Bob Dylan & The Band / Philadelphia 1974 1st Show / 2CD

Bob Dylan & The Band / Philadelphia 1974 1st Show / 2CD / Non Label

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The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 6th January 1974 Afternoon Show


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A rare sound source of the tour of 1974 was released for a long time from our shop! Speaking of the band tour with The Band, it has been Sold Out since the name plate “HOLLYWOOD SPORTATORIUM 1974” since. In contrast to what it was a superb sound source that captured the appearance of the two weeks after the start of the tour, this time the first live sound source, the third day of the tour, will be released … just to get the attention of maniacs all over the world There is no mistake.
Bob Dylan did a truly long tour since the motorcycle accident, and as a result it follows from the back with the band, and it took place in 1974 tour . That pattern is included in the official live album ‘Great Resurrection’. That Dylan’s exaggerated songs and restless (laugh) performance like haste. Both of them conveyed the unique sounds and images of this tour, but are they really what they were aiming for Dylan? Speaking of Speaking No.
Especially after Dylan confessed that he was convinced that it is good to say that the 74 year tour is too overdoing and that he himself was supposed to sing in “full power of power” rather than “sensitivity and power” , It seems that we do not have good memories for the basic 74 year tour. So, I came up with such a brave and overwhelming singing.
Besides, it is also fact that the chilling sound unique to the band was strangely clear. Certainly the band after this goes straight to the last waltz with a straight line, but the band is a warmy sound that makes the fragrance of that tree drift. Not only Dylan’s way of singing but also a sense of incompatibility with the sounds they sound. Is not it a “Great Resurrection” of the end of the tour?
In the case of
So our shop released to stone a single stone, “HOLLYWOOD SPORTATORIUM 1974” that became Sold Out from an unexpected big hit. I was still viewing the stage that was locked by Dylan and the band feeling good one month earlier than “Great Resurrection” with a stereo audience recording. On that point, this time it is only 3rd day from the start of the tour, we will deliver Dylan and the band’s appearance with plenty of first-time in a limited press CD.
The tour began at the Chicago stadium on January 3rd and 4th, but the opening was played at the opening (in fact still) in 1962 when it was never released in the general circulation official album Unreleased track “Hero Blues”. Dylan ‘s face will be playing suddenly on the first day of the resurrection tour attracted attention from fans all over the world, but it is truly a story that Dylan is tough, but in fact it is tough, so it will be the third day of the tour this January We reviewed the composition of live from Philadelphia Spectrum on the 6th.
However, the tour is still in the testing stage. On this day, the opening that was played at the first show of the live twice a day was “Ballad Of Hollis Brown”, as usual unexpected selection of music. Although Dylan and the band have started playing carefully enough to listen to it, they also felt a sense of confidence in playing with themselves, this was the only performance at the opening, but the song itself moved to the middle of the show Then it will be played regularly. Besides, though careful but polite performance seems to be a band, it can be liked.
The highest precious thing in the first half of this day is “Tough Mama”. Although it is a new song from the album “PLANET WAVES” that had just released the release, the reaction of the audience is dull because there is no album out anyway. Thanks to live performances with The Band, although it is missing that this was the last time, it is impressed by the intact performance of the “PLANET WAVES” atmosphere. I have to wait until 1997 to see how this song will be played live again.
Not only this song but also this show seems to have been watching the audience drinking burning on the stage after Dylan for a long time and sometimes except that the tapers will interfere with the microphone with Gasagoso will get in between songs , The performance is surprisingly captured clearly. The situation agreed there, and as the audience recording at the beginning of the 74 year tour, it boasts a different quality although it is monaural sound quality.

It’s a sound source that boasts high sound quality, so this time is not the first appearance of course. It has already been released on “AT THE SPECTRUM 1974” paper Jacket CD that was released nearly 20 years ago. But … quality is totally different. Paper jacket CD (which was supposed to be ridiculous in Jacquet’s songs) was recorded while the pitch was out of order from the cassette sound generator, whereas the pitch was adjusted exactly by recording from the master. A state where the upper feeling has overflowed without comprehension anymore.
Beyond that I could have cut all the songs of The Band as a point that I could not get a paper jacket CD. In the age of cassette-trade in the 74-year tour, the band’s part often gets divided and the pattern of the worst unrecorded is rampant. It was the appearance that it finally resurrected from the excellent CD-R of the recording time. This time, of course, the part of the band is completely recorded, which will bring Philadelphia on January 6th, the first complete show of the first show to be released as a complaintless upper version.
Even in the part of the band that began to be heard for the first time this time, it is surprising because rare numbers of only the early stage tour “Long Black Veil” are being played! The song which was contained in the band immortal masterpiece “MUSIC FROM BIG PINK” was played even in the 74th tour. Moreover, the performance is like a band. I wanted you to go through the tour to the end with this condition.
The song selection by Dylan alone playing corner where composition is hardened is also attractive again. The song named “Nobody ‘Cept You” is also completely different from “Magnificent Resurrection” in “Mama, You Been On My Mind”. Initially I played this freely …. He is also interesting to see unusual and rocky action that Dylan screams “lobby!” With interlude if he thinks he played “I Do not Believe You” in the latter half of the live. And finally, this is also the fun of the first part of the tour, such as “Like A Rolling Stone” which is quietly beginning, because the night part had been refrained from the night part in “Something There Is About You” before the release, Please enjoy yourself carefully with clear sound quality in the upper without complaint. Rare songs from the night section are also included in the bonus!

