Blackmore’s Rainbow / Catch The Rainbow 2nd Press / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Blackmore’s Rainbow / Catch The Rainbow 2nd Press  / 2CD+1Bonus CDR / Rising Arrow

Translated Text:

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 5th & 9th December 1976 Plus Bonus CDR ‘Rock On”

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The legendary analog board “CATCH THE RAINBOW (BR 1214)” also called “RAINBOW oldest pirate board”. The highest record ever in its history is reprinted from the Rising Arrow label.
Anyway, there is no album that matches the two characters “legend” as much as this recording. It is still the first RAINBOW visit Japan engraved in the soul of British rock fans, but the oldest two-piece set LP which appeared about one month later. Not only was it first at the data but also boasted a tremendous high quality sound, and for fans to know from “ON STAGE” before, “RAINBOW live board” was synonymous with this analogue 2 set. Although it was a polar press that only 200 pieces (there are 100 theory theory) was the original board, this work is a super finest item digitized mint quality plate which was dominantly held by domestic Coremania with high end equipment.
It is sealed in such legendary board “December 5, 1976 + 9: Osaka Health Pension Center” performance. It is a live album that made a full show full of one Osaka performance audiences recording. It’s a bit complicated, so first step by step. Let’s confirm the position of the show from the tour schedule.

· December 2: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
· December 5th: Osaka Health Pension Center 【this work】
· December 7: Nagoya City Auditorium
· December 8th: Osaka Health Pension Center
· December 9th: Osaka Health Pension Center 【this work】
· December 10th: Kyoto Hall
· December 13th: Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· December 14: Hiroshima City Auditorium
· December 16: Nippon Budokan

Over 9 performances over. There were three performances at the Osaka Health Pension Center, but this work has been woven from its first and third times. Its contents will be arranged ……

● Disk 1: Analog A side (December 9th)
“Over The Rainbow” “Kill The King” “Mistreated” “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves”

Disc 1: Analog B side (December 5)
“Catch The Rainbow” “Lazy” “Man On The Silver Mountain” “Blues” “Man On The Silver Mountain (reprise)”

● Disk 2: Analog C side (December 9th)
“Keyboard Intro.” “Stargazer” “Still I ‘m Sad incl. Keyboard Solo”

● Disk 2: Analogue D side (December 9th + 5th)
“Drum Solo” “Still I’m Sad (reprise)” (December 9)
“Do You Close Your Eyes” “Over The Rainbow” (December 5)

…… and it looks like this. “December 9th” and “December 5th” are alternately arranged for each analog one side, but D is different from the other side. Continuing from the C side, it is a take on “December 9th”, but on this day Richie was dissatisfied with the performance (anywhere in Kore!) And there was no encore. Therefore, the encore part is “December 5”.
Okay, where I understood your data-like story, it is crucial. What is amazing than anything is quality! Anyway it is amazing. Too wonderful. “December 5th” and “December 9th” are ultra superb sounds that go “as much as a sound board” on the ground. After that, both excavations advanced, and we introduced “HAIL TO THE KING (December 5)” and “MORE HEAVY STRUCK (December 9)”, but unlike any of them, it reigned at the summit Sounds to be. Especially for December 9th, even the “SHADOW OF THE WIZARD” which is popular with the famous record sound is surprisingly surpassed.
Besides, this work is the highest record in its history. To tell the truth, although there was an analog raising CD even more than 20 years ago, unfortunately analog conditions were bad. This work is glossy noiseless sound which can only be possible with mint quality. Moreover, freshness just as it is at that time is kept just at LP which is strong against aging deterioration much more than tape. The 42-year time has passed without a dream that “I want to listen to the complete version of this 2 recording” has not come true yet, even if the Omoto cassette is excavated, it will not be able to hope for the freshness so far … …. In this work, with respect to the legendary analog, with respect to the whole spirit, no hands are added except adjustment of the pitch (if it feels the difference with the analog board, it is the power of high end equipment and mint board).
The show drawn with that sound … … no longer needs to be words. At the present time when all the performances were discovered, the first performance of both shows is particularly famous. To tell the truth, Richie was both dissatisfied with both shows, but if you are dissatisfied with this, how will you be satisfied? Especially Angkor of “December 5” exploded with a crazy guitar crash where frustration turned into anger. You can taste the awesome moment with a supreme superb sound that thoroughly breaks broke.

