Bob Dylan / Pori Jazz 2014 / 2CDR

Bob Dylan / Pori Jazz 2014 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Kirjurinluoto Arena, Pori, Finland, 17th July 2014.


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European tour last day of the summer of 2014 Bob Dylan of the topic, Australia tour, which started at last complete recording of a high-quality audience recording poly Jazz Festival July 17. European tour during which all 21 performances have been performed, Athens June 23, slump disk of July 5, Sutavu~an of the 11th, Kristiansand on the 12th, the 15th of Yotebo
Unlike Tempest normal set, featuring masterpieces of the past, “festival for set” is organized exactly, to surprise fans, six performances of poly 17 This day has brought enthusiasm and much re,. For this poly performance, Things Have Changed normal set was familiar in Japan tour three songs beginning, She Belongs To Me, in Beyond Here LiesNothin ‘, it seems to be “kana? Go with a set of ordinary day” it was intended to, but (this configuration is only the poly performances in the festival in July) that it has been replaced by a set of classic jostling above 4th track from “to Ramona”. It is a festival set for 2014 that Dylan fans all over the world attention, but without a lot of good sound to this 6 performances Unfortunately, it has been recorded in high-quality sound firmly only in July to press CD release this week it has become the only Gothenburg performances of the 15th. Also the poly performance, sound quality is not bad at all on but, as can be seen in 1 min after Zoletile injection per Things Have Changed, you have a problem that sound modulates and rise in applause limiter have asked. You feel fatal Even so only part of the first song, and the other is the level no problem to hear normally. Sound, since they will record on normally, is one that seems “high quality” normally unless you extra explanation, it has been recorded in good sound to clear than Kristiansand on the 12th. I think if you understand the habit of modulation of the sound of a part in the rise clapping, and problem at all to watch. There is also the proximity of the sound slow number sung and carefully especially, sound exquisite enough seems to be above or Gothenburg press board so you can enjoy, get by all means fan. As an aside from here, but Bob is Europa-tour, suddenly, I started the appeal of a strong “No Photo”, rather than just stick to throughout the bill posting of “photography prohibited”, the stage and the “Do not take pictures” for some reason it was starting to happen a variety of obstacles that would shoot camera measures has become a hot topic. As you can see, I have seen in the tour of Europe in July is odd sight Bob also set up four of the microphone around him, that sing in the middle in this jacket. Many pieces or set up a huge mirror on the bottom or on the stage, or place it on the piano the statue (this seems to be removed right away), and or to the mirror-like bass drum, camera unusual these shooting measures are stumped fans. A fan of the general, in this poly performances, festivals because, huge screen’s are installed in the stage left and right by-blow, but from beginning to end on the screen, the approach of (multi-camera panoramic image of the long distance of one camera is flowed without any video), it seems to have been unpopular as “there not the meaning of the screen ‘s this”. However, towards the performance is excellent, this can be a great way to enjoy this CD. Somewhat, it is quality that was rough but the sound because it is on anyway, there is no doubt that you can fully enjoy. High quality document title of 2014 European Summer Tour last day that called a big topic. It is recommended also this! !

リ、そしてこの17日のポリの6公演は、通常のテンペストセットと違い、過去の名曲をフィーチャーした、まさに「フェス向けセット」が組まれ、ファンを驚かせ、大いに熱狂させました。このポリ公演に関しては、冒頭3曲が日本ツアーでもお馴染みだった通常セットのThings Have Changed、She Belongs To Me、Beyond Here LiesNothin’で、「この日は普通のセットでいくのかな?」と思わせるものでしたが、4曲目の「To Ramona」から前述の名曲目白押しセットに代わってます(この構成は7月のフェスではこのポリ公演だけ)。世界中のディラン・ファンが注目した2014年のフェス・セットですが、残念ながらこの6公演に良い音があまりなく、唯一しっかりと高音質で録れているのが、今週プレスCDリリースする7月15日のヨーテボリ公演だけになっています。このポリ公演も、音質はオンで全然悪くないのですが、Things Have Changedの1分目あたりで判る通り、リミッターが効いていて拍手で盛り上がると音が変調するという問題を抱えています。そうは言っても致命的と感じるのは一曲目の一部だけで、他は普通に聴くには問題ないレベルです。音も普通にオンに録れていますので、余計な説明をしなければ普通に「高音質」と思える1枚であり、12日のクリスチャンサンよりはクリアーに良い音で録れています。手拍子で盛り上がる部分の音の変調の癖を理解していれば、鑑賞には全く問題と思います。特にじっくりと歌われるスロウナンバーはその音の近さもあり、プレス盤のヨーテボリを上回るかと思えるほどの絶品のサウンドが楽しめますので、ファンは是非入手して下さい。ここからは余談ですが、ボブがヨーロパ・ツアー中、何故か「写真を撮るな」と突然、強烈な「No Photo」のアピールを始め、「撮影禁止」の張り紙を各所に貼るだけではなく、ステージにカメラ撮影対策と思われる色々な障害物を置き始めたことが話題になっています。今回のジャケでもお分かりの通り、ボブは自分の周りに4本ものマイクを設置し、その真ん中で歌うという変わった光景が7月のヨーロッパ・ツアーで見られました。ステージ上またはその下部に巨大な鏡を何枚も設置したり、銅像をピアノの上に置いたり(これはすぐに撤去されたようですが)、バスドラをミラー状にしたりと、これら異例なカメラ撮影対策がファンを困惑させています。とばっちりは一般のファンで、このポリ公演でも、フェスティバルゆえ、巨大なスクリーンがステージ左右に設置されているのですが、スクリーンには終始、ワンカメラの遠目の全景映像が流され(マルチカメラの接近映像は一切なし)、「これじゃスクリーンの意味が無いじゃん」と不評だったそうです。しかし、演奏の方は素晴らしく、これは本CDで存分に楽しむことができます。多少、ザラザラした音質ですが、とにかく音がオンですので、存分に楽しめることに間違いありません。大きな話題を呼んだ2014年ヨーロッパ・サマー・ツアー最終日の高品質ドキュメント・タイトル。これもまたお薦めです!!

Disc 1(39:55)
1. Intro 2. Things Have Changed 3. She Belongs To Me 4. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
5. To Ramona 6. The Levee’s Gonna Break 7. Shelter From The Storm 8. Cry A While

Disc 2(55:59)
1. Girl Of The North Country 2. Summer Days 3. Desolation Row 4. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
5. Lonesome Day Blues 6. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall 7. Thunder On The Mountain
8. All Along The Watchtower

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