Black Sabbath / TYR Amsterdam / 1DVDR

Black Sabbath / TYR Amsterdam / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Jaap Edenhal Amsterdam, the Netherlands 1st November 1990. NTSC

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Tomorrow of style beauty HR / HM, “TYR TOUR”. Unfortunately it is a tour that disappeared visually only in Europe, but the masterpiece image which can experience the site exceptionally is a gift · release decision.
This film was filmed “November 1, 1990 Amsterdam Performance”. Its a masterpiece audience shot. This week, the super masterpiece press album “MILAN 1990 (Zodiac 320)” “OSNABRUCK 1990 (Zodiac 319)” which updates the highest peak of “TYR TOUR” has appeared, and the definitive edition gift “TYR BELGIUM” of video edition was also reprinted . So, let’s first check the position of the show from the whole picture of the tour.

“August 6” TYR “release”
· September 1 – 13: UK (10 performances)
· September 25 – October 2: Italy (6 shows) “MILAN 1990”
· October 3 – 9: Switzerland / Austria (5 shows)
· October 10 – 24: Germany # 1 (11 shows) “OSNABRUCK 1990”
· October 26 – 31: Scandinavia / Belgium (4 shows) “TYR BELGIUM”
· October 26 – November 1: Netherlands performance 【this work】
· November 3 – 28: Germany # 2 / Luxembourg (7 performances)
“December: returning to Giza Butler”

This is the whole image of “TYR TOUR”. Although I have repeated so far, I did not have a tour in North America and ended only with 44 European performances. This week’s press CD 2 title and ‘TYR BELGIUM’ was the October schedule, but the Amsterdam performance of this work was a much late concert than that.
The greatest point of this work which contained such a show is the superb quality that makes the masterpiece “TYR BELGIUM” too thin! Speaking of “TYR TOUR”, audience images are extremely valuable not only because there are no pro shots, but also due to the short schedule. Besides, most of them are pretty tough. It is a long distance, it ends in the middle of a show, and it is messy with many generations of dubbing … …. To be honest, it was only one of the “TYR BELGIUM” that we introduced in our shop also with Matumo quality. This work is the second masterpiece to break such a situation.

【New representative picture of TYR tour】
Its wonderfulness covers both image quality and camera work. First, image quality. Actually, although the existence of this picture itself was known from the VHS era, that genius is terrible. It was as silly as an AV that just could not distinguish the face of an actress. In recent years somewhat masy genius was on the market, but this work is different. It was excavated very recently, it is LOWEENE MASTER which is thin in the original shooting VHS cassette. Speaking of its beauty is completely different thing from earlier departure. Fresh screens that can not be crushed into details are delicate, and the facial expressions of the members are also clearer. The particles of smoked fish are beautifully reproduced.
And camera work is wonderful. It is an oblique shot from the stage right (Tony · Iomi), but noteworthy is height and stability. Whether it is the front seat of the stand seat, the arm and the head of the front row are not reflected, and the stage is directly photographed over the overhead of the first floor seat. That’s why I’m glad that I am not looking down. Although the overlooking of “TYR BELGIUM” was also superb view, this work is just the same elevation as the member. Tony Martin singfully watches eyes and sings, and you can look at everyone in balance, including Neil Murray and Koji Powell. “The four people are here!” The feeling comes to you as a shish. Moreover, in addition to that sight, the bold and flexible zoom that presses each member up to the waist up is frequently used, and (possibly) it has a vibrant stability feeling using a tripod. Actually, these beauty points are the same as those of the previous episode, but I did not notice the shady screen. By the brilliant Louis Jane, you will be noticed for the first time in the camera judgment of the artist.

【Ultimate Style Beauty Show which those 4 people spin】
Ultimate style beauty show painted with that quality … … It is already the highest! In the image of “HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”, although the star feeling was not felt as much as the name value, this work improved to the stage performance with the feeling of respiration stepping through the field as the background. Four people who solidified with whole body black are terribly cool! Of course, Aiomi is as heavy as it is (It does not move even if the guitar is a trab at “Die Young”): haha) Cozy is a flashy as usual, but Martin is growing fast in such a situation. A series of actions suitable for that singular singing, each one of the fluttering is really a picture. He is still deeply satisfied with his reputation that “Aura is missing” and “Performance is poor”, but in this video it is coolness comparable to Ronnie James Dio. He is more used to the stage than “HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”, and “CROSS PURPOSES TOUR” is almost different from voice and movement. Why, why did not you come to Japan with “TYR TOUR”, at least if you took a pro shot … ….
Of course, the elongated neel also became a picture, and the ensemble that was done is perfect. You can also witness the protagonist who plays a leading role with the base solo of “TYR TOUR” specialty. The wonderful line is much clearer than the album, and actions like those that made the swell look like it also makes me feel the band’s maturity.

“The Sabbath Stones” that moves, “The Law Maker” to watch with the eyes, “Anno Mundi (The Vision)” to witness … …. It is exactly the very thing, exactly Tōkyōgen. Full collection of such extraordinary show from “Ave Satani” to “Laguna Sunrise” telling after the show. It is a masterpiece image of the universe that can witness the world of ‘TYR’ where dignity and dizzying melody rage. A spectacle that should have spread to the “far side” of the ultimate live album “MILAN 1990” “OSNABRUCK 1990” instead of the sound board. Please, please experience and experience!

