Blackmores Night / Osaka 1997 / 2CD

Blackmores Night / Osaka 1997 / 2CD / Black Box

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Live At Festival Hall , Osaka, Japan 7th November 1997.


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New label of Ritchie Blackmore professional “Black Box”. This week, the confidence to celebrate the birth will be two titles simultaneous release, this film audience album that contains the “November 7, 1997” of BLACKMORE’S NIGHT’s first visit to Japan in one of them present. Site is that “MADE IN JAPAN” has become both the main venue of the “Osaka Festival Hall”. First Japan tour is all eight performances, this week because not even together its release, let’s point-by-point arrangement.

– November 2, 2011: Nakano Sun Plaza
– November 3: Aichi Welfare Pension Hall
– November 4, 2011: Kobe International Hall Harborland Plaza
– November 6, 2011: Hiroshima postal savings Hall
– November 7, 2011: Osaka Festival Hall [this work] – November 8, 2011: Tokyo International Forum
– November 10: Kanagawa Prefectural
– November 11: Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

In this way, this work was the only Osaka performance in the 7 performances eyes. Although I touched even “KOBE 1997 (Black Box 001)” of simultaneous release, this Japan tour is also the first public performance for BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, fresh Candice Night to be a professional, of course, question Richie Black moment also as does open up a new music world for the mower. Always only to proceed with walking while Fumishime the new land, the audience and music, 1 performance 1 performances was also the interesting tour. In fact, the performance of this work is also very innocent. Thing that comes up is tune in about normal when it was a band and tour 5-6 performance, but the audience band also flooded for the first time of the freshness of the encounter only to do my first time.
There in full of such Uiuishi is, what is showing the mood was somewhat relaxed, of the essential requirements boss, Ritchie Blackmore. This tour, sometimes DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW with a big different music, but Richie ever was only venue that has never set foot, familiar to only Among them, the Osaka Festival Hall Ritchie it was the venue. The number starts from the first day of DEEP PURPLE’s first visit to Japan, 11 performances eyes when this. In Japan Tour history of Ritchie, it was a stage that stepping on the Bakazu second only to Nippon Budokan.
And, it is the audience side of the same. The audience that will to touch the new world of Richie had gathered in many places, but there was also the venue that mood was tense in the sense of anticipation, a sense of tension because of the preceding. However, Osaka performances or “usual venue” because of the, very good glue without make tense up there. Of course, it does not happen fuss, such as a rock concert, a warm encouragement, which is given. Among the first time doing, a concert in which the audience just was Mishi’ gather in only Mishi’ the site once before. It is, is this in Osaka.
Osaka taste of Festival Hall is not only mood, “Osaka’s premier” Collect the acclaimed “God Hall made” venue sound wonderful. This work has also used the original master by the same recording house of hand as “KOBE 1997”, the sound is exquisite. Although “KOBE 1997” was also struck in the chest to the wonderful sound, this work is also no less. Although it what it is a traditional venue has continued to rise to high-quality recordings from PURPLE’s first visit to Japan in 1972, in the acoustic BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, the wonderful acoustic is handed down in touch sensation.
In addition, the set list also delicious. Unlike Kobe performances were rounded up early in the relationship of travel time, in the main, “Memmingen”, “Greensleeves”, “No Second Chance” from the “SHADOW OF THE MOON” is played. Glad to any more of is, Encore Electric set. After tightening in the same way as Kobe performance “Writing On The Wall”, Richie fingertips draw is “Man On The Silver Mountain”! In addition we continue to play in quick succession as the “Spirit Of The Sea”, “Street Of Dreams”. Although not mean that “Osaka only”, the heat of the enthusiasm that received it merely Osaka. “Street Of Dreams” there is no After the moment of Tsu roar that resounded intro. We greet the finale raised the grand along with Candice of a singing voice over and over again trappings 2,700 of chorus.

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT has been made a total of 13 performances in Japan twice in 1997 and 2004, it was the same venue as the Rock era, only once this Osaka Festival Hall. For the first time stepping on it Japan of venue in 1972, Richie appearance of which has been very back with new music to the stage. A memorial concert all of the performance, audio and spectators were gathered, is a live album, which was fully drawn to the best in Takumi’s work of virtuoso. One, which is also “MADE IN JAPAN” of BLACKMORE’S NIGHT. Please, please enjoy plenty.

