Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue / Hattiesburg 1976 / 2CD

Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue / Hattiesburg 1976 / 2CD / BD

Translated text:
Reid Green Coliseum, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA 1st May 1976.


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Presence or late live album called “HARD RAIN”, there are not many items that were recorded the sound of the tour in ’76 Among the active phase as Rolling Thunder Review. But this time, the sound source was recorded live in Thunder Review of ’76 after a long time will be released. What is recorded is Hattiesburg performances May 1. Is there that the “HIGHWAY 49 REVISITED” piece earlier but it was released on CD this sound To tell you the truth, but it was something gross incomplete recorded As you can see from the recorded state of a single CD. But I have a cut of some sound source itself original. It will hit the turn of the tape as soon as play has begun, “Shelter From The Storm” it has already become recorded only the first section, among others. The cut will contain one place at the end of the “Idiot Wind”. It probably had been combined into a single CD in the “HIGHWAY 49 ~” because such problems is a sound source.
But the complete recording of the entire instrument into two sheets of press CD this time. Item is a finale song of Thunder review that did not listen to this until “Gotta Travel On” is also recorded, to reproduce the whole of the day live for the first time this became a carry of release. It is the biggest reason that decided to this release while sound source that such a cut, but it is a sound source of ’76 Thunder Review fewer items originally, good sound quality of this audience recording is raised and what to say further.
And I think whether it is to be understood immediately If we are to listen to one anyway, but this sound boasts outstanding clearness. It’s a state that had a certain depth rather than sound image is “on”, but will that be realized that it is the sound quality coupled with, easy to listen very its clearness and sense of distance. And freshness is a preeminent also, from the fact that not even the audience, such as rioting around, applause between songs also echoed the attentive indeed. And if it becomes a sound source that this caught the Thunder Review of 1976, it does not go to the translation that does not achieve the release of the press CD.
Speaking of Thunder Review of ’76, it would be the charm of live arrangements conspicuous guitar riffs whose representative was recorded in the “HARD RAIN” and “Maggie’s Farm”. Playing the same song here is excellent, playing a momentum as if to predict a live album in the previous exactly will work. It is also a great guitar solo of Mick Ronson, which appeared in the interlude! However, are you playing to bad (laughs) slide guitar solo about Dylan even though the crazy play the guitar actively, it is surprised in the “Lay Lady Lay” is also probably Ikkyo. Since sound is very clear after all, slide guitar of poor simply him I would hear clearly and rather than Hetauma. The carefully in this high-quality sound is not only this song, also the charm of playing Thunder Review unique of ’76 and “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again” and “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” further you should be able to enjoy with.
And unsparingly recorded playing a rare live from Thunder Review of ’76 still the bonus. It had been released in the past and “Positively 4th Street” such as “Tangled Up In Blue” played less frequent, but those who are listening for the first time may be higher. This is the live premiere of the first CD of this time “One Of Us Must Know”, yet is super rare recordings of performances of one-off in Thunder further review. Along with the high-quality sound of Hattiesburg, please enjoy also play rare these. ’76 Version of Rolling Thunder Review mania would have wanted to hear, it was Mise been recorded on CD press limited the sound source rare!