As a matter of fact, this work is the same as the imported board that appeared 5 years ago. Although it is an unnecessary album for those who have a board at the time, the super name board so far is out of production a loss of rock culture. It must not be done. That’s why I made a regular reprint from the Rising Arrow label. Permanently preserved press 2CD suitable for Daimyo board. Please, please take this opportunity to touch “real legend”.

「RAINBOW最古の海賊盤」とも言われる伝説のアナログ盤『CATCH THE RAINBOW(BR 1214)』。その史上最高峰盤がRising Arrowレーベルから復刻です。
とにかく、この録音ほど“伝説”の二文字が似合うアルバムはありません。今なお、英国ロックファンの魂に刻み込まれたRAINBOW初来日ではありますが、その約1ヶ月後には登場したという最古の2枚組LP。データ的に最初だっただけでなく、凄まじいハイクオリティ・サウンドを誇り、『ON STAGE』以前から知るファンにとって「RAINBOWのライヴ盤」とは、このアナログ2枚組と同義でさえありました。オリジナル盤はわずか200枚(100枚説もあり)という極プレスでしたが、本作は国内コアマニアが奇跡的に所蔵していたミント・クオリティ盤をハイエンド機材でデジタル化した超極上品なのです。

・12月5日:大阪厚生年金会館 【本作】
・12月9日:大阪厚生年金会館 【本作】


「Over The Rainbow」「Kill The King」「Mistreated」「Sixteenth Century Greensleeves」

「Catch The Rainbow」「Lazy」「Man On The Silver Mountain」「Blues」「Man On The Silver Mountain (reprise)」

「Keyboard Intro.」「Stargazer」「Still I’m Sad incl. Keyboard Solo」

「Drum Solo」「Still I’m Sad (reprise)」(12月9日)
「Do You Close Your Eyes」「Over The Rainbow」(12月5日)

とまぁ、データ的な話をご理解頂いたところで、肝心要。何よりも驚異的なのはクオリティ! とにかく凄い。素晴らしすぎる。「12月5日」も「12月9日」も「まるでサウンドボード」を地で行く超極上サウンドなのです。その後、両日とも発掘が進み、当店でも『HAIL TO THE KING(12月5日)』や『MORE HEAVY STRUCK(12月9日)』をご紹介してきましたが、そのいずれとも違いながら頂上に君臨するサウンド。特に12月9日分は、名盤音誉れ高き『SHADOW OF THE WIZARD』でさえ、軽く凌駕してしまうのです。

実のところ、本作は5年前に登場した輸入盤と同内容です。当時盤をお持ちの方にとっては無用のアルバムですが、ここまでの超名盤が廃盤なのはロック文化の損失。あってはならないことです。だからこそのRising Arrowレーベルからのレギュラー復刻に踏み切りました。大名盤に相応しい永久保存プレス2CD。どうぞ、この機会に“本物の伝説”に触れてください。

Disc 1 (51:41)

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 9th December 1976

1. Over The Rainbow 2. Kill The King 3. Mistreated 4. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 5th December 1976

5. Catch The Rainbow 6. Lazy 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Blues 9. Man On The Silver Mountain (reprise)

Disc 2 (51:22)

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 9th December 1976
1. Keyboard Intro. 2. Stargazer 3. Still I’m Sad incl. Keyboard Solo
4. Drum Solo 5. Still I’m Sad (reprise)
Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 5th December 1976
6. Do You Close Your Eyes 7. Over The Rainbow
Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Cozy Powell – Drums
Jimmy Bain – Bass Tony Carey – Keyboards

Rising Arrow-058

Rainbow / Rock On /1Single CDR /Non Label

Translated Text:

Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 8th & 9th December 1976 STEREO SBD

