Blackmore’s Night / Dancer And The Moon In Moscow / 2CDR

Blackmore’s Night / Dancer And The Moon In Moscow / 2CDR / Non Label

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Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia 18th June 2013.


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Released 8 th studio album “DANCER AND THE MOON” in June 2013, Blackmore’s Night who started the tour in the form to fit in it. Tour will start from June 15, Ukraine, 2 performances in Russia, 5 performances in the UK, but was made in the schedule of 7 performances in Germany, of this board is, June 18 falls on the second day tour Russia – a concert in Moscow over two hours and 30 minutes in the ultra-high-quality audience recording of the best level we complete recording. Clear to surprisingly, and spread there have been recorded in great sound, the fan will be to become listened to nothing but impressed by the splendor of music and sound. While a digital recording, the sound of classical sound said to name recordings captured by the exquisite texture, it is one of the best is definitely in the record take of recent years of Blackmore’s Night. The entire ensemble, delicate guitar phrase of Richie and sheer Candice of vocal, and have caught all the ideal sound. It is not to say that is also too large cheer between songs, you can soak in slowly and carefully for a long time of the live performance. 7 song in the Troika, also in the second half of the show is the new song of Dancer And The Moon has been live showcase. Sound quality and content, is one of the best, fans are a must-have definitely.

8枚目のスタジオ・アルバム「DANCER AND THE MOON」を2013年6月にリリースし、それに合わせる形でツアーを開始したブラックモアズ・ナイト。ツアーは6月15日のウクライナからスタートし、ロシアで2公演、イギリスで5公演、ドイツで7公演というスケジュールで行われましたが、本盤は、ツアー2日目にあたる6月18日のロシア・モスクワでのコンサートを極上レベルの超高音質オーディエンス録音で2時間30分に渡って完全収録しています。驚く程にクリアー、そして広がるのある素晴らしいサウンドで収録されていて、ファンは演奏と音の素晴らしさにただただ感動して聞き入ってしまうことでしょう。デジタル録音でありながら、クラシカルな音の響きを絶妙な質感で捉えた名録音と言え、近年のブラックモアズ・ナイトの録音テイクの中では間違いなくベストの一本です。全体のアンサンブル、リッチーの繊細なギターフレーズ、そして透き通るようなキャンディスのボーカル、その全てを理想的なサウンドで捉えています。曲間の歓声も大き過ぎると言う事は無く、じっくりと長時間のライヴ演奏に浸ることができます。7曲目でTroika、またショウ後半でDancer And The Moonの新曲がライヴ披露されています。音質・内容、極上の1枚であり、ファンは間違いなく必携です。

Disc 1(74:27)
1. Intro : God Save The Keg 2. Locked Within The Crystal Ball 3. Play Minstrel Play
4. Under A Violet Moon 5. Soldier Of Fortune 6. Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
7. World Of Stone 8. Troika 9. Diamonds & Rust 10. Renaissance Faire 11. Darkness
12. Dance Of The Darkness

Disc 2(76:43)
1. MC 2. Wind In The Willows 3. Toast to Tomorrow 4. Keyboard Solo 5. Journeyman 6. Loreley
7. Home Again 8. The Clock Ticks On 9. Dancer And The Moon 10. Fires At Midnight
11. Village Lanterne

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitars, Mandolin, Domra, Hurdy Gurdy
Candice Night – Vocals, Chanter, Cornamuse, Shawm, Rauschpfeife, Tambourine

Bard David of Larchmont (David Baranowski) – Keyboards
Earl Grey of Chimay (Mike Clemente) – Bass, Mandolin, Rhythm Guitar
Troubadour of Aberdeen (David Keith) – Percussion
Lady Kelly De Winter (Kelly Morris) – French Horn, Harmony Vocals
Scarlet Fiddler – Violin (Claire Smith)

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