Bob Dylan / At Budokan 1978 / 2CD

Bob Dylan / At Budokan 1978 / 2CD / Shakuntala

Budoakn hall, Tokyo Japan March 3, 1978. Digitally Remastered


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Bob Dylan has God’s nickname of the fork. But in fact pure folk album with only three from the debut, a huge number disk Photography of later is recorded in the band sound. This would be one of the good example of the original image is affected until after how. In fact, “I have been referred to as the God of the fork, what do you think about the bottom of the capital?” From Japanese reporters at a press conference immediately after the visit to Japan in 1978, but was raised a question that, even if in the late ’70s Thus said of that is to, would not was the epicardial as Dylan. But was then also the word, such as folk rock made, the fork, called Speaking of Dylan is different from the fact that a mere image. It has visited Japan in tow actually even 60 people total of Japan tour of 1978, including the band of the staff.

Of course that the origin of Dylan began from fork is unshakable fact. However, even if some of the band sound to the style that has been taken and betrayal from the fan to change, Dylan unique style that set them apart from the so-called rock ‘n’ roll has its own that is beyond the scope of such categorization It can be said to be ones. Show it plainly is a prior indication of the Japanese side of the sound of the person in charge of the Dylan concert. “Bob Dylan concert is not a rock concert. Only because Bob’s vocal’s main, it’s useless unless a system to listen properly vocal. If you do not meet the deadline, the show will be canceled.” Such words are left. In other words, not a rock concert for Dylan side, it is not a fork to say whether. Suggesting that there was a recognition that a concert for causing hear Dylan vocal.

But not those that heyday for Dylan with a long career spanning half a century presence, still in the 1970s Dylan, has been one after another release one with the work group should be called the peak of career. Recording with The Band, which records a US number one “Planet Waves”, and such as live album “great revival”, very active, and evaluation was the era accompanied. And in 1975 in the name board “Blonde on Blonde” announced, performs legendary Rolling Thunder Review, in 1976 and released the “desire”. Coupled with the reputation of the tour, this album to record its best sales.

Dylan had already been deified as a spokesman of the era in the 1960s, it was while the evaluation to certain things in the 1970s. It had been craving to such time it was Japan Tour. Has increased the popularity of Dylan even in Japan, Gallo sings with the “college town coffee shop”, “Bob Dylan ♪ you were listening in a corner of the bustling this shop in the student”, such like as imitating the style of Bob Dylan Yoshida Takuro is much sang the “kindness” in “The Bob Dylan of talk Kai ♪”. In a more modern point of view it has already carried out one after another visit to Japan performance from many 70’s of the band that became legendary, giant the artist side is unanimously Japan that can no longer ignore the Japanese market, yet one after another in the large hall of Budokan is an era which has been performed a concert. Dylan in such was still, one of the rare big game you did not play a visit to Japan even once. Such folding, is the Dylan that makes a really first time in 12 years of World Tour was announced. And it is that Japan was chosen as the first place of the World Tour.

Big-named Dylan makes a first visit to Japan performance. At the time enthusiasm terribly, it became a situation where the chase is media Dylan from the moment you landed at the airport. Himself and the band crew did not might chose Japan with the intention of break-world tour of the shoulder for the first time in ’12, is a long-awaited concert in Japan is for the Japanese fans. The number of pins Budokan 8 performances, and Matsushita Electric gymnasium 3 performances Osaka, in exceptional a number as that time to over 11 performances, suggests that either had been expected to attract customers is how in Japan. Especially Budokan 8 is such as performances at unprecedented scale at that time, since it has been released as a live album in Japan only as “AT BUDOKAN” even after, in the first visit to Japan performance of this Dylan is how things historical I had my suggests.

And it is this work. 1978 Dylan concert in Japan, the Budokan three times, Osaka three times, and was carried out by sandwiching and again Budokan 5 times, the Osaka performances between. This work has been recorded concert of the second counted from the last day, in all 11 Budokan March 3, 1978, which corresponds to the 10th of performances in concert. But then is Dylan doing the tour to Japan many times, the Budokan has been used this year and next came to Japan only in 1986 of two years, later was intentionally chosen a small venue ing. That Dylan is one of the few precious record that performed the concert at the Budokan.

