Black Sabbath With Rob Halford / Definitive Camden 2004 / 1DVD+1CD

Black Sabbath With Rob Halford / Definitive Camden 2004 / 1DVD+1CD / ZODIAC

Tweeter Center At The Waterfront, Camden, NJ, USA 26th August 2004 PRO-SHOT/STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)


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BLACK SABBATH, a hero born in the steel city of Birmingham, and Rob Halford, a steel god. Press titles that will allow you to experience the ultimate collaboration with the highest quality will be released simultaneously!
第二 The second engraving of this work is “August 26, 2004: Camden Performance”. It is a two-disc set that recorded the ultimate co-starring with the best multi-camera pro shot and stereo sound board. Sabbath and Rob will only be performing on three nights in a 50-year history. First, let’s look back on the three miraculous performances in conjunction with the simultaneous release “DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992 (Zodiac 380)”.

● 1992 (opening of Ozzy retirement)
・ November 14 “DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992 (DISC 1)”
・ November 15 “DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992 (DISC 2)”
● 2004 (Ossey’s sick leave)
・ August 26: Camden performance ← ★ This work ★

This is Rob + Sabbath all 3 performances. In 2004, Rob returned to JUDAS PRIEST, and participated in “OZZFEST 2004” as a demonstration. A dream tour where “JUDAS PRIEST vs BLACK SABBATH” can be watched every night. However, Ozzie suffered from bronchitis late in the year. On the day of Camden’s performance (the day after Rob’s 53rd birthday), Sharon contacted Rob and asked for a hit, saying, “If you can’t sing tonight, you have to cancel.” As expected, Rob was also afraid, but for the time being practiced to the live video that he got on the moving bus. After the priest’s show on the day, he took a shower and ten minutes later he stood on stage as a Sabbath frontman.

[Upgrade super shots from outflow of officials] It was a unique “incident show” in rock history, but its record is also an incident. Immediately after the show, professional shot images of the multi camera for the screen leaked from officials. The legendary DVD “IRON GOD” has spread the whole picture of the ultimate collaboration to the world. This work is also a leaked professional shot, but further updates the highest peak quality. “Into The Void” and “Paranoid”, where the sound was interrupted in “IRON GOD”, is also a complete version that can be enjoyed seamlessly!
As a matter of fact, this sound cut is not a problem of the master, but an error of the local equipment. “IRON GOD” itself has been converted to DVD from the original digital master that leaked out from related parties, and there is no error-free master in this world. However, it is humanity that wants to enjoy a miraculous night in a perfect form. So this work carefully repaired Omoto’s voice, and connected the riff and backing from other places to realize the full version. Therefore, on the video side, block noise remains at the point of equipment trouble, but the sound is completely seamless. The live itself is full and enjoyable.
コ ア Here, the core collector may recall the imported live CD “ROBBED IN NEW JERSEY”. The error was also corrected in that CD made by an overseas enthusiast, but it seems that the official edition “REUNION” was used as the repair source apparently. As a result, a completely different sound suddenly popped out, and when I listened to it, I heard that Ozzy’s voice was lost. On the other hand, this work has no discomfort at all, and has a beautiful finish as if there were no errors from the beginning.
In addition, this work is not only repaired, but also the whole sound is brushed up. The original sound was exquisite and leaked, and the mix on the spot was bare, and it was somewhat flat when played back with audio. In this respect, this work improves the dropout by reorganizing each range, and improves sharpness. Provides clearer and more three-dimensional sound. It has become an “official alternative” to Rob & Sabbath, where there is no official record.

[The essence of the 70’s Sabbath spelled by Steel God] ア ッ プ グ レ ー ド The ultimate heavy metal collaboration upgraded with such ultimate sound is just unbelievable. Rob in the simultaneous release of “DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992” was a replacement for Ronnie James Dio, but this work is a replacement for Emperor Ozzy. That’s why the drums are the originator: Bill Ward, and the sets are only 70s numbers. Here, let’s organize the contents.

・ BLACK SABBATH: N.I.B./Black Sabbath (★)
・ PARANOID: War Pigs (★) / Fairies Wear Boots (★) / Iron Man (★) / Paranoid (★)
・ MASTER OF REALITY: Into The Void / Children Of The Grave
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be heard in “DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992”.

