Bob Dylan / Los Angeles 1978 1st Night Uncirculated Millard 1st Gen / 1CD

Bob Dylan / Los Angeles 1978 1st Night Uncirculated Millard 1st Gen / 1CD / BD

Translated text:
Live At Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA USA 1st June 1978.


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European Tour before the start was released from our shop “EARLS COURT 1978”, the band and Dylan has performed continuous performances spanning a week at Universal Amphitheatre in LA. This was what was done as a warm-up gig in preparation for a tour coming. However, it is the tour that Dylan was Mise to demonstrate the big game the first time at renowned venues such as Earls Court and Budokan. Gig in LA I had become a special position in the midst of ’78 that was around the world in the backdrop.
Audience of performances of all exists gig you over the week, it had continued to be released countless times since I was a LP. But I will be the release of the first appearance sound source recorded performances of June 1 is the first day this time. However the audience recording is incomplete recording of only the second set, unfortunately. There is a reason still to was decided a limited release at the current press CD. It is a recording of what this time, but the charisma taper familiar, I was due to Mike Millard at transcendence recording of 1977 ZEP live show of that “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE!”
A new sound source by Millard that its existence until now has not been known, yet it became a hot topic in appearance between the fan sound was recorded live Dylan recently. Things have been discovered cassette tape of first-generation, which I had copied from the Millard is anything recently. By Oshimurakuwa second set only and has not been recorded, like on the second day of ZEP Long Beach 75, it might be good to do so even if the positional.
However, the sound quality is superb appropriate level to be called Mike Millard quality exactly. Among the delicate tape hiss drifts, it’s being recorded in the balance on playing until terrific. In addition to the quality of such superb quality, and bands Dylan’m waging playing an upper tension seems the first day of the warm-up. Please satisfy carefully at the quality of the best to play a little bit different from the normal tour.
Then before this, the instrument you want is called the God recording exactly, it will be released in a single disk that respects the status of the sound source Millard only this time. Although it is incomplete and certainly to the terms of content, but Millard recording it sublime enough to feel Orokashiku be combined with the sound of the past. It will be that you are able to convince absolutely, if I listen. It is a guarantee that that enjoy listening compared with the Earl’s Court, which was held three weeks later from here. Millard was great even record a Dylan again!

当店からリリースされた「EARLS COURT 1978」のヨーロッパツアー開始前、ディランとバンドはLAにあるユニバーサル・アンフィシアターで一週間に渡る連続公演を行ないました。これは来たるツアーに備えてウォーミングアップ・ギグとして行なわれたものでした。しかしディランが武道館やアールズ・コートといった名だたる会場で大物ぶりを発揮してみせたツアーです。そんな中においてLAでのギグは世界中を回った78年の中にあって特殊な位置づけとなっていたのです。

その一週間に渡るギグは全ての公演のオーディエンスが存在し、LPの頃から幾度となくリリースされ続けていました。しかし今回はその初日である6月1日の公演を録音した初登場音源のリリースとなります。ただしそのオーディエンス録音は残念ながらセカンド・セットのみの不完全収録。それでも今回プレスCDでの限定リリースを踏み切ったのには理由があります。何と今回の録音ですが、あの「LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE」の1977 ZEPライブ・ショウの超絶録音でおなじみのカリスマテーパー、マイク・ミラードによるものだったのです!

1. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 2. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) 3. You’re A Big Girl Now
4. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) 5. Blowin’ In The Wind 6. I Want You
7. Seflor (Tales Of Yankee Power) 8. Masters Of War 9. Just Like A Woman 10. To Ramona
11. The Man In Me 12. Band Introduction 13. It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
14. Forever Young 15. The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Billy Cross (lead guitar), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Steven Soles (rhythm guitar, backup vocals), David Mansfield (violin & mandolin), Steve Douglas (horns), Jerry Scheff (bass), Bobbye Hall (percussion), Ian Wallace (drums), Helena Springs, Jo Ann Harris, Carolyn Dennis (background vocals).

BD 6178

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