Bob Dylan / Dublin Final 1995 / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Dublin Final 1995 / 2CD / Non label

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The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland 11th April 1995


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For many people, Dylan live in the 1990s supposed to roll back like a “most recent event”. However, the early ones, we are trying to Sugiyo is nearly 20 years Years. Items of this era has become a completely of the past presence thanks. Furthermore released items are also at that time, if you are based on the audience recording using the equipment inferior than the sound source, which has been around in between the trader a lot of levels, such as not to be from the very beginning to the other party is in between Dylan collectors item There was no less. Or if the current was obtained them, it seems whether still if you feel the era in quality in many cases. On the evidence, it does not have been elected the best items from this tour in Dylan boot of the prestigious site “”.
Has now become not only in the presence of the items of the past at the time, items that have reached the standards of the other hand 2016 does not exist … for many of mania long gone become a grave situation. In order to cast a stone in such a situation, is the shop this time to release a European tour in the spring 1995. First it is the tour that became the live activity the same year, the tour beginning, Dylan does not play the guitar until the middle of the show, it was up to the stage became a hot topic in singer state of the hand microphone. It worsened the pain of the back, which is said to Dylan the day before the tour start there was before, I was up to without the electric guitar because of that. In Prague of the thing the tour the first day, was unusual about himself was Mise and explanation on the stage.
Fortunately the symptoms of his back has improved, it has recovered from the early stages of live up to Agareru to the stage had an electric. However, it also will be produce is rather freshness on the production which was sung with a hand mic, as it is a few songs from the opening Dylan does not play the guitar, staging that singer condition has continued to tour the last day. As a result, I not played at all the guitar, but was the event that was thought of as a forerunner of the current Dylan to behave as a singer in most of the songs, at that time is what it is reflected very interesting.

Furthermore, also called the topic, such as a set list structure has been redesigned from the previous year, it is also nostalgic but also of the item number in 95 years at that time had been released. In such circumstances, Dublin performances of April 11, which became a particularly great day even in this tour was the tour the last day. In addition to the rare music selection that did not taste only in this tour, luxury guest team of unique European tour last day also said since 1984. From that combines such a charm, already “DYLAN GETS TO THE POINT” had been released at the time. But also in the previous site this title had been described as “This is one of the best of the 1995 recordings,” I audience recording was present boasts a lightly more than quality this from that time. This time finally, now that the different sound source will be released in limited press CD!
Quality barrel and “DYLAN GETS TO THE POINT” like another dimension of the sound source. Fine state of closeness and sound quality itself of the sound image is above lightly it. When listening to before with no comparable high-quality sound the first time even now, at the same time and so much of the sound source that has not been released so far are wondering, it is just realize that it is a sound source should be issued by a press CD It will be dropped. However suppressed Kirai too sound is there tend bass to DAT audience recording of the ’90s in the mastering, promoted to further easy to hear quality. Further opening of the Dylan of call where you’ve digital noise is riding by the aging of the master DAT is compensated by “DYLAN GETS ~”. In the latter part of the also “Boots Of Spanish Leather” to another, still, such as the patch (be … lol unnoticed by dense too) at a similar sound source sound skipping happened by aging, close attention also to the recording state the was paid.

Originally there is a tour of Europe this time only the set list is appealing 95-year spring, but suddenly “Where Teardrops Fall” appeared on the second song. Album “OH MERCY” songs was the revival work of satisfaction, but I had been frequently played mostly live for Dylan, this song is us to bite only in the rare presence of a live performance, it in early However, the final day unique. Starting with this song, soft and gentle singing in the song of songs and acoustic part of the slow tempo, this also might say that singing leading to the singing of the current Dylan.
And literally of surprise in the second half live. “Highway 61 Revisited” what Carole King appeared from, are you playing the piano mixed with the band until the encore! Moreover, it has the final stage is taken up only songs that piano is shone on this day, because the King of the piano is functioning as an ensemble of full band, which also surprised. Far from “faint,” “clearly” it has become her piano, yet take my hat off so as to listen to the play that fit into each song. This is also probably the seedlings stage sound of today’s piano-oriented Dylan. The most dominating that stop singing until the chorus not only the piano finally in the “Like A Rolling Stone” in the encore. Already, but she is had joined the chorus encore Chrissie Hynde, et al. And the impromptu of the Brixton Academy in about a week ago, of the contribution that Mise joined as a piano player in this day more bands height.
After that Angkor is one after another guest seems to tour the last day, this era is here is Van Morrison Dylan in Dublin had been impromptu every time to perform live takes imposing lead vocal in “Real Real Gone”. Dylan also liked this song, the song that will sing in itself after six months. Stop show off the singing voice in the form of share the appeared to Elvis Costello, who served as opening act on some of the performances, which was started ahead of Brixton “I Shall Be Released” In Dylan and vocals. The performance also guest was also asleep until the best source of so amazing live now …. Really long time of item release from 95 years European tour, not only that, please enjoy to your heart’s content the best of the Grand Finale, which was realized in Dublin!


