Bob Dylan / Osaka 1978 1st Night / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Osaka 1978 1st Night / 2CD / Zion

Translated text:

Live at Matsushita Denki Taiikukan, Osaka, Japan 24th February 1978

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Bob Dylan who was very popular in Fuji Rock’s performance in Japan. From the first visit to Japan in 1978 that can be said its origin, we will release the best sound source in the best condition. That is the first day in Osaka on February 24. If it is Dylan · Mania, “People come to Peen only with” Osaka first day “are not there many people? This day it was released as the first audience recording item “FAR EAST TOUR 1978” in the history of the first visit to Japan. The sound source recorded there was very good sound quality, it was a title highly appreciated not only by Japan but also by maniacs all over the world. To my surprise, despite such a superior sound source, a very rare phenomenon continues to date as a Japanese performance item that it will not be reoccurred after that, and even a copyboard is not produced .
There was also a problem with the format of “FAR EAST TOUR 1978”, and within the volume of 3 discs, the same taper was recorded at the end of each disc on February 26, the take from the third day in Osaka was arranged By the way, I was summarized by mysterious editing sense that the 24th show can not be heard through the whole day. Finally, “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” played at the opening was also a mysterious editing that Take on 26th was adopted and it was put on the end of the third disc. On the other hand, since the full length version of the 26th was later released as a single “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER”, editing of “FAR EAST ~” sooner seemed strange. In other words, despite the fact that it was possible to release a full-length version of a purely 24 day sound source, that did not happen.
Regarding this sound source, the version touched from the master is spreading over the net, and it spreads to such extent that it can be easily downloaded at “Guitar 101” rather than torrent site. Still it was a mysterious situation that there was no sign of releasing a new item on February 24th.

And finally the full length release of Osaka first day sound source on February 24 will finally come true. Of course, the sound source itself is the same audience recording that was spreading on “FAR EAST TOUR 1978” and the previous net, but the sound quality is totally different. I got it for this release, the ultimate version that the recorded taper himself transferred the master cassette directly to DAT. Anyway, it is amazing that the upper feeling without its perfection. Wonderful warmy sound quality is wonderful enough to unexpectedly “This is the real sound from the master!”
If you listen to this version, you will be able to realize that each version “FAR EAST ~” spread on the net has deteriorated. “FAR EAST ~” seems to have undergone analog dubbing at least once, the sound is hard and thin. On the contrary, the version on the net is conspicuous of turbidity of the whole sound quality. This sounded like a deterioration that occurred during the process of raising the sound source to the net.
On that point, the sound source of this time is overwhelmed by the bass that resonates naturally and abundantly. Originally this sound source is not an exciting texture like Mike Millard recording which captured the same 78 years stage, but rather rounded analog tick quality is a big appeal. It was spoiled by every version of past items in the version. The original 1978 Tour Band was essentially a parallel movement of core members of the 75-year Rolling Sander Review, and at this point, Rob Stoner was playing the bass. This sound quality which he can hear firmly on base play is amazing. Furthermore, the balance of the entire performance is really on, and even the stereo feeling of the lead guitar played by David Cross is transmitted. I can not forbid the surprise that in 1978 we had so much recording left.
Moreover, since it is recording from the master this time, since it was aiming to record in the state of the tape as it is without subjecting the cut which had been caused by the tape change, it is realized the longest record of the past. For example, “Do not Think Twice, It’s All Right” recording at the start, such as of had gotten more and more rather deficient by cross-fade processing as “Maggie’s Farm” before it has been performed in the “FAR EAST TOUR 1978” Thing. Furthermore, it did not unnecessarily equalize, it fixed to the fine adjustment of the pitch.

And as it was written that Osaka Performance was the first time to show excitement in the liner notes of the official “Budokan”, a relaxing realistic feeling is really real on this day’s good feeling. The first Japan tour was the first stage for the 78 years tour and band, and the audience was told for the first time the songs arranged for this tour. Because of that, the gap in the first half of Tokyo was backfired and lacked excitement (or I watched Dylan over drinking breath), but this day is a good feeling indeed, the band apparently until then It is attractive to let the more unraveling performances. And when a band member other than Dylan comes up, it seems that you can hear until someone showed greetings “Combanwa!” From this scene the band’s relaxation will be transmitted as well.
Dylan himself is also pleasantly speaking to the audience despite having few mouths, it is fun to feel the difference in the atmosphere compared with the time of Fuji Rock who did not utter any words other than singing. I can enjoy the repertory which is not yet recorded “Budokan” such as “I Threw It All Away” and “All I Really Want To Do” with the best sound quality, and what is more like a bird’s-eye view of the whole stage of the day unlike anything else Value is also high in that it can be done. The 78-year tour of the concept are those that to hear the Dylan song to back the big band sound that is even a song, a good feeling in the fact that he is also the band also polite to play in order to it faithfully heard You can have.
At present, a good quality audience recording has been discovered from the first visit to Japan, but the upper version and the best version of the sound source boasting an exceptionally high quality finally released at the limited press CD finally. Here is the gem where you can taste the real feeling of presence and the power of the performance to your heart ‘s unique Osaka first day where Dylan Mania all over the world had been craving for from the master cassette!