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This volume press 2CD is a legendary super-superstructure board that conveys the “real time of first visit to Japan” on the underground side. However, RAINBOW ‘s first visit to Japan left a lot of legends even in the overground. This work is one of them. It is a radio album that checked the FM special number of that time with the super best sound.
What is contained in this work is late night FM program “ROCK ON”. It was broadcasted in the Kanto region on “1977 April 28 (1 AM)” which will be about five months after the first visit to Japan. The biggest point of this broadcast is to be able to listen to the sound board · live of the performance “December 8, 1976 + 9: Osaka Kosei Pension Center” which was the world’s first public release. Although it can be touched even in the program, at that time still “ON STAGE” is also under construction, and although a few songs, shock ran to the sound board for the first visit to Japan. However it is not a full live though it is said. The program is a composition that DJ plays various songs while explaining the career of RAINBOW and Ritchie Blackmore, and the track of the studio album was usually broadcasted. Here, let’s organize the organization of the program easily.

“Program opening part”
“Soundboard · Live on December 8”
“Still I’m Sad”
“Album Take Part”
“Black Sheep Of The Family” “16th Century Greensleeves” “Highway Star” “Do You Close Your Eyes” “Tarot Woman”
“Soundboard · Live on December 8”
“Keyboard Solo” “Stargazer”
“Soundboard · Live on December 9”
“Purple Haze / Lazy / Man On The Silver Mountain”
“Program ending part”

…… and it looks like this. Of course, it has been included in numerous boot legs only for shock programs, but this work is its highest quality quality board. Recorder was a recording man who pours passion for rock broadcasting, a person who became a topic also in WHITESNAKE’s “BBC ENCORE SPECIAL” and JUDAS PIREST’s “GOLDEN LIVE STAGE”. We have high-end equipment at the time, and we have recorded everything with the reception condition. In fact, the sound flowing out of this work is freshness and exceptional clearness like listening to broadcasting in real time, the reception state in which hiss noise is also not bothersome almost. With the sense of stability as if you copied the broadcast master plate as it is, even a variety of press CDs that appeared afterwards surpassed lightly. Even if it is made into a press CD as it is, it is the best sound with no sense of discomfort or wonder.
Moreover, I am pleased that CM and DJ are completely recording 60 minutes program as it sounds. Although it had been processed head fading and faded in the previous episode so far, this work is not edited uncut until DJ. Every take takes the intro / outro longer than the previous episode, Ritchie’s guitar makes a “click”, and the fade can also be listened to the program’s specifications of naturalness.
More than that, CM or DJ itself. Early start “Femo ♪ 25 o’clock ♪” jingle and CM flow, this is a huge impact. Enka singles blues is flowing, “Shivering at the sun” just like a shivering voice “When speaking of a lager shirt, John Denver, Jackson Brown, Tom Waits, for those who think oldly as a feeling of a beach boys I will give this song. ” That song ……
“♪ Once in a lifetime, if you do not receive an answer, stop it at once, stop it, dream you can not go together, after the life, winding, Irohazaka ♪”
… …. and sing a song at full opening, shake it all at once to the Enka area. So the former Shibu voice says, “If you say a lager shirt, you give a real lager to the person who thinks it is outdoor, it is also good to wear a lager on bush pants while groaning in Japanese blues.” Already is the 70s smell which only dizzes (or say, what kind of CM?).
After that, according to the program structure above, DJ will pick up narration. Each one of them is full of era feeling. “DEEP PURPLE. It is already about 10 months after the dissolution has been settled in a calm voice like a news caster” “Although it is a Japan live album, it seems that the release is considerably prolonged, now the stage of track down “I do not know that the take that is being broadcast this time is necessarily recorded (eventually” ON STAGE “was a different take)” and so forth. Furthermore, Rewy’s session era and the respect of formation are also commented from ELF. In addition, Jimmy Bain will withdraw from his band to form his own band, and that successor base is joined as news. At that end, saying “John Bon” Nam, “Mark Clark is” Alan Clark “. And the thrilling thing is the name tone introducing “Stargazer”.

