Bob Dylan / Hot August Night 1989 / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Hot August Night 1989 / 2CD / Non Label

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Troy G. Chastain Memorial Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 16th August 1989



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“MERCY FOR POUGHKEEPSIE” which our shop released several years ago received a high reputation from maniacs all over the world as a famous board from the USA in autumn 1989 which became the first tour after the release of Dylan’s resurrected work “OH MERCY” It was. Even though it was a tour of epoch making time that the famous board like the one mentioned above was released and the recorded song from the album was exhibited live for the first time, the number of items has been extremely small, and even in the audience recording of even higher sound quality The time when recording was awaited. It seems that “MERCY FOR ~” which was full of both content and sound quality was an item that was waiting for mania.
This time it will be a release from the 1989 tour since then, but in fact this year was a year when I saw Dylan’s long live history rarely see extreme changes. Originally in 1989 I spent the first half of the “OH MERCY” recording, and it was rare for Dylan at this time to start the live activity. But the tour continues to change once it begins. Only a European tour from the end of May to June is why many items exist from long ago whereas as soon as it became America from summer to fall it is said that a long time dilemma in 1989 It was a good level.
Besides, the change from the summer tour becomes extremely intense, and it is not such an interesting time as the time to collect or listen as a sound source? I think so. A new band that was formed mainly by GE · Smith in 1988 grew into a reliable existence that can respond to any demand of Dylan now, and it made it possible to make a pattern of freely changeable … that was the summer of 1989 It may have been from autumn to autumn.

Atlanta performance on August 16th 1989 released this time is also a tremendous set list. Suddenly the first song is “Trouble”, and now it is not funny even if there is a person who is felt as “Which song from the album covers?” This is a song that was in the 1981 album “SHOT OF LOVE”. “Well then I will not understand!” You are no mistake, too (laugh).
Dylan who is playing such a heavy shiver number with live opening is crazy. However, the idea of ​​raising the tempo of the blues number which was played loose in the album slightly and playing in rock style is quite impressive even in the album.
It’s cool, but the snow falls from the opening with no name recognition zero “Trail Of Buffalo”. It is famous as a mania for the 1988 tour’s acoustic repertoire, but here it is a hard electric arrange. Of course not only is this impact enough, but this electric arrange was given only this and the other before and after. The atmosphere which is played in Europe several months ago is completely different. And finally “Queen Jane Approximately”. It can be said that it is a set list of dreams if it is from Dylan mania all over the world. This extremely rare repertoire was played silently from the beginning was the 89 year tour.
Furthermore, as you can understand by listening to “Just Like A Woman”, Dylan’s condition is full of engine. The grueling performance of the group led by GE · Smith and the splendor of Dylan’s chemistry pushing the gangs. It would be easiest to understand that this day is a particularly outstanding day even at the stage of the summer of 1989, if you listen to this sound source.
Also the sound quality of the audience recording of this day is superb. Anyway, the clearness is outstanding, and the freshness as if it was recorded in 2016 is also wonderful. However, as long as you can hear the best Dylan and the band’s performance, there is no first appearance sound source for this press CD limited.

Dylan also skipped in the second half of the live. I think that a slow ballad started with the usual “Silvio” changing the atmosphere, covering what Van Morrison “One Irish Rover” covers. Although it was a song that was included in Morrison’s album “NO GURU, NO METHOD, NO TEACHER” in 1986, Dylan is also a repertoire singing favorably throughout 1989. But from the audience of the day you expected the normal Dylan live without any prior knowledge, is it ???
Atlanta performance recorded with the best performance and the highest sound quality on the surprised set list like this, the second piece contains six songs from the first half from the Inglewood performance two weeks later as a bonus track Although it is being done, what this is … There is not a single song with Atlanta. Moreover, the opening pattern was introduced when a novel pattern of starting with instrumental was introduced. Far from being a song does not suffer when it becomes like this, it is a surprising composition that you can hear completely different live. Will it change normally so far in two weeks?
The sound quality of the audience recording is different from Atlanta with rounding analog tick quality, and at the same time the sound image is closer than Atlanta. Compared to main part Atlanta, you can see how much the Dylan and the band in the summer of 1989 were playing a live and free live. Before the release of confidential work “OH MERCY” before the release, the superb sound source and the finest live of the time when the live was more aggressively released was finally released. Taste the tremendousness of Dylan in 1989!

