Bob Dylan / Los Angeles 1978 Last Night Uncirculated Millard 1st Gen / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Los Angeles 1978 Last Night Uncirculated Millard 1st Gen / 2CD / BD

Translated Text:
Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA. USA 7th June 1978.


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ZEP audience recording of Speaking of Mike Millard, but has decided to surprise the fans that his such pronoun had recorded the Dylan in ’78, Dylan LA performances in June that he was recording 1 to 7 and have been made on end. The first day of his recording in such until now, but has been excavated and the third day, was finally also unearthed superb audience recording that captures the pattern of the last day. Millard came to Japan is Jimmy Page of ZEP that was revered, in it that rejoiced the shop of Dylan title, and not help but feel a kind of strange fate is to be further Dylan sound source of Millard appeared does.
It is such a LA last day sound, but the sound quality is really great this time. “Clearness” and not to mention the words such as “on a sound image”, it is not in addition to losing the words to supernaturally Millard that Mise leaving the recording of up to here at that time 1978. As the trend of the sound image there is a close on the first day than three days appeared earlier, without doubt be overwhelmed by the sound pressure of up to tremendous from there. As expected Millard, is surrender and the other this perfect recording.
However … can you get a difference of fondness Compared with ZEP and Jesus? Also complete recording this time it did not come true (laughs). The first day of the first half only, but the third day was a state such as lacking a few songs at the beginning, this time Too bad that became a recording from the middle of “Mr. Tambourine Man”. The first day, only went growth is gradually Duration and the third day, or this last day is finally complete recording? And I was expected to, but it does not have or is that early in the live could not be recorded even if the change to be in much Millard recording is a minus point.
Where he realized the full inclusion of same and the 3rd by to compensate for part of this time also unreleased in a different sound source! That said, it is a matter of course as long as it is a release concept of our shop. More in this time of surprise, I very great sound quality of recordings that another sound source. It is a superb audience recording boasts a clearness that unlike Millard, a result that was supplemented with this sound source, was a great recording state that enjoy a full-length with superb sound quality from the opening until the end. After all because another sound source is the stunning sound quality, might the editing do not know where I tried listening to “Mr. Tambourine Man” that two of the sound source come together. Then the complete recording in superb sound quality has been achieved!
And seem to last day of performances that have been made in seven days in a row, the second half is also increased repertoire making it the luxurious contents. The first the 3rd was not playing “Do not Think Twice, It’s All Right” reggae version of. It boasts a popularity as one of the bold arrangements of live repertoire representative of the ’78 tour, but the reggae version of listen in spectacular quality of Millard unique would be a big attraction. In addition, large service called also “Simple Twist Of Fate” was no longer being played since entering the LA while has been played in regular treatment with “Oh Sister” is played by the time of the Japan tour. I emits a large charm different from the other two days also gorgeous set list of such last day unique have been released so far. Such Millard wonders of Dylan superb sound source release in our shop also this time full inclusion, is the press CD of course limited, even in the rare sound source fan not only Dylan fans will recommend with confidence!

 ただし…ZEPやイエスと比べると思い入れの差なのでしょうか?今回も完全収録は叶いませんでした(苦笑)。初日は前半のみ、3日目は冒頭数曲が欠けるといった状態でしたが、今回は「Mr. Tambourine Man」の途中からの録音となってしまったのが残念。初日、三日目と徐々に収録時間が伸びていっただけに、この最終日は遂に完全収録か?と期待したのですが、またしてもライブの序盤が録音できなかったことはいくらミラードの録音でもマイナス・ポイントであることに変わりはありません。
 そこで今回も未収録の部分を別音源で補填することによって3日と同様の完全収録を実現しました!とはいっても、それは当店のリリース・コンセプトであれば当たり前のこと。それ以上に今回の驚きは、その別音源も非常に素晴らしい音質の録音なのです。それはミラードと違ったクリアネスを誇る極上のオーディエンス録音であり、この音源で補填した結果、オープニングから最後まで全編を極上の音質で楽しめるという素晴らしい収録状態となりました。何しろ別音源が見事な音質ですので、二つの音源が合わさる「Mr. Tambourine Man」を聴いてみたところでその編集が解らないかもしれません。そうして極上音質での完全収録が実現しました!
 そして7日連続で行われた公演の最終日らしく、レパートリーも増やされて後半は豪華な内容となっています。まず3日には演奏されなかった「Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right」のレゲエ・バージョン。これは78年ツアーを代表する大胆なアレンジのライブ・レパートリーの一つとして人気を誇りますが、ミラードならではの圧巻クオリティでレゲエ・バージョンが聴けるのは大きな魅力となることでしょう。さらに日本公演の頃にはレギュラー扱いで演奏されていながらLAに入ってから演奏されなくなっていた「Oh Sister」と「Simple Twist Of Fate」も演奏されるという大サービス。そんな最終日ならではの豪華なセットリストもこれまでリリースされてきた他の二日とは違う大きな魅力を放ちます。そんなミラード驚異のディラン極上音源を当店は今回も完全収録にてリリース、当然限定のプレスCDです、ディラン・ファンだけでなくレア音源ファンにも自信を持っておすすめします!

Disc 1(62:25)
1. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (instrumental) 2. Love Her With A Feeling 3. Baby Stop Crying 
4. Mr. Tambourine Man 5. Shelter From The Storm 6. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 7. Tangled Up In Blue 
8. Ballad Of A Thin Man 9. Maggie’s Farm 10. I Don’t Believe You 11. Like A Rolling Stone 
12. I Shall Be Released 13. Going, Going, Gone 

Disc 2(79:51)
1. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 (instrumental) 2. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) 
3. You’re A Big Girl Now 4. One More Cup Of Coffee 5. Blowin’ In The Wind 6. I Want You
7. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) 8. Masters Of War 9. Just Like A Woman 
10. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 11. Simple Twist Of Fate 12. Oh, Sister 
13. All Along The Watchtower 14. All I Really Want To Do 15. Band Introductions 
16. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) 17. Forever Young 18. The Times They Are A-Changin’ 

Bob Dylan – vocals, guitar Billy Cross – guitar Alan Pasqua – keyboards 
Steven Soles – guitar, backing vocals David Mansfield – violin, mandolin
Steve Douglas – horns Jerry Scheff – bass Bobbye Hall – percussion Ian Wallace – drums 
Helena Springs – backing vocals Jo Ann Harris – backing vocals Carolyn Dennis – backing vocals

BD 6778

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