Blind Faith / Hype Park 1969 Japanese Broadcast / 1DVDR

Blind Faith / Hype Park 1969 Japanese Broadcast / 1DVDR / Non Label

Hyde Park London UK 7th June 1969. NTSC

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If you’re an Eric Clapton fan or a British rock fan, you know the super group Blind Face he formed in 1969. After the dissolution of the cream, Ginger Baker was accompanied by Steve Wynwood who broke up traffic at the same time and the band was a member of the family, Rick Gretsch. It was a legendary band that was used by the media and was disassembled in the air leaving Clapton motivated, leaving only one album in just seven months. You can see their “moving” live stage in such a short period of time. This is the full color video of the debut concert in London, Hyde Park on June 7, 1969. It has been known for a long time that this concert was officially recorded, but the video was never out in the world, except for a few pieces of news video. In 2005, when 36 years passed, a miraculous official DVD release was realized in Europe, and here in Japan three years later, in 2008, it was finally possible to watch through satellite broadcasting. Here is a brief review of the formation of the blind face and the breakdown in the air.

・ February-May 1969: Blind Face debut album recording in London
・ June 7, 1969: A blind face debut concert will be held in Hyde Park, London.
・ June 12-19, 1969: Scandinavian Tour
・ 11 July-24 August 1969: National tour

<< During this time, August 1, 1969: Album “BLIND FAITH” released >>
* After the US tour, air disassembly. The members never met again.

It was a concert that took place when the album was not yet released. Speaking of which, despite the fact that no one knew anyone about their music (new song), the topic of a super group spread through word of mouth, and it was said that 100,000 audiences gathered at Hyde Park. It is. This video captures the whole picture of the debut stage. Fortunately, unlike the DVD released in Europe, the Japanese broadcast version was broadcast with Clapton live and PV3 songs added as bonus images. Of course, this part is also recorded on this board. The legendary debut stage, moving Clapton and Wynwood, Baker drum solo featuring live performances in the cream era, and breathtaking historical footage. Note that Clapton on this stage has no smile. In a later interview, Clapton revealed that he was angry and garnished by the ginger’s heroin. He says he was not satisfied with his play. Had To Cry Today, whose twin-lead guitar composition with Winwood was innovative in the album, is played here while Winwood sits on the organ for some reason. It was probably not boiled to show the new studio recording live (Can’t Find My Way Home is a different arrangement). It is a valuable video in every sense that captures the dangerous moment of such a super group. Note that there is a spaceship model on the Wynwood electric piano that was the only album jacket that a nude girl had (laughs). If you are a rock fan, this is a must-see historical video. Give it as a gift. Don’t miss this opportunity.



≪この間、1969年8月1日:アルバム「BLIND FAITH」リリース≫

という歴史の中で、まだアルバムもリリースされていない時期に行なったコンサートだったわけです。言わば、彼らの楽曲(新曲)を誰一人知る者がいない中行なわれたコンサートだったにもかかわらず、スーパーグループという話題が口コミで広がり、ハイドパークには10万人ものオーディエンスが集まったと言われています。そのデビュー・ステージの全貌を捉えたのが本映像です。嬉しいことに日本放送バージョンは、ヨーロッパでリリースされたDVDとは異なり、ボーナス映像としてクラプトンのライブとPV3曲が追加されて放送されました。もちろんその部分も本盤には収録しています。伝説のデビュー・ステージの全貌、動くクラプトンとウィンウッド、クリーム時代のライブのようにフィーチャーされるベイカーのドラムソロ、どれをとっても息を飲む歴史的映像です。このステージでのクラプトンに笑顔がないことにご注目ください。後のインタビューで、クラプトンはジンジャーがヘロインをキメてきたことに怒り、シラケていたと明かしました。自分のプレイにも満足できなかったと言います。アルバムではウィンウッドとのツインリードギター構成が斬新だったHad To Cry Todayが、ここではなぜかウィンウッドがオルガンに座ったまま演奏されています。スタジオ録音の新曲をライブで披露するにあたって煮詰まっていなかったのでしょう(Can’t Find My Way Homeもアレンジが違います)。そんなスーパーグループの危うい瞬間を捉えた、あらゆる意味で貴重な映像です。ウィンウッドのエレピの上に、唯一のアルバムのジャケットでヌードの少女が持っていたスペースシップの模型が置いてあるのにもご注目ください(笑)。ロックファンなら必ず観ておくべき歴史的映像です。それをギフトでプレゼント。この機会をお見逃しなく。

1. Introduction 2. 60s Intro (I Feel Free) 3. Steve Winwood 4. Rick Grech
5. Ginger Baker 6. Eric Clapton

Hyde Park, London, UK 7th June 1969

7. Well All Right 8. Sea Of Joy 9. Sleeping In The Ground 10. Under My Thumb
11. Can’t Find My Way Home 12. Do What You Like 13. Presence Of The Lord
14. Means To An End 15. Had To Cry Today 16. Outro

17. White Room (Royal Albert Hall 24th January 1990)
18. Tears In Heaven (PV)
19. Change The World (PV)



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