Bob Dylan / Columbus 1990 / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Columbus 1990 / 2CD / BD

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Live at Palace Theater, Columbus, Ohio, USA 16th November 1990.



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1990 was now one year live band of Dylan was upheaval. Was released from our shop “FROM GRAND REX TO HAMMERSMITH” had captured the state of the live band was celebrated the climax which arranged the GE · Smith and in such GE summer announced its withdrawal from Dylan band. Is concerned that the holes born by 1988 band serving as the central figure who had continued to pull from the guitarist comes out increases, after it had reached the excessive life of up multiple guitarist to always stage other than GE. But in October has passed the state GE officially left the band, filled two guitarists took over from him the hole, tour has been continued until November. Only the latest at the time the album “UNDER THE RED SKY” was released in September, continue tour for the promote me it seems it was a prerequisite. But whether from the impression that the absence of GE who supported the golden age of 88 years was named Never Ending Tour, release that captures the live of this time now leads remains extremely low.
Despite had been created already high-quality sound in the taper world from age of Dylan that in 1990, release that captures the stage after GE withdrawal lonely that only competent products that summarizes the only rare repertoire situation. Be released in order to cast a stone there is’s the Columbus performances of this November 16th! If taper level of mania it is there in the fact that it was known from that time, but the ’90 fall tour after GE withdrawal is in surprisingly upper also atmosphere, Dylan was also not let the powerful song consistently . And if you want to do it on him, after a long time in the turnover guitarist, yet there may be also that it has become easier to concentrate on the song in that it has been increasing the number from it to the GE one person only of state. But most of the reason is, I think than was fresh momentum due to the fact that new members have joined. Actually played the band even try to listen to this Columbus performances are singing as if the upper of tone, yet Dylan spree skip.
As a feature of this period of live, there is a pattern of opening starts from instrumental, this day I am ushered in the folk song “Dixie”. About deployment followed intense tightening songs from there boasts a stand out was adequacy even compared to other days of this time, appearing to “Clean-Cut Kid” that had not been among them long play. On the contrary this song has not been played live or later. Furthermore, making it the reply of “My Back Pages”, etc., enough repertoire to meet listen just the first half live, but just the second half was the release of the album “UNDER THE RED SKY” further press press Na mood is also sprinkled songs from I will escalate into. Hard playing the first time in the upper part of the decorated the opening of the album “Wiggle Wiggle” is also precisely because this time. I items will convey an anti went live whole atmosphere did not exist until now.
And there is something wonderful in quality of height of the recording that audience recording this time. On a sound image and does not have to mention stunning clearness, but is surprised because feel to little stereo sound by two guitarists. Please listen slowly and carefully with exquisite sound image is by all means the headphones of the neighborhood. It is guaranteed to be overwhelmed with the powerful performance. The bonus track of the stop from 10 days prior to the Dekyabu performances, recorded a rare number with a focus on the impact of opening that played what the “My Head’s In Mississippi” of ZZ Top. Time of hidden name sound source decent items did not exist until now is the release determined by the press CD limited!

1990年はディランのライブ・バンドが激変した一年となりました。当店からリリースされた『FROM GRAND REX TO HAMMERSMITH』はGE・スミスを配したバンドが絶頂を迎えたライブの様子を捉えていましたが、そんなGEが夏にはディラン・バンドからの脱退を表明。1988年からバンドを引っぱり続けていた中心人物たるギタリストが抜けることで生まれる穴が大きくなることを懸念し、以降はGE以外にも常にステージに複数のギタリストが上がるという過度期を迎えていました。しかしその状態を経過して10月にはGEが正式にバンドを脱退、彼から引き継いだ二人のギタリストがその穴を埋め、ツアーは11月まで続行されました。9月には当時の最新アルバム『UNDER THE RED SKY』がリリースされたばかりで、そのプロモートの為にもツアーの続行は必須条件だったのだと思われます。しかしネバー・エンディング・ツアーと名付けられた88年からの黄金期を支えたGEの不在という印象からか、この時期のライブを捉えたリリースは極端に少ないまま現在に至ります。
 この時期のライブの特徴として、オープニングがインストゥルメンタルから始まるというパターンがあり、この日は民謡「Dixie」で幕を開けています。そこから激しめな曲が続く展開はこの時期の他の日と比べても抜きん出た充実度を誇り、中でも久しく演奏されていなかった「Clean-Cut Kid」まで登場するほど。それどころかこの曲は以降ライブで演奏されていません。さらには「My Back Pages」など、ライブ前半だけでも聴き応え十分なレパートリーの応酬となっていますが、後半はリリースされたばかりのアルバム『UNDER THE RED SKY』からの曲も交えてさらに押せ押せなムードへとエスカレートします。アルバムのオープニングを飾った「Wiggle Wiggle」のアッパーでハードな演奏ぶりもこの時期だからこそ。こういったライブ全体の雰囲気を伝えてくれるアイテムが今まで存在しなかったのです。
 そして今回収録したオーディエンス録音のクオリティの高さにも素晴らしいものがあります。オンな音像と見事なクリアネスは言うまでもありませんが、二人のギタリストによるサウンドのちょっとしたステレオ感まで感じさせるから驚きです。その辺りの絶妙な音像は是非ともヘッドフォンでじっくりと聴いてみてください。演奏の迫力と共に圧倒されること間違いなしです。とどめのボーナス・トラックには十日前のデキャブ公演から、何とZZトップの「My Head’s In Mississippi」を演奏した衝撃のオープニングを中心としたレア・ナンバーを収録。今までまともなアイテムが存在しなかった時期の隠れた名音源が限定のプレスCDにてリリース決定です!

Disc 1(50:36)
1. Introduction – Dixie (instrumental) 2. Absolutely Sweet Marie 3. Clean-Cut Kid 
4. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You 5. Man In The Long Black Coat 6. My Back Pages 
7. Gotta Serve Somebody 8. Mr. Tambourine Man 9. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll 
10. Desolation Row 11. It Ain’t Me, Babe 

Disc 2(61:22)
1. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 2. I Believe In You 3. All Along The Watchtower 4. Joey 
5. Wiggle Wiggle 6. Under The Red Sky 7. In The Garden 8. Like A Rolling Stone 
9. Blowin’ In The Wind 10. Highway 61 Revisited 

Bonus Tracks
Chick Evans Fieldhouse, University Of Northern Illinois, DeKalb, Illinois, USA 6th November 1990

11. My Head’s In Mississippi 3:53
12. Seeing The Real You At Last 4:01
13. Visions Of Johanna 4:21

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), John Staehely (guitar), Cesar Diaz (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Christopher Parker (drums)

BD 111690

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