Bob Dylan / The Best Show Osaka 2001 1st Night / 2CD

Bob Dylan / The Best Show Osaka 2001 1st Night / 2CD / Zion

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Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 6th March 2001




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That I think look at the visit to Japan and this stage of the last 2014 years, or would not be still, “If me a little more doing a number of yesteryear classic number …”. Certainly not only Dylan is to immobilize the set list from 2013, it has become a long time no longer pick up a number of the classic number of 1970s from the 1960s. So this visit to Japan stage is to prove, because he sings now of Dylan is to listen with the Sinatra of the cover as a singer natural, I do not try anymore Hiko the guitar can not be helped. I did gone to where the number of those masterpieces but it. Certainly imposing stage also great featuring the now of recent works and Sinatra number. But several times a year there is a chance to play together in the past of the number as a suddenly Fes Atari Europe. In 15 years ago is a situation that can not be considered. So, another Dylan release this time from the Japan tour in 2001!
Japan tour of Japan Tour of Bob Dylan 2001 to reflect the popularity of the climate and Dylan at the time, are not almost release the item by press CD. Such was a stir in the 10 New Year’s Eve to the situation from our shop: The “2001 A FORUM ODYSSEY”. Even the item has not been released at that time, it was Mise released is the best performance of the tour the first half of the stage at the Tokyo Forum at the limit of the press CD, have called a great response from enthusiasts around the world. A result, the Japan tour that Dylan was playing guitar in addition to it would be as well that this had led to the now become the last.

Thus, there was a well-established high 2001 tour to Japan from that time, Dylan result of the current sound preference, is the current situation, such as sound and playing content has been reviewed in all the more concert in Japan at this time. Apex during the tour among them, Osaka welfare pension of honor High great performance is March 6, with literally best show. 4 days did those of the Forum live also considerably great, for this day was Noboritsume from there to further heights. Luxurious set list of about envy also mania around the world is, of course, best condition of Dylan than what is was Mise showing off the best of playing along with the band I was this day. It was praised in those days of mania or magazine, it was about a flurry voice that best show.
Dylan Live 2001 from 1999 in the feature to start from acoustic songs in the band organization is, primarily, “Hallelujah, I’m Ready To Go” that traditional numbers such as had got to its home position is. However, another Traditional numbers was played at the opening only on this day, “Oh Baby It Is not No Lie”. The only song that has been frequently played in the Japan tour in 1997 the moment, along with for this day Japan of Dylan mania that was packed, a nostalgic sounded the moment rather, I was surprised to rainy day song selection. Subsequent fire of ’60s classics such as dazzling. Among them, mania in both had dreamed of the day that will showcase in Japan stage “Tears Of Rage” is the splendor of the performance that was reminiscent of the version of the song selection of rare and The Band, called a vertex of this day scene was.
The other to be “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” and “Mama, You Been On My Mind,” such as appeared to continue many of 60’s classic. Omakeni I every night, “Like A Rolling Stone” in encore on this tour has been played like a natural, you say this is also a situation like a dream now. Furthermore album “JOHN WESLEY HARDING” hard sound with no taste now playing reborn to the edge of had been recorded “The Wicked Messenger” on. Despite was perfect Shaw was so rich, what was released at that time had to spoil the live of appeal by using the generator fall sound source via overseas while CD-R and the press platen “OSAKA TAPES” only. As long as indescribably lonely as the release status of the acclaimed stage about it at that time. However In this release, our shop audience recording master was available, obtain a unique sound that has not been around also between the thriving Dylan traders of the sound source distribution. And it me resurrected the 2001 best night in stunning sound quality.

The CD-R, which has been released at the time 2001 is the front row recording specific de powerful sound image in certain high-quality sound was well-established, but the voice of Dylan is sometimes the closeness has backfired guitar the there was a Kirai that would have been relegated to playing with a focus. This time of its own to obtain the sound source state that the voice is on balance of Dylan in that respect. Yet it, carefully adjust the stage of the peculiar phenomenon of the 2001 volume difference is that remarkable when CD of acoustic and electric. But rather what in this state, I would like to dedicate the press CD of all of this person limitation that was great, 2001 in Osaka performances want to play back the … think so mania …
And what this day was called the “2001 Japan tour best of show” than is released in the highest sound quality and a new press CD 15 New Year’s Eve. This is what is no doubt that from all over the world of mania becomes a high-profile release. Too 2001 Japan Tour press CD title was too small. Containment best performance among them, the best of the title is this. Tokyo performances: together with the “2001 A FORUM ODYSSEY”, please reflective listening to that was great concert in Japan carefully. Really set the best performance contents list and the best release, no complaint, expressed in the title that it is a release that combines the sound quality!

