Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue / New Haven 1975 / 2CD

Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue / New Haven 1975 / 2CD / BD

Translated Text:
Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT. USA 13th November 1975 Afternoon Show


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“Is not it more Dylan of title?” From Jimmy Page and received that it has received a request that (laughs) Dylan release will accelerate from our shop. And this I became the shop’s first sound source release from the 1975 Rolling Thunder Review tour. ’75 Tour has been blessed sound source, it is a situation of as not only a variety of high-quality sound source is present from the sound board recording to good quality audience recording, but now is “LIVE 1975” is also the official has been released. But in spite of good quality audience recording exists, even the remains of the items that were recorded them does not exist fact. This time from such New Haven performances of November 13, I have recorded the matinee.
This day of live outflow sound board recording will have tour first half and good audience recording Inarabu but I belong to a form which is sandwiched between the second half of the tour that overflowed, and there is only the first time release the ’75 sound source, the sound quality There are wonderful things. Recording state that in monaural recording of depth there is indeed a unique listening ease, yet pride and the quality is not an exaggeration to say good of the harsh feel also U~omi texture is a top class as audience recording of ’75 you. Freshness also excellent because such is the recording state. It does not get banned surprising that such a superb sound source is the first time release. It’s sound source where you can enjoy the undisputed just the sound quality will affirm.
Also This tour had also been tested in such previous professional journals, tour started rough Dylan’s voice as the progresses, is also known that had continued to sing until the tour ends with raw tone. But this day live of the tour began Sashikakari the middle, yet there are also those reflected Dylan to still “have sing reasonably” feel is very attractive in that first concert was held twice a day. The “LIVE 1975” of official and is composed of a recording of the time that the voice of Dylan began rough, to ear the wild force also There was a masterpiece, which was accustomed to listen to it, he of the singing of this day about the surprising will be sounds fresh. Moreover, since very being recorded in a clear sound quality will also help you to reproduce with the stunning clearness intense playing the first time of his singing voice and Thunder Review.
Although it is good sound source boasting this way ease of listening in every sense, but in this live has been also recorded scenes which became a big topic. It is referred to as “Tangled Up In Blue” for the first time a live performance, was literally a historic scene. The Dylan of the 70s and not only is the song that representative, extremely how Dylan this classic that continues to be played was Mise first time singing as a repertoire in the current tour that no longer playing the past of the song without a mania I said that must listen. Boston performances of the take was recorded in the “LIVE 1975” has been known as the famous ’75 version of this song along with the video, but at the same this version that has been showcased in the apparently carefully and innocent atmosphere than When you before, you can feel the sincere atmosphere enough to want to listen to instinctively correct the neck.
Including the live debut of such historical masterpieces, if familiar with the sound of up to 75 years are recorded in clear sound quality on the tour, this is no other to be released in another limitation of the press CD. Following the “HATTIESBURG 1976” of the ’76 tour that became very popular, is finally superb sound source was recorded the New Haven performance of attention from ’75 of Thunder Review appeared. Please try confirmed by all means U~omi sound quality and the best condition of Dylan in the clear and is a classic in the classic “Tangled Up In Blue” debuted at the moment your own ears!

In addition to recording songs in bonus track not doubling from live at Niagara Falls was next performances of New Haven, a scene to play further in response to the request of the audience was listening to “Hurricane”. Not only was further recorded doubling not repertoire also from Hartford performances after 10 days from there, recorded the famous song and rare number of other artists Dylan. In particular appeared Rick Danko of The Band is a guest, recording up to “It Makes No Difference” scene that Mise playing from the album “Southern Cross” has just been released at that time. Moreover, none of which has been recorded in a high-quality audience recording.

ジミー・ペイジから「もっとディランのタイトルはないのか?」というリクエストを受けたことを受け(笑)当店からのディラン・リリースが加速します。しかも今回は当店初の1975年ローリング・サンダー・レビューのツアーからの音源のリリースとなりました。75年ツアーは音源が恵まれており、サウンドボード録音から良質オーディエンス録音まで各種の優良音源が存在するばかりか、今ではオフィシャルでも「LIVE 1975」がリリースされているほどの状況です。しかし良質なオーディエンス録音が存在する割に、それらを収録したアイテムが存在しないままなのも事実。そんな中から今回は11月13日のニュー・ヘイブン公演、その昼の部を収録しています。

