Bob Dylan / Fox Warfield Theatre 1980 6th Night / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Fox Warfield Theatre 1980 6th Night / 2CD /Non Label

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Live At Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA 15th November 1980.


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The: “SANTA MONICA 1979 1st NIGHT MIKE MILLARD FIRST GENERATION MASTER” first delivery worth it took place in front of the Santa Monica performances, it is late November 15 (just this release from the Warfield Theater performances over two weeks that “FOX WARFIELD THEATRE 1980 6th NIGHT” one year ago!) live CD-R, which was recorded and included. Speaking of Warfield Theater of ’79 the first day and the last day is famous, but this time we recorded the performance is not that an item has been released so far. It alone and I such Nashi Gift mistake of fan attention, but would be important to note that was recorded in quite good sound quality of the audience recording. It is a sound image with a little sense of distance, but the clearness and freshness is a preeminent, I realism seems small venue of Warfield Theater has been captured in a wonderful degree than anything else. If this much recording state and listening ease of, the more it seems that it might be possible to release in the press CD.
It has a reputation for a long time in between mania, but live is really great play any day at the Warfield Theater. Rolling Thunder Review and ’78 back the sound, which is a completely different sophistication and world tour band, how Dylan that was reborn literally singing and lively has Saewata~tsu also this day. Again also greatly enthusiastic audience before the overwhelming singing. Despite the notoriety at the time of the mass media, war in the field Theater enthusiastic performance is waged over to every day, yet I it was gospel tour true form that has been well received. When To gift of a sound source that will convey such a realistic sense of realism, it was put together in high-grade items to pitch also adjust accurately. Thus, if familiar with the current sound source that will convey the enthusiasm of ’79 gospel tour along with the Santa Monica comes, this is not snow to the translation you do not miss the first delivery!

「SANTA MONICA 1979 1st NIGHT: MIKE MILLARD FIRST GENERATION MASTER」初回納品分にはサンタモニカ公演の前に行われた、二週間に渡るウォーフィールド・シアター公演の中から終盤11月15日(ちょうど今回リリースされる「FOX WARFIELD THEATRE 1980 6th NIGHT」の一年前!)のライブを収録したCD-Rが付属します。79年のウォーフィールド・シアターと言えば初日や最終日が有名ですが、今回はこれまでアイテムがリリースされたことがない公演を収録しています。それだけでもファン注目のギフト間違いなしなのですが、なかなかに良好な音質のオーディエンス録音にて収録された点が重要でしょう。やや距離感のある音像ですが、クリアネスや鮮度は抜群で、何よりもウォーフィールド・シアターの小さな会場らしい臨場感が見事なまでに捉えられているのです。これほどの録音状態や聴きやすさであれば、プレスCDでのリリースが可能ではないかと思えるほど。

Disc 1(71:52)
1. Gotta Serve Somebody 2. I Believe In You 3. When You Gonna Wake Up 4. When He Returns
5. Man Gave Names To All The Animals 6. Precious Angel 7. Slow Train
8. Covenant Woman / Put Your Hand In The Hand (fragment) 9. Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking
10. Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others) 11. Solid Rock 12. Saving Grace13. Saved

Disc 2(25:00)
1. What Can I Do For You? 2. In The Garden 3. Blessed Be The Name 4. Pressing On


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