★ miracle of ultra-high-quality sound board and to that sold out the title, of David Bowie: The recording panel by “A REALITY IN OSAKA THE LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN” taper.

ボブ・ディラン2001年の来日公演の来日公演は当時の風潮やディランの人気を反映し、プレスCDによるアイテムがほとんどリリースされていません。そんな状況に10年越しで一石を投じたのが当店からの「2001: A FORUM ODYSSEY」です。当時ですらアイテムがリリースされなかった、ツアー前半のベスト・パフォーマンスである東京フォーラムでのステージを限定のプレスCDにてリリースしてみせたことは、世界中のマニアから大きな反響を呼びました。それに加えて結果的にディランがギター弾いた来日公演はこれが最後となって今に至ってしまった点も同様でしょう。

1999年から2001年のディラン・ライブはバンド編成でアコースティックな曲から始めるのが特徴で、主に「Hallelujah, I’m Ready To Go」のようなトラディショナル・ナンバーがその定位置に就いていたものです。ところが、この日に限ってオープニングに演奏されたのは別のトラディショナル・ナンバー「Oh Baby It Ain’t No Lie」。1997年の来日公演で頻繁に演奏されていた曲だけに、この日詰めかけた日本のディラン・マニアにとっては、むしろ懐かしく響いた瞬間であると共に、まさかの選曲に驚かされた瞬間。以降はめくるめくような60年代名曲の連射。中でもマニアが日本のステージで披露される日を夢見ていた「Tears Of Rage」は選曲のレアさとザ・バンドのバージョンを彷彿とさせた演奏の素晴らしさの両方において、この日の頂点と呼べる場面でした。
他にも「Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues」や「Mama, You Been On My Mind」といった60年代クラシックが多々続けに登場。おまけにこのツアーではアンコールで毎晩「Like A Rolling Stone」が当たり前のように演奏されていたのですが、これもまた今では夢のような状況と言えます。さらにアルバム「JOHN WESLEY HARDING」に収録されていた「The Wicked Messenger」のハード・エッジに生まれ変わった演奏も今では味わえないサウンド。それほど充実したパーフェクト・ショウだったにも関わらず、当時リリースされたのはCD-Rとプレス盤ながらも海外経由のジェネ落ち音源を使用してライブの魅力をスポイルしてしまった「OSAKA TAPES」だけ。当時あれほど絶賛されたステージのリリース状況としては何とも寂しい限り。ところが今回のリリースに当たって、当店が入手したオーディエンス録音マスターは、音源流通の盛んなディラン・トレーダーの間にも出回っていなかった独自の音源を入手。しかも見事な音質で2001年最高の夜を蘇られてくれるのです。

そして何よりも「2001年来日公演最高のショウ」と呼ばれたこの日が、15年越しで最高音質かつ新たなプレスCDでリリースされる。これこそ世界中のマニアから注目を浴びるリリースとなることは間違いありません。あまりにもプレスCDタイトルが少なすぎた2001年来日公演。その中でもベスト・パフォーマンスを封じ込めた、最高のタイトルがこれ。東京公演の「2001: A FORUM ODYSSEY」と共に、あの素晴らしかった来日公演をじっくりと聞き返してください。本当に最高の演奏内容にセットリスト、そして音質を兼ね備えたリリースであることをタイトルで表したベストなリリース、文句なし!

★あの完売タイトルにして奇跡の超高音質盤、デヴィッド・ボウイの『A REALITY IN OSAKA: THE LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN』のテーパーによる録音盤です。

Disc 1 (57:27)
1. Introduction 2. Oh Baby It Ain’t No Lie 3. To Ramona 4. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
5. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 6. Tears Of Rage 7. Watching The River Flow
8. My Back Pages 9. Mama, You Been On My Mind 10. Tangled Up In Blue

Disc 2 (63:14)
1. Standing In The Doorway 2. The Wicked Messenger 3. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
4. Love Sick 5. Like A Rolling Stone 6. If Dogs Run Free 7. All Along The Watchtower
8. Girl From The North Country 9. Highway 61 Revisited 10. Blowin’ In The Wind

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Charlie Sexton (guitar), Larry Campbell (guitar, mandolin, pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), David Kemper (drums & percussion)


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