Blackmores Night / Dancer And The Moon In Guildford / 2CDR

Blackmores Night / Dancer And The Moon In Guildford / 2CDR / Shades

Live at G Live, Guildford, UK 5th July 2013.


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Sound is played, is mood …… great board to reach the very top of BLACKMORE’S NIGHT at any point is more affordable recurrence. This work, audience album that contains the home country the United Kingdom performances associated with the 8 th album in the 16 years after his debut “DANCER AND THE MOON”. This tour, Ukraine (1 performance) → Russia (2 performances) → United Kingdom (5 performances) → Germany (7 performances) → United States (4 performances) thing. Of this work it has been recorded, of which the United Kingdom the last day, “July 5, 2013 Guildford performance”. Not only is the final performance of the time, there is also in the United Kingdom last concert of the up to now.
This work the biggest attraction of more than such a memorial value, sound to say the. BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, the audience recording from music is I quite look good unit, this work is the superlative. Field sense transparent to clear and direct feeling plenty of musical tones,’s the stunning recordings all of plump warmth are aligned. That should be it, of this work was recorded, the familiar recording artist in the shop “always masters”. UK residents are familiar with London suburbs of live space, Paul McCartney, from the super-heavyweights such as THE ROLLING STONES to Kurabugigu of WISHBONE ASH and CAMEL,’s the virtuoso in a virtuoso that will deliver the best record of all the UK lock.
Such masters loves the warmth of DAT recording even current state-of-the-art digital equipment golden, but the it has through its pride, it is the best match to BLACKMORE’S NIGHT. To begin with, the medieval music that aim of BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, nor solemn religious music in classic that Kashikoma’, village festival is becoming a more folksy. The venue also rang is clapping to the nimble sound, because it is shining what is contaminated with chanting in a friendly melody type, is exactly what masters orientation. In fact, the tone of this work should be referred to as “like a sound board.” However, “like a sound board” it should be a compliment if it is usually also hit the rude in front of this work. Zubutoku in clear, though it is super near sound, totally different dimension and Shirajirashi of, such as the sound board. While realistic clapping also have been caught plenty, in the presence further overwhelm balance bold of the musical tone, it is flowing out from the speaker to humanity a sense of warm scene on it.
In fact, when even the masters themselves us to provide a master, but had frequently said, “I was like a family show”, the mood of this work is really warm. In the second half of the show is up to one-act that Ritchie and Candice beloved son Laurie Blackmore was born between the (at this time, 1 and a half years old) will be introduced. According to the masters “that Richie is it, fans and feel free to talk, or behaved a beer, you’ve got to or dance together. Old from him was a sight that can not even imagine,” but had said, just it the site is recorded in this work.
…… And, who had you read up to this point, it might be the image of the single-mindedly soft sound of delicate melody. It also I do not is wrong, but I want to also thank it is a powerfully dramatic. Former BLACKMORE’S NIGHT beat became powerful in much than the roar, even in the early classic “Rennaisance Fair”, dramatic to beyond recognition. I wrote the earlier “as the medieval village festival”, is the majestic as if the strong beat praise the greatness of Mother Earth. Of course, Candice Night put a major role while According to such a beat is also, once someone else like. And girls that I met Richie at the age of 18, 41-year-old this time. Female voice Sashikakari the most delicious time at the singer, there is no information of the former line. Yet also not lost delicacy, sometimes gently leave required by the songs and melody, sometimes strong, sometimes majestically singing. It has grown to a stunning singer. In addition, as it is felt in reality, such as the texture, it recording is also excellent.
Of course, I do not even know the decline fingertips boss Richie. About two hours and a half of Despite the show, continue to keep a sharp, RAINBOW and an inch unchanging tone Toro Keru as if the Stratocaster in hand. It seems to have become enthusiastic practice from 16 years dimensional worlds in acoustic before, but it also might be the secret to being able to keep than the same generation guitarist has continued to play the only lock in the electric. In addition, the set is also nice, plenty of eight of the best song of the album. Songs of hard rock era is the extent “Soldier Of Fortune”, but full of the whole volume seems Ritchie melody even if they do not know even if one song. ‘re Alive in this work is no longer BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, which had been heaped in RAINBOW song. It is not even the need, strength of this work, and the scene of the audience of joy so it has proved.

16 years from the formation, chic is brilliant music jewelry box Blackmore melody that has been stored in the meantime. It may ask the sound board or official work, it is the original of this 100% raw live album full of breath. DEEP PURPLE keep captures the long Ritchie of mind than RAINBOW than the music, one of the highest peak is jammed with plenty. Two and a half hours that even in “one of the extremity” of Blackmore music. This weekend, Please enjoy to the full extent.