様式美HR/HMの桃源郷、“TYR TOUR”。残念ながらヨーロッパだけで幻と消えたツアーですが、その現場を極上体験できる傑作映像がギフト・リリース決定です。
本作が撮影されたのは「1990年11月1日アムステルダム公演」。その大傑作オーディエンス・ショットです。今週は“TYR TOUR”の最高峰を更新する超傑作プレス・アルバム『MILAN 1990(Zodiac 320)』『OSNABRUCK 1990(Zodiac 319)』が登場し、映像編の決定版ギフト『TYR BELGIUM』も復刻される。そこで、まずはツアーの全体像からショウのポジションを確認しておきましょう。

・9月25日-10月2日:イタリア(6公演)『MILAN 1990』
・10月10日-24日:ドイツ#1(11公演)『OSNABRUCK 1990』
・10月26日-31日:北欧/ベルギー(4公演)『TYR BELGIUM』
・10月26日-11月1日:オランダ公演 【本作】

これが“TYR TOUR”の全像。これまで繰り返してきましたが、北米ツアーもなく欧州44公演だけで終了してしまいました。今週のプレスCD2タイトルや『TYR BELGIUM』は10月日程でしたが、本作のアムステルダム公演はそれよりもグッと後期のコンサートでした。
そんなショウを収めた本作最大のポイントは、傑作『TYR BELGIUM』にも肉薄する極上クオリティ! “TYR TOUR”と言えば、プロショットが一切存在しないだけでなく日程の短さからオーディエンス映像も極めて貴重。しかも、そのほとんどがかなり厳しい内容。遠目だったり、ショウの途中で終わっていたり、何世代ものダビングでグチャグチャだったり……。正直なところ、マトモなクオリティで観られるのは当店でもご紹介してきた『TYR BELGIUM』の1本だけでした。本作は、そんな状況を打破する2本目の大傑作なのです。

そして、カメラワークも素晴らしい。ステージ右寄り(トニー・アイオミ寄り)からの斜めショットなのですが、特筆すべきは高さと安定感。スタンド席の最前席なのか、前列の腕や頭が映り込まず、1階席の頭上越しにステージを直写している。だからと言って見下ろしでもないのが嬉しい。『TYR BELGIUM』の見下ろしも絶景でしたが、本作はちょうどメンバーと同じ高さの目線。トニー・マーティンはしっかりと眼を見て歌いかけ、ニール・マーレイやコージー・パウエルも含めた全員をバランス良く見つめられる。「あの4人がココにいる!」感がひしひしと伝わってくるのです。しかも、それだけの光景に加え、各メンバーをウェスト・アップまで迫る果敢で自在なズームが多用され、(恐らく)三脚を使用したビシッとした安定感まで備えている。実は、こうした美点は既発と同じなのですが、グシャグシャな画面に気づきもしなかった。鮮やかなロウジャネによって、初めて匠のカメラさばきにも気付かされるのです。

そのクオリティで描かれる究極的な様式美ショウは……もう最っ高! “HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”の映像ではネームバリューほどスター感が感じられませんでしたが、本作は場数を踏んだ呼吸感を背景に、ステージ・パフォーマンスまで向上。全身黒で固めた4人は恐ろしくカッコ良い! もちろん、アイオミは重鎮然としていて(「Die Young」でギターがトラブっても動じていません:笑)コージーはいつものようにド派手なわけですが、そんな中で成長著しいのがマーティン。あの雄々しい歌い上げに相応しいアクションを連発し、煽りの1つひとつもビシッと実に画になる。未だに「オーラが足りない」「パフォーマンスが貧相」との世評も根強い彼ですが、この映像ではロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオにも匹敵するカッコ良さ。“HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”よりもステージ慣れしていて、“CROSS PURPOSES TOUR”とは声も動きもほぼ別人。なぜ、なぜ“TYR TOUR”で日本に来てくれなかったのか、せめてプロショットを撮ってくれていたら……。
もちろん、長身ニールも画になり、こなれたアンサンブルも完璧。“TYR TOUR”名物のベースソロで堂々と主役を張る姿も目撃できる。流麗なラインはアルバムよりも遙かにクッキリとしており、そのうねりを視角化したようなアクションもバンドの成熟ぶりを感じさせてくれます。

動く「The Sabbath Stones」、目で観る「The Law Maker」、目の当たりにする「Anno Mundi (The Vision)」……。まさに至極、まさに桃源郷。そんな極めつけのショウを「Ave Satani」から終演後を告げる「Laguna Sunrise」までフル収録。威厳と目眩くメロディが乱舞する『TYR』の世界を目撃できる希代の傑作映像です。サウンドボード代わりとなる究極ライヴアルバム『MILAN 1990』『OSNABRUCK 1990』の“向こう側”に広がっていたはずの光景。どうぞ、刮目してご体験ください!

1. Ave Satani/The Gates Of Hell 2. Neon Knights 3. Iron Man 4. Children Of The Grave
5. Die Young 6. The Sabbath Stones 7. Bass Solo 8. Heart Like A Wheel/Guitar Solo
9. Headless Cross 10. When Death Calls 11. The Law Maker 12. Anno Mundi (The Vision)
13. Black Sabbath 14. Heaven And Hell 15. Paranoid/Heaven And Hell(reprise)
16. Laguna Sunrise (Outro.)

Tony Iommi – Guitar Tony Martin – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums Neil Murray – Bass
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

COLOUR NTSC Approx.99min.

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