当店が数年前にリリースした「MERCY FOR POUGHKEEPSIE」はディランの復活作「OH MERCY」リリース後の初のツアーとなった1989年秋のアメリカからの名盤として世界中のマニアから高い評価を受けました。先のような名盤をリリースし、同アルバムからの収録曲を初めてライブで披露したというエポックメイキングな時期のツアーでありながら、今までアイテムの数が極めて少なく、さらに高音質なオーディエンス録音での収録が待たれていた時期。それだけに内容面と音質面の両方において充実した「MERCY FOR~」はマニアにとって待ち焦がれたアイテムとなったようです。
今回はそれ以来となる1989年ツアーからのリリースとなるのですが、実はこの一年はディランの長いライブ史をみても稀にみる極端な変化にとんだ年。元々89年は上半期を「OH MERCY」のレコーディングに費やしており、この時期のディランとしては珍しくライブ活動の開始が遅かった。しかしツアーがいざ始まってみれば変化の連続。5月末から6月にかけてのヨーロッパ・ツアーだけは何故か昔からアイテムが多く存在するのに対し、夏から秋にかけてのアメリカになった途端にアイテムが少ないのは1989年における長年のジレンマと言っていいレベルでした。

今回リリースする1989年8月16日のアトランタ公演というのがまた凄まじいセットリスト。いきなり一曲目が「Trouble」となっていて、さて「どのアルバムからの曲?カバーか?」と錯覚する人がいたとしても全然おかしくありません。これは1981年のアルバム「SHOT OF LOVE」に入っていた曲。「じゃあなおさら解らない!」と言ったあなたも間違いじゃありませんよ(笑)。
カッコいいけど知名度ゼロなオープニングから雪崩れ込むは「Trail Of Buffalo」。マニアの方には1988年ツアーのアコースティック・レパートリーとして有名な曲ですが、ここでは何とハードなエレクトリック・アレンジにて演奏。これまたインパクト十分なのはもちろん、こんなエレクトリック・アレンジが施されたのは後にも先にもこの日だけ。数か月前のヨーロッパで演奏されたバージョンともまるで雰囲気が違う。そしてとどめは「Queen Jane Approximately」。世界中のディラン・マニアからすれば夢のセットリストだと言ってもおかしくない。こんな極端にレアなレパートリーが冒頭から平然と演奏されてしまうのが89年ツアーだったのです。
さらに「Just Like A Woman」を聴けば解るように、ディランのコンディションはエンジン全開。GE・スミス率いるグループの武骨な演奏とガンガン押しまくるディランのケミストリーの壮絶さ。それは89年夏のステージにおいてもこの日が特に抜きんでた一日であることは、今回の音源を聴いてもらえればいとも簡単に理解してもらえるでしょう。

ライブの後半もディランは飛ばしまくり。いつもの「Silvio」からガラリと雰囲気を変えてスローなバラードが始まったと思いきや、何とヴァン・モリソン「One Irish Rover」のカバー。1986年のモリソンのアルバム「NO GURU, NO METHOD, NO TEACHER」に入っていた曲ですが、ディランは89年を通して好んで歌っていたレパートリーでもあります。しかし予備知識なしで通常のディランのライブを期待していた当日のオーディエンスからすると「???」といったところでしょうか。
オーディエンス録音の音質はアトランタと違い丸びを帯びたアナログチックな音質であると同時に、音像はアトランタよりも近いオンな状態。本編アトランタと聴き比べれば、89年夏のディランとバンドがどれだけ変化に富んで自由なライブを繰り広げていたかがわかるというもの。自信作「OH MERCY」のリリースを目前に控え、よりアグレッシブにライブを繰り広げられていた時期の極上音源かつ極上ライブが遂にリリース。89年のディランの凄まじさを存分に味わってください!

Disc 1 (62:26)
1. Intro. 2. Trouble 3. Trail Of The Buffalo 4. Queen Jane Approximately 5. Just Like A Woman
6. You’re A Big Girl Now 7. Highway 61 Revisited 8. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 9. Gates Of Eden
10. Lakes Of Pontchartrain 11. Girl From The North Country

Disc 2 (57:10)
1. Silvio 2. One Irish Rover 3. Like A Rolling Stone 4. It Ain’t Me, Babe
5. All Along The Watchtower

Bonus Tracks
6. B-Thang 7. Positively 4th Street 8. Seeing The Real You At Last 9. Masters Of War
10. The Man In Me 11. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar, harmonica), G. E. Smith (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Christopher Parker (drums)

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