Bob Dylan & His Band / Tokyo 2016 7th Night The Video /1DVDR

Bob Dylan & His Band / Tokyo 2016 7th Night The Video /1DVDR / Non Label

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Live At Bunlamura Orchard hall, Tokyo, Japan 22nd April 2016.


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Until just before the Golden Week, the most recent Japan tour of the whole spent Bob Dylan April of 2016. Its valuable full video is the appearance. This visit to Japan performances, long ones unparalleled of 16 performances in 25 days. Of this work it has been shooting in the, Tokyo 7 performances eyes (a total of 12 performances eyes) of “Orchard Hall on April 22, 2016”. However, it might just too many performance number, not fully grasp actually or site that carried even foot those who have seen what performances eyes are. First of all, let’s bird’s-eye view of the long long visit to Japan performance.

– April 4 – 6, 2011: Tokyo Orchard Hall (3 performances)
– April 9: Sendai (1 performance)
– April 11 – 13, 2011: Osaka (3 performances)
– April 15: Nagoya (1 performance)
– April 18 – 19, 2011: Tokyo Orchard Hall (two shows)
★ 4 May 21 – 22, 2011: Tokyo Orchard Hall (two shows)
– April 23: Tokyo · TOKYO DOME CITY HALL (1 performance)
– April 25 – 26, 2011: Tokyo Orchard Hall (two shows)
– April 28: Pacifico Yokohama (1 performance)
(The same venue of the continuous performances are summarized. ★ this work a sign of the schedule has been recorded)

In this way, the “April 22” of this work was approaching in the second half of the tour. Tour the second half is not was 8 performances in Tokyo and Yokohama, but it was a concert falls on the middle that. This time of the Japan tour, which has a myriad of masterpiece recordings have been reported, only partial ones when it comes to video. Under such circumstances, is not one that was recorded without stagnation to show full length has finally appeared.
Taste of such this work is not only complete recording, quality is also great. When you start playing, but you will be aroused anxiety in the dark screen while hear Plucking the guitar, talk of it as much as 1 minute beginning. Clear-up will appear suddenly along with the out singing of Dylan. That up is downright amazing. Illuminated by elegant lighting of sepia color reddish, it emerges the figure of boss. Full of atmosphere even as hale while obtaining also drifted said unexpected aura. Continue pressing the up from the right side of such a boss, not Yomigire shooting position in order not to come out any argument of the angle, but it will probably shoot from afar seat. Although somewhat there is a swing, image quality with the latest digital equipment is vivid in spite of the full zoom. Its expression is, of course, you emerge to clear up to the one wrinkle 1 of the suit.
And, the sound is also beautiful. Although I said earlier, “from afar seat”, a sense of distance is not felt in the direct sense of sound. Elegant reverberation of Orchard Hall, also there will be the fault of the atmosphere of the venue in which to settle the ears, gently, yet is firm voice heard in wonderfully clear. ‘s The regal introduction can name records as a masterpiece live album just voice.

Live album which can taste the singing voice with plenty is also great, but still figure in the memorable. Continued to stare at the venue is “that figure.” Masterpiece video in which it is drawn Katsuaki at full scale. Because you are from beginning to end it continues to capture Dylan bust-up, but a little different from the audience of the experience feeling, would be to match that amount, even storage in those who have seen in any venue. It revived to clear the memory that has become somewhat vague, one that will change the memories of unforgettable. Please, please be inscribed in mind return unexpected “April 2016” is again in this work.



・4月23日:東京・TOKYO DOME CITY HALL(1公演)



1. Things Have Changed 2. She Belongs To Me 3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ 4. What’ll I Do
5. Duquesne Whistle 6. Melancholy Mood 7. Pay In Blood 8. I’m A Fool To Want You
9. That Old Black Magic 10. Tangled Up In Blue 11. High Water 12. Why Try To Change Me Now
13. Early Roman Kings 14. The Night We Called It A Day 15. Spirit On The Water
16. Scarlet Town 17. All Or Nothing At All 18. Long and Wasted Years 19. Autumn Leaves
20. Blowin’ In The Wind 21. Love Sick

COLOUR NTSC Approx.102min.

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