Bob Dylan / Leicester 1965 / 1CD

Bob Dylan / Leicester 1965 / 1CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England 2nd May 1965 SBD



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This time, not only the latest live Dylan, also will release the 60’s live sound source of true and just the word “vintage” is perfect. Last year, uprooted stuffed release a studio recording from 1965 to 66 years was Mise let’s say and up the mania around the world to achieve the official, but is still fresh in memory, where he listened, positive the whole picture of the appropriate Dylan recordings to be called golden age becomes clear, is what has been reminded that one of the mid-60s Dylan was how special presence. While leave starting as the Beatles and the Stones and the list referred to Dylan … Folk artists, aims to turn to splendid image change to the lock of the world, referred to as the barrage was a revolutionary masterpiece … exactly charisma suitable for.
After we realized last year of Chodokyu release, annual event in addition 1965, the past few years of live recordings appeared in plenty of. It will be also many people of mania that it had been looking forward to. This is also 65 years live sound source is abundantly … Instead of, also the volume is too large too, do not know Which one’s which. It appeared in the form of a file to the bonus. Also in the long-awaited 65-year live sound festival, it seems whether not a few are those who tasted will likely mood leaning indeed. In in such volume, many of the sound board sound became the highlight of matches live from the same year of the UK tour. None as it is live dignified will likely Ultra quality and can release as an album.

This time numerous live recordings of 65 years has become Akarumi, Why were present in large quantities is a sound source of the UK tour so much. This tour is not an exaggeration to say that the tour-documentary of the monumental work of the ’60s rock musicians from the movie “DO NOT LOOK BACK” has been made. Even this movie is not a Dylan Mania, from the fact that masterpiece that captures his awe-inspiring sight of the heyday, once it seems whether there are many people who have to see if. Still just before the run on electric guitar and sound, but literally there was a time should be called the end of the fork era, it its presence is enough to Dylan the rock artist charisma had been shot.
As based on the use of in camera crew movie of this movie, the stage was also me to record with the best quality sound board recording while monaural. That is what has been hinted at playing a scene of piecemeal in the movie, but I still sound board recording that captures the live of more than that was used there was sleeping. I think of whether the mania that it has been in hand at the end of the year has been folded many, but it is not be helped that all the live stage was the state accompanied by subtle defects. Because I did not had been recorded with the intention that originally make a live album and live movie.

Playing contents and the recording state is believed to have been the most fulfilling of May 2, Leicester in a large amount of the United Kingdom, during the tour, which appeared at the end of last year, is live at De Montfort Hall. First say what De Montfort Hall and should you have a person of mania that comes with peen speaking. So, the venerable venue shop “R.J.D. 1983” disk 1 and Genesis “LIVE 2LP TEST PRESSING” of the current best-selling during the recording of the audio was released has been recorded. Is the venue of the city hall class and say in Japan, you will be among them from the latter at home of realism, transmitted it in the arena or stadium is a concert hall of the intimate atmosphere that impossible.
It says that it is the venue folk artists such looping it also hit to do the playing talking live, such as at the time of Dylan, the big attraction is staging full of particular sense of intimacy among the 65-year tour. Tour itself is to only have been finished at the Royal Albert Hall in London Rashiku popular hight of Dylan, had been recorded live in that is felt at home atmosphere in even more de Montfort Hall would be good luck. And not to be released at that time, even more so because he is such a great sound source appeared become now!
Even so, a great sound quality. Although the sound a small number of playing talking live, such as at the time of Dylan, there is no choice but to admire the sound board recording captured by the stunning clearness to here. The more likely have heard is another Dylan of breath. Omakeni not seen absolutely in the now, live by the whole volume me singing. And although Dylan is famous for singing is different from depending on the time, only the time that is was the most carefully sang in the folk era, involuntarily charmed and will likely Mei唱, yet young singing voice.

And how many of the masterpieces to be exhibited to the simple in real-time atmosphere of the ’60s? It does not have made yet, “Like A Rolling Stone” is, “Blowin ‘In The Wind” as opposed to the time that Dylan has become not to play. Nevertheless, a number of masterpieces lined Zurarito. Again 60s of Dylan set list, such as too special … Marukkiri best album.
For recording trouble was mentioned earlier, this day, “It Is not Me, Babe” is I have appeared in the state that the recording of the second. Most performance and perfect sound quality as if you do not mind incomplete recording of this song. More than anything else, “65-year live sound source of that outstanding at this as valuable precisely, want to have a press CD” to meet the wishes of the mania around the world called, will be released in limited press CD. Without a fan or mania, as many times as reflective listening want to become folk Dylan best live sound source is here!



65年の数多いライブ音源が明るみとなった今回、どうしてそれほどまでにイギリス・ツアーの音源が大量に存在していたのでしょうか。このツアーからは60年代ロック・ミュージシャンのツアー・ドキュメンタリーの金字塔と言っても過言ではない映画「DON’T LOOK BACK」が作られています。この映画はディラン・マニアでなくとも、絶頂期の彼の凛々しい姿を捉えた名作ということから、一度はご覧になられた方が多いかと思われます。まだエレキ・ギターやサウンドに走る直前、文字通り最後のフォーク時代と呼ぶべき時期ではありましたが、その存在感は十分にロック・アーティスト的なカリスマ性をディランが放っていたのです。

昨年末に登場した大量のイギリス・ツアー中において演奏内容や録音状態がもっとも充実していたと思われるのが5月2日のレスター、デ・モントフォート・ホールでのライブです。まず何と言ってもデ・モントフォート・ホールと言えばピーンと来るマニアの方がいるはず。そう、当店がリリースしたディオの「R.J.D. 1983」ディスク1や現在ベストセラー記録中のジェネシス「LIVE 2LP TEST PRESSING」が収録された由緒ある会場。日本で言うと市公会堂クラスの会場であり、中でも後者のアットホームの臨場感から、アリーナやスタジアムではありえない親密な雰囲気のコンサート・ホールであることが伝わってきます。

そして60年代のリアルタイムな雰囲気の中でシンプルに披露される名曲の数々か?まだ「Like A Rolling Stone」は作られていませんし、反対に「Blowin’ In The Wind」はディランが演奏しなくなってしまった時期。それにもかかわらず、ずらりと並んだ名曲の数々。やはり60年代のディランはあまりにもスペシャル…まるっきりベスト盤のようなセットリスト。
先に触れた録音トラブルに関しては、この日「It Ain’t Me, Babe」が二番からの収録という状態に現れてしまいました。この曲の不完全収録がほとんど気にならないほどパーフェクトな音質と演奏。何よりも「これほど貴重でずば抜けた65年のライブ音源こそ、プレスCDで持っていたい」という世界中のマニアの願いに応えるべく、限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます。ファンやマニアでなくとも、何度でも聞き返したくなるフォーク・ディラン最高のライブ音源がここに!

1. The Times They Are A-Changin’ 2. To Ramona 3. Gates Of Eden 4. If You Gotta Go, Go Now
5. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) 6. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 7. Mr. Tambourine Man
8. Talking World War III Blues 9. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 10. With God On Our Side
11. She Belongs To Me 12. It Ain’t Me, Babe 13. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
14. All I Really Want To Do 15. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Bonus Track
Contemporary Songs Workshop, Newport Folk Festival
Freebody Park, Newport, Rhode Island, USA 24th July 1965

16. Tombstone Blues (acoustic solo)


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