Bob Dylan / Philadelphia 2004 / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Philadelphia 2004 / 2CD / Non Label
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Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA. USA 31st March 2004

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This time, Dylan’s live sound source released at the same time will be greeted with a big surprise beyond MSG 1986. It is because the sound source from the tour of 2004 will be released with a limited press CD. Speaking of 2004, it seems to be a “recent” image for many maniacs. In addition, when Dylan finally ceased playing the guitar, it turned into a keyboard-based live sound, and rock-like wildness faded. It seems that the general Dylan live image of 2004 is such a place.
But mania knows. Dylan in 2004 started to tour with a jumping rock sound. The first tour of this year marked the beginning of the process of going around the US from the end of February until the middle of April. However, all the venues are small venues in clubs and classes. Dylan had done clubs and gigs between tours before, but it was epoch – making tours that toured this club thoroughly.

In addition, during this period, the topic among maniacs was guitar play of guitarist Freddie Koela who was enrolled at that time. He joined the Dylan band in 2003. Originally I had been playing in a safe play, but suddenly from the European tour in the fall suddenly broke, I began to crowd the audience with a busy lead guitar. Instead of Dylan devoted to keyboard here, is Koela playing Dylan style lead · guitar now? It was a type of martial art like bones that seemed to be, it had turned into a play with strange wildness.
In the first tour of 2004, Koela’s play was finally promoted to a tremendous level. While combining techniques, savage play calls a big topic. Naturally the sound of the entire band also changed to a heavy rock sound in a form that is pulled by him.
Another element that this tour is legendary among maniacs, it is a unique band expansion which hired two drummers. In other words, even if two drummers are not twin drums, if one sits on a drum kit, one will be in charge of percussion. One of the drummers joined in 2002 and is currently Dylan Band, George Risserry who makes the drummer’s seat immovable. The problem is another drummer. Former Little Feet now hired dead Richie Hayward. What a luxurious drummer choice.
In the case of
A composition in which drummers are replaced with guitarists who let you listen to unique play. This was the first tour in 2004 that spectacular rocky sounds were fiercely played by American clubs every day. Due to the special venue selection, it was difficult for the taper to secure a good position, but this tour was also a time when we were not blessed with the sound source of the audience recording.
At the time of 2004, I was remembering that such a situation went bad and only the CD-R items were released. The few press CD items are RATLE SNAKE’s “KOOL CAT PULLING OFF THE STRINGS” which recorded Toronto · gig of March 21. However, the same title is a finish with a strong sense of equalization reflecting the trend of the time, it is also a sound making that can be said as a typical of the same label. Although it is a title highly appreciated by maniac for releasing from the legendary club tour, the sense of equalization is considerable if it listens now.

Fortunately, good audience recordings were discovered over time, this time the club gig in Philadelphia March 31 will be released. It is a unique presence and clearness unique to clubs, and wild bands and sounds unique to this time are wildly raging, and Dylan is shouting to the fullest extent that it shouts to the fullest. It is natural sound quality anyway.
On this day “High Water” Dylan is the engine full throttle, it is best to sing it wildly briskly. Of course the performance that supports him is also wildest, especially among the “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again” and “Joey”, Koela explodes intense lead guitar as if it confronted Dylan. This period is also popular as a time when rare numbers were actively played, and here the point that “Saving Grace” of gospel era is played in Philadelphia is a point. Moreover, I can not miss listening to Hayward that it is hitting the drum here.
And bonus tracks are packed with intense performance as well. Bob Seger ‘s cover “Get Out Of Denver” was shown at the encore in the gig in his local Detroit, but everyone will be stunned for the super-upper performance. Such an intense performance was being showcased in 2004! Because it is such a rare performance, it was also played in the bonus “KOOL CAT PULLING OFF THE STRINGS”, but this time using the different sound source and recorded this time in suddenly natural sound quality.
Another bonus is rare, representative of this tour from the Boston performance, and the best rocking performance “Down Along The Cove”. These bonuses are excellent audiences recordings and will be released worldwide enthusiasts focused on the fascination of the 2004 club tour that finally appeared. Freddie Koela has withdrawn at the same time as this tour ends, so the strange and hard sound of this time is still not faded. A culmination of Dylan and the band who was locking in the club in 2004, the period of vision!


2004年当時にはそうした状況が災いしてCD-Rのアイテムばかりがリリースされていたように記憶しています。数少ないプレスCDアイテムは3月21日のトロント・ギグを収録したRATLE SNAKEの「KOOL CAT PULLING OFF THE STRINGS」くらい。ところが同タイトルは当時の風潮を反映したイコライズ感の強い仕上がりであり、同レーベルの典型とも言える音作りでもあります。伝説のクラブ・ツアーからのリリースということでマニアには高い評価を受けたタイトルですが、今聴いてみればそのイコライズ感はかなりのもの。

この日は「High Water」ディランがエンジン全開となり、やたらとワイルドに歌っているのが最高。もちろん彼を支える演奏がまた最高にワイルドで、中でも「Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again」と「Joey」において、ディランと対決するかごとく強烈なリード・ギターをコエラが炸裂させています。この時期はレアなナンバーが積極的に演奏された時期としても人気があり、ここフィラデルフィアではゴスペル時代の「Saving Grace」が演奏されている点がポイントでしょう。おまけにここでドラムを叩いているのがヘイワードという点も聞き逃せない。
そしてボーナス・トラックにも強烈な演奏が詰まっています。ボブ・シーガーのカバー「Get Out Of Denver」は彼の地元デトロイトでのギグにおけるアンコールで披露されたものですが、超アッパーな演奏ぶりには誰もが唖然とさせられることでしょう。こんな強烈な演奏が2004年に披露されていた!そんなレアな演奏ですので「KOOL CAT PULLING OFF THE STRINGS」のボーナスにも演奏されていましたが、別音源を使用かつ今回の方が俄然ナチュラルな音質にて収録されています。
もう一つのボーナスはボストン公演からこのツアーを代表するレアで、しかも最高にロックな演奏である「Down Along The Cove」。これらボーナスも素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音であり、ようやく登場した2004年クラブ・ツアーの魅力を凝縮した世界中のマニア注目のリリースとなることでしょう。このツアーの終了と同時にフレディ・コエラが脱退してしまったので、なおさらこの時期の異様でハードなサウンドは今なお色褪せないもの。2004年にクラブでロックしていたディランとバンド、幻の時期の集大成!

Disc 1 (58:34)
1. Introduction 2. The Wicked Messenger 3. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere 4. Cry A While
5. She Belongs To Me 6. High Water (For Charley Patton)
7. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 8. Joey 9. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
10. Ballad Of Hollis Brown

Disc 2 (69:49)
1. Boots Of Spanish Leather 2. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall 3. Honest With Me 4. Saving Grace
5. Summer Days 6. Cat’s In The Well 7. Like A Rolling Stone 8. Band Introduction
9. All Along The Watchtower

Bonus Tracks
State Theater, Detroit, MI. USA 16th March 2004
10. Get Out Of Denver

Avalon, Boston, MA. USA 26th March 2004
11. Down Along The Cove 12. Like A Rolling Stone

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