Black Sabbath / Under The Sun / 1CDR

Black Sabbath /  Under The Sun / 1CDR / Shades

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Name million people sound ★, reintroduction (released in January two thousand and nine) BLACK SABBATH - UNDER THE SUN (1Cdr) Live at Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio, Usa 15th July one thousand nine hundred seventy-two AMAZING SOUND (new sentence is described .)  famous as a masterpiece of the early original BLACK SABBATH "VOL.4" live from the show was recorded in the official UK tour in March 1973, after the (then still without the permission of the member) "LIVE AT LAST "was released, many fans now know where.  This "VOL.4" tour will be very rare "Black Sabbath" is not playing confirmed cases (possibly tour had fallen through the set) and the tour, U.S. tour in summer of '72, January '73 Oceania Tours of the month, European and UK tour in February and March 1973, and known to fans by even greater changes in the set list. This is noteworthy in the history SABBATH "VOL.4" from tour, but pleasing the audience with an excellent record of how the state's 1972 American tour years, this work "UNDER THE SUN" is. This work in Dayton, Ohio, July 15 1972 "Hara Arena" concert, said in a high quality audience recording as a recording well over 40 years ago, and recorded about an hour almost fully and. American tour this summer of '72 "VOL.4" was conducted prior to release. Where "MASTER OF REALITY" had been playing well late in the tour early type "Tomorrow's Dream" and "Snowblind" is already "VOL.4" has become encased in final form, this live as well as further at this time of year, September 15, "Hollywood Bowl" concert (the Shades label "WHHELS OF CONFUSION" included) only hear "Under The Sun" and "Wheels Of Confusion", etc. are being raised up, " This live only for this tour, "you can enjoy a rare performances carefully.  In this work evolved from a master, the opening "Tomorrow's Dream" 1 place at the beginning, "Iron Man" has seen more than one cut, than it has captured a live余Sazu. Brightness and contour as well as sound, well-balanced recording is finished and is easy to listen to further re-mastered, adjust to the normal tape speed. To assert that no doubt among traders over the source is known, what is the definitive source said yesterday.  "Tomorrow's Dream" continued to address the drug epidemic that was sweeping bands of the time "Sweet Leaf" and "Snowblind" is set to be a barrage, is filled with unique Hevinesu this very time. The classic "War Pigs" and "Iron Man" sandwiched "Under The Sun" is the first major crisis away. Hevirifu distinctive groove and crush the listeners about the magic of the early SABBATH only. Rare numbers drawn with a fresh sound heard is the best answer. Rongusoro Iommi featuring nearly 10 minutes of addition "Wicked World" also, let us reaffirm the power of the SABBATH played with jazz and blues roots. Another hearing where this work "Wheels Of Confusion" with a rich music in the background lets imagine that such a band born of (the September 15 for the "Hollywood Bowl" concert music in the same Because of cuts in the second half, recording only at the moment is the only book "Wheels Of Confusion" will be heard in its entirety live source.)  Then, "Embryo" not if you start a intro間髪the "Children Of The Grave" also Woah.Impulsivity is played in an explosion-like "Paranoid" up, must listen for fans is a series of scenes all take?  In addition to taking valuable "VOL.4" the Tsuarashii set list, in this work to entertain the master record and excellent freshness is a must listen what's definitely a must for all Mania SABBATH.Official live work "LIVE AT LAST" and "PAST LIVES" After listening to, even fans that live even longer SABBATH聴Ki込Mitaku the guide, "development" is the book you want to recommend us as one!One. Tomorrow's Dream two. Sweet Leaf 3. Snowblind 4. War Pigs five. Under The Sun 6. Iron Manseven. Wicked World eight. Orchid / Guitar Solo 9. Wicked World (reprise) 10. Wheels Of Confusion 11. Embryo / The Grave Of twelve children. Paranoid Tony Iommi - Guitar Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals Geezer Butler - Bass Bill Ward ★ Shades 034 

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