ローリング・サンダー・レビューとしての活動期の中でも「HARD RAIN」というライブ・アルバムの存在故か、76年のツアー音源を収録したアイテムは多くありません。しかし今回、久々に76年のサンダー・レビューのライブを収録した音源がリリースされます。収録されているのは5月1日のハッティズバーグ公演。実を言うとこの音源は以前「HIGHWAY 49 REVISITED」一枚もののCDでリリースされたことがあるのですが、CD一枚という収録状態からも分かるように不完全収録甚だしいものでした。ところが元の音源自体にいくつかのカットがあるのです。中でも「Shelter From The Storm」は演奏が始まってすぐにテープの変わり目に当たってしまい、前半部分のみの収録となってしまいました。また「Idiot Wind」の終盤でもカットが一か所入ってしまいます。そのような問題が音源であることから「HIGHWAY 49~」でCD一枚にまとめられてしまったのでしょう。
 しかし今回はプレスCD二枚の中に音源全体を完全収録。これまで聴けなかったサンダー・レビューのフィナーレ・ソングである「Gotta Travel On」までも収録し、初めてこの日のライブ全体を再現するアイテムがリリースの運びとなりました。そんなカットのある音源ながらも今回リリースに踏み切った最大の理由ですが、元々アイテムが少ない76年サンダー・レビューの音源であること、さらに何といってもこのオーディエンス録音の音質の良さが挙げられます。
 76年のサンダー・レビューといえば、「HARD RAIN」に収録された「Maggie’s Farm」を代表とするギター・リフが目立つライブ・アレンジの魅力でしょう。ここでの同曲の演奏は素晴らしく、正に先のライブ・アルバムを予見させるかのごとく勢いのある演奏が聴かれます。間奏で登場するミック・ロンソンのギター・ソロがまた素晴らしい!ただしディランも積極的にギターを弾きまくっていて、それが「Lay Lady Lay」ではびっくりするくらい下手な(苦笑)スライド・ギター・ソロまで弾いているのも一興でしょう。何しろ音が非常にクリアーですので、ヘタウマというよりも単に下手な彼のスライド・ギターもはっきりと聞き取れてしまうのです。さらにこの曲だけでなく、「Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again」や「You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go」といった76年のサンダー・レビューならではの演奏の魅力もまたこの高音質でじっくりと堪能できるはずです。
 そしてボーナスにはやはり76年のサンダー・レビューのライブからレアな演奏を惜しげもなく収録。演奏回数が少ない「Positively 4th Street」や「Tangled Up In Blue」などは過去にもリリースされていましたが、今回初めて聴かれる方が多いかもしれません。さらに今回初CD化の「One Of Us Must Know」はこれがライブ初演、しかもサンダー・レビューでは一回きりの演奏という激レア音源です。ハッティズバーグの高音質音源と共に、これらのレアな演奏も是非お楽しみください。マニアが聴きたかったであろう76年版ローリング・サンダー・レビュー、そのレアな音源を限定のプレスCDに収録してみせました!

Disc 1 (44:12)
1. Mr. Tambourine Man 2. Simple Twist Of Fate 3. Vincent van Gogh 4. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 
5. Maggie’s Farm 6. One Too Many Mornings 7. Isis 8. Blowin’ In The Wind 9. Railroad Boy
10. I Pity The Poor Immigrant 11. Shelter From The Storm (incomplete) 

Disc 2 (79:04)
1. I Threw It All Away 2. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 
3. You’re A Big Girl Now 4. You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go 5. Lay Lady Lay  
6. Silver Mantis (sung by T-Bone Burnette) 7. Mozambique 8. Idiot Wind 
9. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 10. Gotta Travel On 

Bonus Tracks
11. Positively 4th Street (Night Of The Hurricane 2, Houston Astrodome, Houstin, Texas 25th January 1976) 
12. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) (Starlight Ballroom, Clearwater, Florida 22nd April 1976 Evening Show)
13. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) (Henry Levitt Arena, Wichita, Kansas 19th May 1976 First Live Performance)
14. Tangled Up In Blue (Hughes Stadium, Fort Collins, Colorado 23rd May 1976) 

Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue 1976

Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal) Joan Baez (guitar & shared vocal) Scarlet Rivera (violin)
T-Bone J. Henry Burnette (guitar & piano) Steven Soles (guitar) Mick Ronson (guitar)
Bobby Neuwirth (guitar & vocal) Roger McGuinn (guitar & vocal) 
David Mansfield (steel guitar, mandolin, violin & dobro) Rob Stoner (bass)
Howie Wyeth (drums) Gary Burke (percussion)




BD 5176

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