“The seven-colored rainbow shining brilliantly in the Horizont of the stage, and the five members who fly sweat before that, the powerful drum of Kozie Powell, and the powerful guitar that shakes the heart of Guitar Freak, Ritchie Blackmore In the last concert at the Budokan, there was also a first act that the front row fans were excited and started fighting: Miss Twelted, the 16th century ‘s Groence Leaves, and Do You Close Your Eye, Richie had When I destroyed the guitar I had the excitement of more than 10,000 audiences that filled the wide Budokan building reached the summit, the striking of the stage once again in Japan! ”

… … It is this time feeling that I can not lose to the Japanese blues at the beginning. This is the year 1977. It is truly aroma of the era when over-the-air radio broadcast vacuum packed.
Clear and natural Osaka sound board, exceptionally good quality, time capsule feeling to jump over 40 years time … …. Everything is overwhelming. One who gives the best nostalgia to those who were listening to the main broadcast, and one that gives fresh time warp experience to the later fans. While being a bonus title, quality is a press CD class, and the best masterpiece filled with the real pleasure of being a bonus title. If you play the disc, that is already April 28, 1977. Take a trip for 60 minutes, please enjoy!

本作に収められているのは深夜のFM番組“ROCK ON”。初来日から約5ヶ月後となる「19774月28日(午前1時)」に関東圏で放送されたものです。この放送の最大のポイントは、世界初公開だった「1976年12月8日+9日:大阪厚生年金会館」公演のサウンドボード・ライヴが聴けること。番組の中でも触れられますが、当時はまだ『ON STAGE』も制作中であり、数曲とは言え、初来日サウンドボードには衝撃が走りました。とは言っても通しフル・ライヴではありません。番組はDJがRAINBOWやリッチー・ブラックモアの経歴を解説しながらさまざまな曲をかける構成で、通常スタジオアルバムのトラックも放送されました。ここで、番組の構成を簡単に整理しておきましょう。

「Still I’m Sad」
「Black Sheep Of The Family」「16th Century Greensleeves」「Highway Star」「Do You Close Your Eyes」「Tarot Woman」
「Keyboard Solo」「Stargazer」
「Purple Haze/Lazy/Man On The Silver Mountain」

……と、このようになっています。もちろん、衝撃の番組だけに数々のブートレッグにも収録されてきたわけですが、本作はその最高峰クオリティ盤。録音者したのはロック放送に情熱を注ぐ記録マニアで、WHITESNAKEの『BBC ENCORE SPECIAL』やJUDAS PIRESTの『GOLDEN LIVE STAGE』でも話題となった人物。当時のハイエンド機材を揃え、受信状況にも万全を尽くして録音されています。実際、本作から流れ出るサウンドはリアルタイムで放送を聴いているような鮮度と絶品のクリアさで、ヒスノイズもほとんど気にならない受信状態。放送原盤をそのままコピーしたような安定感で、その後に登場した各種プレスCDさえも軽ーく凌駕する。もしこのままプレスCD化されたとしても、何の違和感も不思議もない最高のサウンドなのです。
その後、上記の番組構成に従ってDJがナレーションを挟んでいく。その1つひとつが時代感満点。ニュースキャスターのような落ち着いた声で「DEEP PURPLE。解散後既に10ヶ月を迎えようとしています」「ジャパン・ライヴアルバムなんですが、発売がだいぶ長引いているようでして、現在トラックダウンの段階」「今回放送しているテイクが必ずしもレコード化されるとは判らない(結局『ON STAGE』は別テイクでした)」等々。さらにリッチーのセッション時代や結成の敬意もELFから解説。さらにはジミー・ベインが脱退して自分のバンドを結成する事、後任ベースが加入したこともニュースとして語られる。その端々で「ジョン・ボ“ン”ナム」と言ったり、マーク・クラークが「アラン・クラーク」だったり。そして、極めつけなのが「Stargazer」を紹介する名調子。



1. CM 2. DJ Intro 3. Still I’m Sad(Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 8th December 1976)
4. DJ Talks 5. Black Sheep Of The Family 6. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 7. DJ Talks
8. Highway Star(Deep Purple) 9. DJ Talks 10. Do You Close Your Eyes 11. Tarot Woman
12. DJ Talks 13. Keyboard Solo (Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 8th December 1976)
14. Stargazer (Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 8th December 1976) 15. DJ Talks
16. Purple Haze/Lazy/Man On The Silver Mountain(Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 9th December 1976) 17. CM18. DJ Talks 19. CM 20. DJ Talks 21. Constipated Duck(Jeff Beck)

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