA, USA 19th November 1979.


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What, taper of legend, was excavated by JEMS even unknown Dylan sound source is also to the Mike Millard! Shock that he had recorded the Dylan of gospel tour was released from our shop: became surfaced by “SANTA MONICA 1979 1ST NIGHT MIKE MILLARD FIRST GENERATION MASTER”. It was a great recording of the first day of continuous performances in Santa Monica, the latter part of the cassette of the scan has been enclosed in a sound source that has been popularized by JEMS If you towards mania, there is the next day Santa Monica live It might but have been your memory that had been written that it has been dubbed together. This is the Millard has become clear until it had been recorded also live in Santa Monica the second day, but finally unearthed by sound source JEMS of the day, Dylan of Gospel by First Generation master of even this pedigree papers I’m sure reproduce the tour in real!

Commitment to Dylan gospel sound is called a big topic in 1979 tour
Do the unveiling of continuous performances at the San Francisco Warfield Theater, Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica has been selected as the next performance areas. Again I continuous performances have been performed, but as an advantage to do every day to live in the same venue, has the advantage that can safely stability of live sound while decided to balance of PA (of course every day of the adjustment is not essential ). Is exactly what it is true with respect to Santa Monica second day by this time it appeared in Millard.
There is no on this thing easy to understand because Santa Monica first day and the current record of the last release he also differences in the sound image is clearly appear as a simple comparison. While the first day of the first half of the live sound output was somewhat flat, this is the second day has become a sound quality that until the stunning and thick specific sound balance from opening a powerful on-sound image. The back was accompanied by a Tim Drummond of bassist obituary was told the other day to Banmasu prudently also’ll show to reproduce until vivid a compelling band sound is Real audience recording unique Millard.
And Dylan also can not help you without impress those who listen to Warfield and then at the second time while the start of the continuous performance full of strength and confidence that tireless voice. Although released Sinatra cover collection and is the new album “SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT” Dylan to be immersed in carefully song about not amusing to be referred to as a singer in has become a hot topic recently, gospel era of Dylan also seriously song It is was a time when I typed to. This time of Dylan by band members drag, of course, has been testimony that even in alcohol and tobacco did not keep his hands off but, but are Will was formed reliable throat to withstand the daily live.

What is also surprising than the is, is that that Millard had recorded the Dylan of gospel tour in two days in a row. Did you know the Dylan of concept by fit the day before the show completely, opening of gospel act in Santa Monica second day has not been recorded. But ahead of the reasons this day of first song from “Gotta Serve Somebody” great sound quality of Millard unique masterpiece is from! If familiar with the Gospel Dylan Live overwhelmingly Rated ’79 than when it was sparked pros and cons have been captured in this much of the finest recording, what you that want to thank to Millard. And do not be precisely recorded gospel stage by opening chorus, daily gospel that members of the chorus sings in the interval of a set of Dylan has been firmly recorded. And attractive is that the song selection is nostalgic hit of Ocean “sign piece (original title” Put Your Hand in the Hand “)”. Like this to Mike Millard and release by a press CD of limiting the recording to me was Santa Monica second day of the First Generation master sound of iron-clad, please enjoy playing with the best sound quality this time!

何と、伝説のテーパー、マイク・ミラードの知られざるディラン音源がまたしてもJEMSによって発掘されました!彼がディランのゴスペル・ツアーを録音していたという衝撃は当店からリリースされた「SANTA MONICA 1979 1ST NIGHT: MIKE MILLARD FIRST GENERATION MASTER」によって明るみとなりました。サンタモニカでの連続公演の初日の素晴らしい録音でしたが、マニアの方であればJEMSによって広められた音源の中にカセットのスキャンが同封されており、そこにはサンタモニカ翌日のライブの後半部分が一緒にダビングされていたことが記されていたことご記憶されていたかもしれません。これによってミラードがサンタモニカ二日目のライブも録音していたことまで明らかとなったのですが、遂にその日の音源もJEMSによって発掘、今回も血統書付のファースト・ジェネレーション・マスターによってディランのゴスペル・ツアーをリアルに再現してみせます!

それにディランもウォーフィールドに次いで二回目の連続公演のスタートながら疲れをしらない力強さと確信に満ちた歌声で聴く者を感動させずにはいられません。先ごろリリースされたシナトラのカバー集であるニューアルバム「SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT」ではシンガーと呼んでもおかしくないほどじっくりの歌に没頭するディランが話題となっていますが、ゴスペル時代のディランもまた真剣に歌へ打ち込んだ時期だったのです。バンドメンバーによってこの時期のディランがドラッグはもちろん、酒やタバコにすら手を出さなかったことが証言されていますが、それだけに連日のライブにも耐えうる頼もしい喉を形成したのでしょう。

何よりも驚かされるのは、あのミラードがディランのゴスペル・ツアーを二日連続で録音していたということです。前日のショウを完全に収めることでディランのコンセプトを把握したのか、サンタモニカ二日目でオープニングのゴスペル・アクトは録音されていません。しかし先の理由からこの日は一曲目の「Gotta Serve Somebody」からミラードならではの素晴らしい音質が圧巻!賛否両論を巻き起こした当時よりも圧倒的に評価が高い79年のゴスペル・ディラン・ライブがこれほどの極上録音で捉えられたとなれば、ミラードに感謝したくなるというもの。それにオープニングのコーラス隊によるゴスペル・ステージこそ録音されていませんが、ディランのセットの合間でコーラス隊のメンバーが歌う日替わりゴスペルはしっかり収録されています。しかもその選曲がオーシャンのヒットで懐かしい「サインはピース(原題「Put Your Hand in the Hand」)」というのが魅力的。こんな風にマイク・ミラードが鉄壁のサウンドでレコーディングしてくれたサンタモニカ二日目のファースト・ジェネレーション・マスターを限定のプレスCDにてリリース、今回も最高の音質と演奏をお楽しみください!

Disc 1(58:02)
1. Gotta Serve Somebody 2. I Believe In You 3. When You Gonna Wake Up 4. When He Returns
5. Man Gave Names To All The Animals 6. Precious Angel 7. Slow Train
8. Covenant Woman 9. Put Your Hand In The Hand (sung by Regina Havis)
10. Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking

Disc 2(47:14)
1. Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others) 2. Solid Rock 3. Saving Grace 4. Saved
5. What Can I Do For You? 6. In The Garden 7. Band Introduction 8. Blessed Be The Name
9. Pressing On

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Fred Tackett (guitar), Spooner Oldham (keyboards), Tim Drummond (bass), Terry Young (keyboards), Jim Keltner (drums), Regina Havis , Helena Springs , Mona Lisa Young (background vocals)


BD 111979

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