リッチー・ブラックモア専門の新レーベル「Black Box」。今週は、その誕生を祝う自信作が2タイトル同時リリースされますが、本作はそのうちの1本でBLACKMORE’S NIGHT初来日の「1997年11月7日」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバム。現場は、あの『MADE IN JAPAN』のメイン会場ともなった“大阪フェスティバルホール”です。初のジャパンツアーは全8公演あり、今週はそのリリースがまとまってもいますので、逐一整理していきましょう。

・11月7日:大阪フェスティバルホール 【本作】

このように、本作は7公演目にして唯一の大阪公演でした。同時リリースの『KOBE 1997(Black Box 001)』でも触れましたが、このジャパンツアーはBLACKMORE’S NIGHTにとって初めての公開公演でもあり、プロになりたてのキャンディス・ナイトはもちろん、当のリッチー・ブラックモアにとっても新しい音楽世界を切り開かんとする刹那。常に新しい土地・観客・音楽を踏みしめながら歩みを進めていくだけに、1公演1公演が面白いツアーでもありました。実際、本作のパフォーマンスも非常に初々しい。通常のバンドやツアーでしたら5・6公演くらいで調子が上がってくるものですが、初めて尽くしだけに観客もバンドも初めての出会いの新鮮さに溢れています。
そんな初々しさ溢れる中にあって、ややリラックスしたムードを見せているのは、肝心要の御大、リッチー・ブラックモア。このツアーは、DEEP PURPLEやRAINBOWと大きく違う音楽性なこともあり、今までにリッチーが足を踏み入れたことのない会場ばかりでしたが、その中で唯一、大阪フェスティバルホールはリッチーにも馴染み深い会場だった。その数はDEEP PURPLE初来日の初日から始まり、この時で11公演目。リッチーの日本公演史において、日本武道館に次ぐ場数を踏んだステージだったのです。
大阪フェスティバルホールの旨みはムードだけではなく、“大阪随一”・“神が作ったホール”と絶賛を集める会場音響も素晴らしい。本作も『KOBE 1997』と同じ録音家の手によるオリジナル・マスターを使用しており、そのサウンドは絶品。『KOBE 1997』も素晴らしいサウンドに胸を打たれましたが、本作も負けず劣らず。それこそ1972年のPURPLE初来日から高品質な録音を生み続けてきた伝統会場ではあるものの、アコースティックなBLACKMORE’S NIGHTでは、その素晴らしい音響が手触り感覚で伝わってきます。
また、セットリストも美味しい。移動時間の関係で早めに切り上げられた神戸公演とは違い、本編では『SHADOW OF THE MOON』からの「Memmingen」「Greensleeves」「No Second Chance」が演奏される。それ以上に嬉しいのが、アンコールのエレクトリック・セット。神戸公演と同じように「Writing On The Wall」で締めた後、リッチーの指先が引き出すのは「Man On The Silver Mountain」! さらに「Spirit Of The Sea」「Street Of Dreams」と立て続けに演奏していくのです。“大阪だけ”というわけではないものの、それを受けた熱狂の熱さは大阪だけのもの。「Street Of Dreams」のイントロが鳴り響いた瞬間のどよめきったらない。キャンディスの歌声を幾重にも彩る2700人のコーラス隊と共に盛大に盛り上がってフィナーレを迎えるのです。

BLACKMORE’S NIGHTは1997年と2004年の2度の来日で合計13公演を行いましたが、ロック時代と同じ会場だったのは、この大阪フェスティバルホール1回だけ。1972年に初めて踏んだ日本の会場、まさにそのステージに新たな音楽と共に戻ってきたリッチーの姿。演奏・音響・観客の総てがそろったメモリアル公演を、名手の匠の業で極上に描ききったライヴアルバムです。BLACKMORE’S NIGHTの『MADE IN JAPAN』でもある1本。どうぞ、たっぷりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (56:55)
1. Intro. 2. Shadow Of The Moon 3. Be Mine Tonight 4. Play Minstrel Play 5. St. Teresa
6. Minstrel Hall 7. Under A Violet Moon 8. Temple Of The King 9. 16th Century Greensleeves
10. Memmingen 11. Greensleeves 12. Renaissance Faire

Disc 2 (52:32)
1. Mond Tanz 2. No Second Chance 3. Ariel 4. Member Introduction 5. The Clock Ticks On
6. Still I’m Sad 7. Difficult To Cure 8. Bass Solo 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Writing On The Wall
11. Man On The Silver Mountain 12. Spirit Of The Sea 13. Street Of Dreams

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitars Candice Night – Vocal Jessie Haynes – Guitars Mick Cervino – Bass
Joseph James – Keyboards John O. Reilly – Drums


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