Bob Dylan / Voice Of Promise 5 / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Voice Of Promise 5 / 2CD / Xavel

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Recorded Live AT Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 26th March 2010 Japan Tour-Tokyo 5th Night.



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Of release from XAVEL label, 5th Tokyo 7Days Press CD series in 2010! It is an item of permanent preservation was recorded by audience recording of the best sound quality, the live of Bob Dylan made in Zepp Tokyo on 3/26.Because there may be referred to Stage 5 th at the same venue Tokyo 7 performance even past the halfway point, and rush, in the second half of the season finally, venue acoustics are also finished in perfection, the finest literally three days from the date this is the ultimate sound quality! As for playing content, there is also such as music of Tokyo debuted, you can not there be missed, but it may be said of all is said and done Encore last “Blowin ‘In The Wind” is the highlight of this day still ! Rather than that of “All Along The Watchtower”, part of the band members introduction rush into it without putting Kanpatsu to “Jolene” After playing, code played by Dylan moments of delight and hall, rustling … the violin in the hands of Donnie We are scrupulously recorded in sound quality too wonderful moments of mono goose bumps … to! It is a limited press CD recorded with perfect sound quality, live house tour not too much to say that historic feat, the night of the impression that the Japanese archipelago, in 2010 Tokyo 7Days has been blown in the wind for the first time.

XAVELレーベルよりリリースの、2010年東京7DaysプレスCDシリーズ第5弾!3/26にZepp東京でおこなわれたBob Dylanのライブを、極上音質のオーディエンス録音にて収録した永久保存のアイテムです。東京7公演も折り返し地点を過ぎ、いよいよ後半戦に突入、そして同一会場での5ステージ目ということもあって、会場音響も完璧に仕上がっているため、この日からの3日間は文字通り最上級の究極音質です!演奏内容に関しては、東京初披露の楽曲等もあり、そちらも見逃すことは出来ませんが、やはり何と言ってもアンコール・ラストの「Blowin’ In The Wind」がこの日のハイライトといえるでしょう!「Jolene」演奏後に間髪入れず雪崩れ込むバンド・メンバー紹介の箇所、ディランの奏でるコードは「All Along The Watchtower」のそれではなく、ドニーの手にはヴァイオリンが・・・ざわめく場内、そして歓喜の瞬間へ・・・鳥肌モノの瞬間を素晴らしすぎる音質で克明に記録しています!歴史的快挙と言っても過言ではないライブハウス・ツアー、東京7Days、2010年日本列島が初めて風に吹かれた感動の夜を、完璧な音質で記録した限定プレスCDです。

◆Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 26th March 2010 01. introduction 02. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 03. Lay, Lady, Lay 04. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 05. Every Grain Of Sand 06. Summer Days 07. Sugar Baby 08. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 09. Make You Feel My Love 10. Honest With Me 11. Po’ Boy 01. Highway 61 Revisited 02. I Feel A Change Comin’ On 03. Thunder On The Mountain 04. Ballad Of A Thin Man encore; 05. Like A Rolling Stone 06. Jolene 07. band introduction 08. Blowin’ In The Wind ◇Personnel; Bob Dylan (vocal, keyboard, guitar, harp), Tony Garnier (bass), George Recile (drums), Stu Kimball (rhythm guitar), Charlie Sexton (lead guitar), & Donnie Herron (violin, pedal steel, lap steel)

Xavel. SMS-014

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