フジロックでの来日パフォーマンスが大好評だったボブ・ディラン。その原点とも言える1978年の初来日から極上音源を最高の状態でリリースいたします。それが2月24日の大阪初日。ディラン・マニアの方であれば「大阪初日」というだけでピーンとくる方が多いのではないでしょうか。この日は初来日公演史上初のオーディエンス録音アイテム「FAR EAST TOUR 1978」としてリリースされたからです。そこに収録された音源は音質が非常に良好であり、日本のみならず世界中のマニアにも高く評価されたタイトルでした。ところが驚いたことに、それほど優れた音源にもかかわらず、その後は再発されることがなく、さらにはコピー盤すら生み出されないという、日本公演アイテムとしては非常に珍しい現象が現在まで続いてしまいます。
また「FAR EAST TOUR 1978」のフォーマットには問題があり、3枚組というボリュームの中、各ディスクの最後には同じテーパーが録音した2月26日、大阪三日目からのテイクが配置されてしまい、通しで24日のショーが聞けないという何とも不思議な編集センスにてまとめられていたのです。とどめはオープニングに演奏された「A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall」も26日のテイクが採用され、なおかつ三枚目のディスクの最後に収められるという不思議な編集だったのです。その反面26日の全長版が後に「A NIGHT TO REMEMBER」として単体リリースされたことから、なおさら「FAR EAST~」の編集が変に思えたものです。つまり純然たる24日音源の全長版のリリースが可能であったにもかかわらず、それが実現しなかったということ。
また本音源に関してはマスターから触れ込みのバージョンがネット上に広まっており、それはトレント・サイトどころか「GUITARS 101」にて簡単にダウンロードできてしまうほど広範囲に広まっていたのです。それでもなお2月24日の新たなアイテムがリリースされる気配がなかったことも不思議な状況でした。

そして今回、遂に2月24日の大阪初日音源の全長版リリースが遂に実現します。もちろん音源自体は「FAR EAST TOUR 1978」や先のネット上に広まっていたものと同じオーディエンス録音ですが、音質がまったく違う。今回のリリースに当たって入手したのは、録音したテーパー本人がマスター・カセットを直接DATにトランスファーしたという究極のバージョン。とにかく驚かされるのは、その完膚なきまでのアッパー感。思わず「これがマスターからのリアル・サウンド!」と叫びたくなるほどにナチュラルでウォーミーな音質は素晴らしいの一言。
今回のバージョンを聞いてしまうと「FAR EAST~」とネット上に広まっていたバージョンそれぞれが劣化してしまっていたことを思い知らされることでしょう。「FAR EAST~」の方は少なくとも一度はアナログ・ダビングを経ているようで、音が硬くて薄くなってしまっている。逆にネット上のバージョンは音質全体の濁りが目立ちます。これはネットに音源を上げる作業の過程で起きた劣化のように聞こえました。
しかも今回はマスターからの収録ですので、テープ・チェンジによって生じていたカットに小細工を施すことなくテープありのままの状態での収録を心掛けたことで過去最長の収録も実現。例えば「Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right」の録音開始時などは「FAR EAST TOUR 1978」において前の「Maggie’s Farm」とクロスフェイド処理が施されていたことでかえって欠損が増えてしまっていたものです。さらには余計なイコライズをほどこすこともなく、ピッチの微調整に留めました。

ディラン自身も口数少なめながらも観客に語りかけているのが微笑ましく、歌う以外に一切の言葉を発さなかったフジロックの時と比べると雰囲気の違いが面白く感じられるかと。それ以上に「I Threw It All Away」や「All I Really Want To Do」といった「武道館」未収録のレパートリーを極上の音質で楽しめますし、何より同ライブアルバムと違って一日のステージ全体を鳥瞰出来るという点でも価値は高い。78年ツアーのコンセプトは歌謡的ですらあるビッグバンド・サウンドをバックにディランが歌を聞かせるというものであり、それを忠実に聞かせるべく彼もバンドも丁寧に演奏しているという点に好感が持てます。

Disc 1 (66:12)
1. Intro 2. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall 3. Repossession Blues 4. Mr. Tambourine Man
5. I Threw It All Away 6. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 7. Ballad Of A Thin Man
8. If You See Her, Say Hello 9. Girl Of The North Country 10. Maggie’s Farm
11. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright 12. To Ramona 13. Like A Rolling Stone
14. I Shall Be Released 15. Going, Going, Gone

Disc 2 (64:27)
1. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) 2. Blowin’ In The Wind 3. Just Like A Woman
4. Oh Sister 5. You’re A Big Girl Now 6. All Along The Watchtower 7. I Want You
8. All I Really Want To Do 9. The Man In Me 10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
11. Band Introduction 12. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) 13. Forever Young
14. The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Billy Cross (lead guitar), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Steven Soles (rhythm guitar, backup vocals), David Mansfield (violin & mandolin), Steve Douglas (horns), Rob Stoner (bass), Bobbye Hall (percussion), Ian Wallace (drums), Helena Springs, Jo Ann Harris, Debbie Dye (background vocals)



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