 またこのツアーは以前専門誌などでも検証されていましたが、ツアーが進むにつれてディランの声が荒れ始め、そのままの調子でツアー終了まで歌い続けていたことでも知られています。しかしツアーが中盤に差し掛かり始めたこの日のライブ、しかも一日二回行われた公演の最初ということでディランがまだ「無理なく歌えている」感じがとても魅力的に映るものでもあります。オフィシャルの「LIVE 1975」にはディランの声が荒れ始めた時期の録音で構成されており、そのワイルドな迫力も圧巻ではありましたが、それを聴き慣れた耳に、この日の彼の歌い方は意外なほど新鮮に響くことでしょう。しかも非常にクリアーな音質で録音されているので、彼の歌声やサンダー・レビューの激しい演奏ぶりも見事なクリアネスと共に再現してくれます。
 このようにあらゆる意味で聴きやすさを誇る優良音源ではありますが、このライブには大きなトピックとなった場面も収録されています。それは「Tangled Up In Blue」初めてのライブ演奏と言う、文字通りの歴史的な場面でした。70年代のディランを代表する曲であるばかりか、極端に過去の曲を演奏しなくなった現在のツアーでもレパートリーとして演奏され続けているこの名曲をディランが初めて歌ってみせた様子はマニアでなくとも必聴と言えます。「LIVE 1975」に収録されたボストン公演のテイクは映像と共にこの曲の有名な75年バージョンとして知られていますが、それと比べて明らかに慎重かつ初々しい雰囲気の中で披露されたこのバージョンを前にすると、思わず襟元を正して聴きたくなるほどの真摯な雰囲気が感じられます。
 そんな歴史的な名曲のライブ初披露を含め、最高にクリアーな音質で収録された75年ツアーの音源となれば、これはもう限定のプレスCDにてリリースする他はありません。大好評となった76年ツアーの「HATTIESBURG 1976」に続き、遂に75年のサンダー・レビューから注目のニュー・ヘイブン公演を収録した極上音源が登場します。是非そのクリアーでウォーミーな音質と絶好調のディラン、そして名曲中の名曲である「Tangled Up In Blue」初披露の瞬間をご自身の耳で確かめてみてください!

なおボーナストラックにはニュー・ヘイブンの次の公演であったナイアガラフォールズでのライブからダブらない曲、さらに観客のリクエストを受けて演奏する場面が聴かれた「Hurricane」を収録。そこから更に10日後のハートフォード公演からもダブらないレパートリーを収録しただけでなく、ディラン以外のアーティストの有名曲やレア・ナンバーを収録。特にザ・バンドのリック・ダンコがゲストで登場し、当時リリースされたばかりのアルバム「南十字星」からの「It Makes No Difference」演奏してみせた場面まで収録。しかもそのどれもが高音質なオーディエンス録音にて収録されています。

Disc 1(68:12)

1. When I Paint My Masterpiece 2. It Ain’t Me, Babe 3. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll 
4. Romance In Durango 5. Isis 6. The Times They Are A-Changin’ 7. Dark As A Dungeon 
8. Never Let Me Go 9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine 10. I Shall Be Released 
11. Tangled Up In Blue (First Live Performance) 12. Oh, Sister 13. Hurricane
14. One More Cup Of Coffee  

Disc 2(56:11)
1. Sara 2. Just Like A Woman 3. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 4. This Land Is Your Land 

Bonus Tracks
Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY. USA 15th November 1975 Evening Show

5. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 6. Mama, You Been On My Mind
7. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 8. Hurricane (with request) 

Civic Center Arena, Hartford, CT. USA 24th November 1975

9. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You 10. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
11. It Makes No Difference (by Rick Danko) 12. Help Me Make It Through The Night (by Joan Baez) 
13. Eight Miles High (by Roger McGuinn) 

Bob Dylan – guitar, vocals, harmonica Joan Baez – guitar, vocals Bobby Neuwirth – guitar, vocals Scarlet Rivera – violin T-bone J. Henry Burnett – guitar
Roger McGuinn – guitar, vocals Steven Soles – guitar Mick Ronson – guitar 
David Mansfield – steel guitar, violin, mandolin, dobro Rob Stoner – bass
Howie Wyeth – piano, drums Luther Rix – drums, percussion Ronee Blakley – vocals
Rick Danko (24th November only)

BD 111375

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