… and it looks like this. A total of eight songs that concentrated and reduced the initial three pieces. It is the ultimate “THE BEST OF ORIGINAL SABBATH”. As a matter of fact, these eight songs are the ultimate in data. The history of the reunion Sabbath spans a total of 366 performances in the 20 years from 1997 to 2017, and these eight songs have been performed in almost all performances. It was set in the show, and it dropped to 83% if it was the next runner, “Snowblind”, and 63% if it was the next “Dirty Women”. You can witness the ultimate best set by the ultimate collaboration with the superlative multi-camera pro shot.
な く In addition to such a show, this work has a special document feeling. As mentioned above, this work is a professional shot for the site, so it is dark before the start when the video is not used. But you might hear managers and Bill Ward announcing Ozzy’s absence. Since the sound is directly connected to the mix table, it is difficult to convey the response of the venue, but the vaguely vulgar words that speak to the audience can see the mood of booing. In addition, valuable images for screen productions are also a must-see after that. “Sabbath Medley,” which you can’t admire in other professional shots, can also enjoy the full version in a lossless manner. (It seems that some cover bands play this video as it is before the live).

[Rob Sabbath ultimate stereo sound board CD also set] 音 声 The sound that was originally super fine is further upgraded. How much the best multi-camera pro shot, but it is a transcendental sound board that is wasteful just by making it a video clip. Therefore, a live album with only audio was permanently saved on the press CD.
In addition, this CD also includes a bonus recording of “The Wizard” sung by Rob. This is an official track recorded on the tribute board “NATIVITY IN BLACK” under the name of BULLRING BRUMMIES, but the originator is Giser Butler & Bill Ward. It completely covered the stereo sound board of “Original Sabbath with Rob Singing in the Real Background” (By the way, the band name “BULLRING BRUMMIES” is a local story in Birmingham, and “BULLRING” is them, Robert Plant, John Bonham “BRUMMIES” means “Birmingham bastards”, and Iomi also planned to participate in the recording, but was rejected due to contractual issues. And Brian Tire of FIGHT and Wino of THE OBSESSED are playing guitar.

ロ In history, Rob Halford & BLACK SABBATH have not been realized yet, despite being considered formal membership several times. It is a 2-disc set that has evolved its super-excellent multi-camera pro shot & stereo sound board. While Iomi and Rob are alive, I just hope to form a formal unit, but at the moment this is the closest thing to an official one. The ultimate super masterpiece so much. Please enjoy the permanent press DVD + CD as much as you want!

鉄鋼の街バーミンガムで誕生した英雄BLACK SABBATHと鋼鉄神ロブ・ハルフォード。究極のコラボレーションを最高峰クオリティで体験できるプレス・タイトルが2作同時リリース決定です!
その第二弾となる本作に刻まれているのは「2004年8月26日:カムデン公演」。究極の共演を極上マルチカメラ・プロショットとステレオ・サウンドボードで記録した2枚組です。サバスとロブの共演は50年に及ぶ歴史の中でたった3夜だけ。まずは同時リリースの『DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992(Zodiac 380)』と合わせ、奇跡の3公演を振り返ってみましょう。

・8月26日:カムデン公演 ←★本作★

これがロブ+サバスの全3公演。2004年はロブがJUDAS PRIESTに復帰した年であり、そのお披露目として“OZZFEST 2004”に参加。毎晩「JUDAS PRIEST vs BLACK SABBATH」が立て続けに観られるという夢のツアーが実現しました。しかし、その終盤になってオジーが気管支炎を罹患。カムデン公演の当日(ロブにとって53歳誕生日の翌日)になってシャロンがロブに連絡し、「今夜歌ってくれないとキャンセルするしかない」と代打を依頼しました。さすがのロブも怯んだそうですが、とりあえず移動中のバスの中でもらったライヴビデオに合わせて練習。当日のプリーストのショウをこなした後、シャワーを浴びて10分後にはサバスのフロントマンとしてステージに立ったのです。

ロック史上でも類のない突貫の“事件ショウ”だったわけですが、その記録も事件。ショウの直後に関係者からスクリーン用のマルチカメラのプロショット映像が流出。伝説のDVD『IRON GOD』によって究極コラボの全貌が世界に流布されたのです。本作もその流出プロショットなのですが、さらに最高峰クオリティを更新するもの。『IRON GOD』では音が途切れ途切れになっていた「Into The Void」「Paranoid」もシームレスに楽しめる完全版なのです!
実のところ、この音切れはマスターの問題ではなく、現地機材のエラーによるもの。『IRON GOD』自体が関係者流出の大元デジタル・マスターの現物からDVD化されており、エラーのないマスターはこの世に存在しません。しかし、あまりにも奇跡的な一夜を完全なカタチで味わいたいのが人情というもの。そこで本作は大元の音声を丁寧に補修、リフやバッキングを他の箇所から繋いで完全版を実現したのです。そのため、映像面では機材トラブルの箇所でブロック・ノイズは残っていますが、音声は完全シームレス。ライヴ自体は淀みなくフルで楽しめるのです。
ここでコアなコレクターの方は輸入ライヴCD『ROBBED IN NEW JERSEY』を思い出すかも知れません。海外マニアが製作したあのCDもエラー箇所が補正されていましたが、どうやら補修ソースには公式盤『REUNION』が使用されていた模様。そのため、突如としてまったく違う音が飛びだし、よくよく聴いてみるとオジーの声まで紛れていた。それに対し、本作はまったく違和感がなく、まるで最初からエラーなど存在しなかったかのように美しい仕上がりなのです。