Sound quality is probably in the audience recording of this tour will be the best thing. As can be seen if you can listen actually in the sample sound source, it is recorded in high-quality sound much unthinkable as that time. Vocal is very short distance, I fall into the illusion, such as like listening to the sound board sound source. And it covers the bandwidth wide range feel the depth, yet nearly vocals, are well-balanced recording from treble to bass. Also not he also noisy crowd around, I would say the best sound quality even heard in modern ear. Speaking drawback was played in vocal vent in the opening “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”, and to “The Man In Me,” “All Along The Watchtower” three songs fade-in has been slightly missing the head of the It is enough that it has. However, the missing also not a big thing, but rather of social and Budokan performances of first Japan tour which became a hot topic, this high-quality high-quality sound recording, those also overwhelming much does not make sense such missing It is.

From Bob Dylan’s first concert in Japan, the Budokan performances March 3, 1978, probably recorded in high-quality sound will tour the best. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

ボブ・ディランはフォークの神様の異名を持つ。しかし実際に純粋なフォーク・アルバムはデビューから3枚のみで、それ以降の膨大な数のディスクグラフィーはバンド・サウンドでレコーディングされている。これは当初のイメージがいかに後まで影響するかの好例であろう。実際に、1978年来日直後の記者会見で日本側記者から「フォークの神様と呼ばれているが、そこのとについてはどう思っているか?」という質問があがったが、70年代後半にしてもこのように言われるというのは、ディランとしても心外だったのではないだろうか。 その後フォークロックなどという言葉も作られたが、ディランといえばフォーク、というのは単なるイメージであって事実とは異なる。実際に1978年の来日公演もバンドを含め総勢60名ものスタッフを従えて来日している。

もちろんディランの原点がフォークから始まったことは揺るぎない事実である。しかし、一部のファンからは裏切りととられたバンド・サウンドにスタイルは変化しても、いわゆるロックンロールとは一線を画すディランならではのスタイルは、そのようなカテゴリー化の範疇にとどまらない独自のものであるといえる。 それを端的に示すのがディランのコンサートの音響の担当者の日本側への事前の指示である。「ボブ・ディランのコンサートはロック・コンサートではない。あくまでボブのボーカルがメインだから、ボーカルをきちんと聴かせるシステムでなければ駄目だ。間に合わなければ、ショーはキャンセルする」。このような言葉が残されている。つまりディラン側にとってはロック・コンサートではない、かといってフォークでもない。ディランのヴォーカルを聴かせるためのコンサートであるという認識があったことを示唆している。



ディランというビッグネームが初来日公演を行なう。当時の熱狂はものすごく、空港に降り立った瞬間からディランをマスコミが追いかける事態となった。本人及びバンドクルー達は12年ぶりのワールドツアーの肩慣らしのつもりで日本を選んだのかもしれなかったが、日本のファンにとっては待望の来日公演である。その本数は武道館8公演、大阪松下電器体育館3公演と、11公演に渡る当時としては破格な本数で、いかに日本で集客力が期待されていたかが伺える。特に武道館8公演などとは当時前例のない規模であり、後に『AT BUDOKAN』という日本のみでのライヴ盤としてリリースされていることからも、このディランの初来日公演がいかに歴史的なものであったかが伺える。


音質はおそらくこのツアーでのオーディエンス録音の中では最高のものであろう。実際にサンプル音源で聴いていただければわかる通り、当時としては考えられないくらい高音質で収録されている。ヴォーカルが非常に近距離で、まるでサウンドボード音源を聴いているような錯覚に陥る。しかもヴォーカルが近くでありながら奥行きを感じるレンジの広い帯域をカバーしており、高音から低音までバランス良く収録されている。また周囲にうるさい観客もおらず、現代の耳で聞いても最高の音質と言えるだろう。欠点といえばオープニングでヴォーカル抜きで演奏された「A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall」、そして「The Man In Me」「All Along The Watchtower」の3曲の頭がわずかに欠落しておりフェードインになっていることくらいである。しかしその欠落も大きなものではなく、むしろ社会的にも話題となった初来日公演の武道館公演の、このハイクオリティな高音質録音は、そのような欠落も意味をなさないくらい圧倒的なものである。



01. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
02. Love Her With A Feeling
03. Mr. Tambourine Man
04. I Threw It All Away
05. Shelter From The Storm
06. Love Minus Zero / No Limit
07. Girl Of The North Country
08. Ballad Of A Thin Man
09. Maggie’s Farm
10. The Man In Me
11. Like A Rolling Stone
12. I Shall Be Released
13. Going, Going, Gone

01. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)
02. You’re A Big Girl Now
03. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
04. Blowin’ In The Wind
05. I Want You
06. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
07. Oh, Sister
08. Just Like A Woman
09. I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
10. All Along The Watchtower
11. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
12. band Introduction
13. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
14. Forever Young
15. The Times They Are A-Changin’

Shakuntala. STCD-037/038

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