サウンド、演奏、ムード……あらゆるポイントでBLACKMORE’S NIGHTの頂点を極める大名盤がお求めやすくなって再発です。本作は、デビュー16年目にして8枚目のアルバム『DANCER AND THE MOON』に伴う母国イギリス公演を収めたオーディエンス・アルバム。このツアーは、ウクライナ(1公演)→ロシア(2公演)→イギリス(5公演)→ドイツ(7公演)→アメリカ(4公演)というもの。本作が記録されたのは、そのうちイギリス最終日となる「2013年7月5日ギルフォード公演」。当時の最終公演であるばかりか、現在までのイギリス最後のコンサートでもあります。
そんなメモリアル価値を超える本作最大の魅力は、なんと言ってもサウンド。BLACKMORE’S NIGHTは、その音楽性からオーディエンス録音が極めて似合うユニットなのですが、本作はその最上級。クリアに透き通る現場感覚とダイレクト感たっぷりな楽音、ふくよかな暖かみの総てがそろった見事な録音なのです。それもそのはず、本作を記録したのは、当店では“いつもの巨匠”でお馴染みの録音家。英国在住でロンドン近郊のライヴスペースを熟知しており、ポール・マッカートニー、THE ROLLING STONESといった超大物からWISHBONE ASHやCAMELのクラブギグまで、あらゆる英国ロックの極上録音を届けてくれる名手中の名手なのです。
そんな巨匠は最新デジタル機材全盛の現在でもDAT録音の暖かみをこよなく愛し、そのプライドを貫いているのですが、それがBLACKMORE’S NIGHTにベスト・マッチしている。そもそも、BLACKMORE’S NIGHTの目指す中世音楽とは、かしこまったクラシックでも厳かな宗教音楽でもなく、もっと庶民的で村祭りが似合う。その会場も軽快なサウンドに手拍子が鳴り響き、親しげなメロディに唱和が混じってこそ輝くタイプですから、まさに巨匠向きなのです。実際、本作の楽音は「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶべきもの。しかし、普段であれば褒め言葉であるはずの「まるでサウンドボード」も、本作の前では失礼に当たる。クリアで図太く、激近サウンドでありながら、サウンドボードのような白々しさとはまったく違う次元。リアルな手拍子もたっぷりと捉えられていながら、楽音の図太い存在感がさらに圧倒するバランスで、その上で暖かい現場の人情感までスピーカーから流れ出るのです。
……と、ここまでお読みいただいた方は、繊細なメロディのひたすら柔らかいサウンドをイメージされるかもしれません。それも間違ってはいないのですが、力強くドラマティックであることも申し上げておきたい。かつてのBLACKMORE’S NIGHTよりも遙かに強力になったビートが轟き、初期の名曲「Rennaisance Fair」にしても、見違えるほどにドラマティック。先ほど「中世の村祭りのよう」と書きましたが、力強いビートが母なる大地の偉大さを讃えるかのように雄大なのです。もちろん、そんなビートに従えながら主役を張るキャンディス・ナイトもまた、かつては別人のよう。18歳でリッチーと出会った女の子も、このとき41歳。女声シンガーでもっとも美味しい時期に差し掛かり、かつての線の細さはまったくない。それでいて繊細さも失っておらず、曲とメロディの求めるままに時に優しく、時に力強く、時に雄大に歌い上げる。見事なシンガーに成長している。また、それが手触りのようなリアリティで感じられるほど、録音が優れてもいるのです。
もちろん、御大リッチーの指先も衰えを知らない。約2時間半ものショウにも関わらず、キレをキープし続け、ストラトキャスターを手にすればRAINBOWと寸分変わらぬトーンがトロけるよう。アコースティックに持ち替えた16年前から練習熱心になったようですが、それもエレキでロックだけを弾き続けている同世代ギタリストよりもキープできている秘訣かも知れません。また、セットも素晴らしく、8枚のアルバムのベスト・ソングがたっぷり。ハードロック時代の曲は「Soldier Of Fortune」程度ですが、たとえ1曲も知らないとしても全編リッチーらしいメロディに充ち満ちている。本作に息づいているのは、もはやRAINBOWソングで盛り上げていたBLACKMORE’S NIGHTではない。その必要すらないことは、本作の力強さ、そして現場の観客の喜びようが証明しています。

結成から16年、その間に蓄えられてきたブラックモア・メロディの粋が光り輝く音楽の宝石箱。サウンドボードやオフィシャル作品では窺い知れない、本来の息吹に満ちた本生100%のライヴアルバムです。DEEP PURPLEよりもRAINBOWよりも長くリッチーの心を捕らえて離さない音楽、その最高峰がたっぷりと詰まった1本。ブラックモア・ミュージックの“ひとつの極み”でさえある2時間半。今週末は、どうぞ存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1(65:13)
1. Intro: Do You Hear The People Sing 2. Locked Within The Crystal Ball 3. Play Minstrel Play
4. Under A Violet Moon 5. Soldier Of Fortune 6. Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Hous 7. Piano Solo
8. Band Introduction 9. World Of Stone 10. Rennaisance Fair 11. All The Fun Of The Fayre
12. Darkness 13. Dance Of Darkness

Disc 2(79:58)
1. MC 2. Wind In The Willows 3. Toast To Tomorrow 4. Keyboard Solo 5. Drum Solo 6. Journeyman
7. Diamonds and Rust 8. Home Again 9. Introducing Rory Blackmore 10. Peasants Promise
11. Barbara Allen 12. Troika 13. Fires At Midnight 14. Outro: Snoopy Vs the Red Barron

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitars, Mandolin, Domra, Hurdy Gurdy
Candice Night – Vocals, Chanter, Cornamuse, Shawm, Rauschpfeife, Tambourine

Bard David of Larchmont (David Baranowski) – Keyboards
Earl Grey of Chimay (Mike Clemente) – Bass, Mandolin, Rhythm Guitar
Troubadour of Aberdeen (David Keith) – Percussion
Lady Kelly De Winter (Kelly Morris) – French Horn, Harmony Vocals
Scarlet Fiddler – Violin (Claire Smith)


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