さらには前年から一新されたセットリスト構成などもまた話題を呼び、95年当時にはいくつものアイテムがリリースされていたことも懐かしいもの。そうした状況において、このツアーの中でも特に素晴らしい一日となったのがツアー最終日となった4月11日のダブリン公演。このツアーでしか味わえなかったレアな選曲に加え、1984年以来とも言えるヨーロッパ・ツアー最終日ならではの豪華なゲスト陣。そうした魅力を兼ね備えていたことから、当時で既に「DYLAN GETS TO THE POINT」がリリースされていました。先のサイトにおいてもこのタイトルは「This is one of the best of the 1995 recordings」と評されていたものの、当時からこれを軽く上回るクオリティを誇るオーディエンス録音が存在していたのです。今回ようやく、その別音源が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされることになりました!
その音源のクオリティたるや「DYLAN GETS TO THE POINT」まるで別次元。音像の近さや音質そのものの上質な状態がそれを軽く上回っています。今聴いても遜色のない高音質ぶりを前にすると、これほどの音源がこれまでリリースされなかったことが不思議に思われると同時に、まさしくプレスCDにて出されるべき音源であることを実感されるでしょう。ただし90年代のDATオーディエンス録音にありがちな低音が響きすぎるきらいをマスタリングにて抑え、さらに聴きやすいクオリティへと昇格。さらにマスターDATの経年によってデジタル・ノイズが乗ってしまったオープニングのディラン・コールの箇所は「DYLAN GETS~」にて補填。他にも「Boots Of Spanish Leather」の後半部分において、やはり経年劣化によって起きた音飛びも同様の音源にてパッチ(緻密すぎて気付かれないかも…笑)するなど、収録状態にも細心の注意を払いました。

元々この時期だけのセットリストが魅力な95年春のヨーロッパ・ツアーではありますが、いきなり2曲目に「Where Teardrops Fall」が登場。ディランにとって会心の復活作だったアルバム「OH MERCY」収録曲はほとんどがライブで頻繁に演奏されていたのですが、この曲はライブ演奏が希少な存在だけに、それを序盤でかましてくれるところが最終日ならでは。この曲を始めとして、スローなテンポの曲やアコースティック・パートの曲における柔らかで優しい歌い方、これもまた現在のディランの歌い方へとつながる唱法と言えるかもしれません。
そしてライブ後半では文字通りのサプライズ。「Highway 61 Revisited」から何とキャロル・キングが登場し、アンコールまでバンドに混ざってピアノを弾いているのです!しかもこの日の終盤はピアノが映える曲ばかりが取り上げられており、キングのピアノが完全にバンドのアンサンブルとして機能しているのだから、これまた驚き。「かすかに」どころか「はっきりと」彼女のピアノが鳴っており、しかもそれぞれの曲にフィットしたプレイを聴かせる様に脱帽。これもまた今のピアノ指向なディランのステージ・サウンドの芽生えと言えるでしょう。とどめはアンコールの「Like A Rolling Stone」で遂にピアノだけでなくコーラスまで歌うという活躍ぶり。既に彼女は約一週間前のブリクストン・アカデミーのアンコールでクリッシー・ハインドらと飛び入りしてコーラスに加わっていたのですが、この日はよりバンドの中にピアノ・プレイヤーとして加わってみせた貢献度の高さ。
その後もアンコールはツアー最終日らしいゲストが続出し、この時代はダブリンでディランがライブを行う度に飛び入りしていたヴァン・モリソンがここでは「Real Real Gone」で堂々リードボーカルを取ります。ディランもこの曲を気に入っており、半年後には自身でも歌うことになる曲。とどめは先のブリクストンを始めとしたいくつかの公演で前座を務めたエルヴィス・コステロまで登場し「I Shall Be Released」ではディランとボーカルを分け合う形で歌声を披露。演奏もゲストもこんなに凄いライブの極上音源が今まで眠っていたとは…。95年ヨーロッパ・ツアーから本当に久々のアイテム・リリース、それだけでなく、ダブリンで実現した最高のグランド・フィナーレを心ゆくまで楽しんでください!


Disc 1 (54:18)
1. Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood) 2. Where Teardrops Fall 3. All Along The Watchtower
4. Just Like A Woman 5. Tombstone Blues 6. Ring Them Bells 7. Mr. Tambourine Man
8. Boots Of Spanish Leather 9. Love Minus Zero/No Limit

Disc 2 (61:35)
1 Highway 61 Revisited (with Carole King)
2 In The Garden (with Carole King)
3 Ballad Of A Thin Man (with Carole King)
4 Like A Rolling Stone (with Carole King)
5 The Times They Are A-Changin’
6. Real Real Gone (with Van Morrison & Carole King)
7. I Shall Be Released (with Van Morrison, Carole King & Elvis Costello)
8. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 (with Van Morrison, Carole King & Elvis Costello)

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar) Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar)
John Jackson (guitar) Tony Garnier (bass) Winston Watson (drums & percussion)

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