そんな究極サウンドでアップグレードした究極の重金属コラボレーションは、まさに感無量。同時リリースの『DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992』でのロブはロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオの代打でしたが、本作は帝王オジーの代役。そのため、ドラムはオリジネイター:ビル・ワードですし、セットも70年代ナンバーだけ。ここで、その内容も整理しておきましょう。

・BLACK SABBATH:N.I.B./Black Sabbath(★)
・PARANOID:War Pigs(★)/Fairies Wear Boots(★)/Iron Man(★)/Paranoid(★)
・MASTER OF REALITY:Into The Void/Children Of The Grave
※注:「★」印は『DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992』でも聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。初期3枚を濃縮還元した全8曲。究極的なまでの“THE BEST OF ORIGINAL SABBATH”なのです。実のところ、この8曲はデータ的にも究極。再結成サバスの歴史は1997年から2017年までの20年間で全366公演に及びますが、この8曲はほぼほぼ全公演で演奏されている(マニアの集計によると8曲とも90%以上のショウでセット入り。これが次点の「Snowblind」だと83%まで落ち、さらに次の「Dirty Women」だと63%……と、どんどん下がるそう)。究極コラボによる究極ベスト・セットを超極上のマルチカメラ・プロショットで目撃できてしまうのです。
そんなショウだけでなく、本作はドキュメント感も格別。前述したように本作は現場用のプロショットのため、映像が使用されない開演前は真っ暗。しかし、そこで聞こえてくるのはマネージャーやビル・ワードがオジーの欠場をアナウンスする声だったりする。音声はミックス卓直結なので会場の反応までは伝わりづらいですが、やや下品に観客を煽る言葉にはブーイングが巻き起こったという現場ムードが透けるのです。さらに、その後も貴重なスクリーン演出用の映像も必見。他のプロショットでは拝めない「Sabbath Medley」も完全版をロスレスで楽しめるのです(この映像をそのままライヴの前に流しているカバー・バンドもいるそうです)。

しかも、このCD編にはさらにロブが歌う「The Wizard」もボーナス収録。これはトリビュート盤『NATIVITY IN BLACK』にBULLRING BRUMMIES名義で収録された公式トラックなのですが、バックを務めるのはオリジネイター:ギーザー・バトラー&ビル・ワード。「本物をバックにロブが歌うオリジナル・サバス」のステレオ・サウンドボードを完全網羅したわけです(ちなみにバンド名“BULLRING BRUMMIES”はバーミンガムの地元ネタ。「BULLRING」は彼らやロバート・プラント、ジョン・ボーナム等がたむろっていたショッピング・センターの事で、「BRUMMIES」は「バーミンガム野郎共」の意。また、本当はアイオミも参加予定で録音まで済ませたのですが、契約上の問題で不採用。代わってFIGHTのブライアン・ティルスとTHE OBSESSEDのワイノがギターを務めています。惜しい!)。

歴史上、幾度となく正式加入が検討されながら、いまだ実現していないロブ・ハルフォード&BLACK SABBATH。その超極上マルチカメラ・プロショット&ステレオ・サウンドボードが進化した2枚組です。アイオミやロブが健在なうちに、ぜひとも正式なユニット結成を願うばかりですが、現在のところ本作こそが最も公式作品に近い存在でもある。それほどまでに究極の超傑作。どうぞ、永久保存プレスDVD+CDで思う存分ご堪能ください!

Tweeter Center At The Waterfront, Camden, NJ, USA 26th August 2004

DVD (63:33)
1. Manager & Bill Ward Announcement
2. Sabbath Medley
3. Supertzar
4. War Pigs
5. N.I.B.
6. Fairies Wear Boots
7. Into The Void ★ノーカット
8. Black Sabbath
9. Band Introductions
10. Iron Man
11. Children Of The Grave
12. Paranoid ★ノーカット


CD (67:28)
1. Manager & Bill Ward Announcement
2. Sabbath Medley
3. Supertzar
4. War Pigs
5. N.I.B.
6. Fairies Wear Boots
7. Into The Void ★ノーカット
8. Black Sabbath
9. Band Introductions
10. Iron Man
11. Children Of The Grave
12. Paranoid ★ノーカット
Bonus Track
13. The Wizard (Bullring Brummies)

Rob Halford – Vocals
Tony Iommi – Guitar
Geezer Butler – Bass
Bill Ward – Drums
Adam Wakeman – Keyboards


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