当店から久々に1974年ツアーのレア音源がリリース!ザ・バンドと行った全米ツアーと言えばSold Outになってしまった名盤「HOLLYWOOD SPORTATORIUM 1974」以来。それがツアー開始二週間後の様子を捉えた極上音源だったのに対し、今回は何とツアー三日目という最初期のライブ音源がリリースされてしまう…それだけでも世界中のマニアの注目を集めることは間違いなし。

そこで当店が一石を投じようとリリースしたところ、予想外の大ヒットからSold Outとなってしまったのが「HOLLYWOOD SPORTATORIUM 1974」。まだ「偉大なる復活」よりも一か月前のディランとバンドがいい感じにロックしていたステージをステレオのオーディエンス録音にて捉えていたものです。その点、今回はツアー開始からわずか三日目ということで、いよいよ初々しさたっぷりに演奏するディランとバンドの姿を限定のプレスCDにてお届けします。
ツアーは1月3日と4日のシカゴ・スタジアムで幕を開けましたが、そこでオープニングに演奏されたのは当時(どころか現在も)一般流通オフィシャル・アルバムでリリースされたことがない1962年の未発表曲「Hero Blues」。世界中のファンが注目した復活ツアーの初日でいきなり未発表曲を演奏してしまうのはディランの面目躍如たるところでしょうが、さすがにそれでは厳しいとのことから、ツアー三日目となる今回の1月6日のフィラデルフィア・スペクトラムからライブの構成に見直しが図られました。
とはいってもツアーはまだまだ試験段階。この日、一日二回行われたライブのファースト・ショーにおいてオープニングに演奏されたのは「Ballad Of Hollis Brown」という、相変わらずの意外な選曲。ディランもバンドも一聴して解るほど慎重に演奏し始めていますが、自分たちでも演奏していて手ごたえを感じたのでしょう、オープニングでの演奏はこれだけでしたが、曲自体はショーの中盤に移動してレギュラーで演奏されることになります。それに慎重だが丁寧な演奏がバンドらしくて好感の持てるもの。
それ以上にこの日の前半で最高に貴重なのが「Tough Mama」。リリースを直前に控えていたアルバム「PLANET WAVES」からの新曲ですが、何せアルバムが出ていない状況ですので観客の反応は鈍い。おかげでザ・バンドとのライブ披露はこれが最後となってしまったのが惜しまれますが、「PLANET WAVES」の雰囲気そのままな演奏に感動させられます。再びこの曲がライブで演奏されるようになるのは何と1997年まで待たなければなりません。

それだけ高音質を誇る音源ですので、もちろん今回が初登場ではありません。今から20年近く前に出された「AT THE SPECTRUM 1974」紙ジャケCDにてリリース済。しかし…クオリティはまるで別次元。紙ジャケCD(ジャケの曲目もとんでもないことになっていました)がジェネ落ちカセット音源からピッチが狂ったまま収録していたのに対し、こちらはマスターからの収録でピッチも正確にアジャスト。もはや比べるべくもなくアッパー感あふれた状態。
今回初めて聴かれるようになったバンドのパートでも「Long Black Veil」というツアー序盤だけのレアなナンバーが演奏されているから驚き!バンド不朽の名作「MUSIC FROM BIG PINK」に収められていた曲が74年ツアーでも演奏されていたとは。しかもその演奏が実にバンドらしいもの。この調子でツアー最後まで通してほしかったところ。
ほとんど構成が固まっていないディラン一人の弾き語りコーナーの選曲がまた魅力的。「Mama, You Been On My Mind」に未発表曲「Nobody ‘Cept You」という選曲がまた「偉大なる復活」とまったく違う。当初はこんなに自由に演奏していた…。ライブ後半で「I Don’t Believe You」を演奏してみせたかと思えばディランが間奏で「ロビー!」と叫ぶという、珍しくロックなアクションをみせる彼がまた面白い。そしてとどめはこれまたリリース前の「Something There Is About You」に、夜の部が控えていたからか、やけにおとなしく始まる「Like A Rolling Stone」などツアー序盤ならではの面白さ、レア演奏がたっぷりと詰まった、文句なしにアッパーでクリアな音質共々じっくりとお楽しみください。ボーナスには夜の部からのレア・ソングも収録しています!

Disc 1 (69:38)
1. Intro 2. Ballad Of Hollis Brown 3. Lay Lady Lay 4. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
5. It Ain’t Me, Babe 6. Tough Mama 7. Ballad Of A Thin Man 8. Stage Fright
9. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 10. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) 11. Long Black Veil
12. I Shall Be Released 13. Up On Cripple Creek 14. All Along The Watchtower
15. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 16. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Disc 2 (74:04)
1. To Ramona 2. Mama, You Been On My Mind 3. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
4. Nobody ‘Cept You 5. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) 6. Rag Mama Rag 7. When You Awake
8. The Shape I’m In 9. The Weight 10. I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
11. Forever Young 12. Something There Is About You 13. Like A Rolling Stone

Bonus Tracks
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 6th January 1974 Evening Show

14. Song To Woody 15. Mr. Tambourine Man

Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar, piano, harmonica), Robbie Robertson (guitar), Garth Hudson (organ, piano and clavinette), Richard Manual (keyboards), Rick Danko (bass), Levon Helm (drums)

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