Black Sabbath / Parandoid UK Original LP / 1CD

Black Sabbath / Parandoid UK Original LP / 1CD  / Non Label

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Taken from the UK original LP(Vertigo 6360 011)

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BLACK SABBATH Eternal great masterpiece “PARANOID”. It is a permanent preservation decision for one piece that reprinted its original sound in a genuine manner.
Original SABBATH of the 1970 ‘s which had a series of historical masterpieces. In the masterpiece group, the representative work without question and answer was “PARANOID”. Miracle’s famous record which recorded “War Pigs” “Iron Man” which can also be called representative song Big 3, with the symbolic song “Paranoid” as the lead. In the weight of the origin, the debut work “BLACK SABBATH” is outstanding, and in the degree of completeness it is a historical supernumeric record that does not yield a majestic representation of the majestic masterpiece while exceeding the 3rd album “MASTER OF REALITY”.
This work is the original book of such a definitive album. It is an album in which overseas audio mania has elaborately digitized overseas audio press “6360 011” which was released in 1970 by British Vertigo label. As well as “BLACK SABBATH: UK ORIGINAL LP” which was pressed recently, in addition to the main part which gained popularity as a gift title, I bonus “Iron Man” of the original single of the United States was recorded.

[Reprint original genuine original sound itself] If you touch “BLACK SABBATH: UK ORIGINAL LP” you think that you will come with a pin, but this work is different in dimension from just analog raising. Overseas manias who made this carefully selected several kinds of unopened mint and quality boards carefully in the high-est environment specialized in “digitizing analogue” of the best ones. Instead of having one needle, it digitizes “sound of first play” only once, with quality not distorting the board or even uneven rotation. That quality is exactly “real sound.” It is a miracle sound that does not have any faint noise even though it has not corrected / corrected anything after digitizing it.
In our shop, we have delivered “BLACK SABBATH” to “SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH” in these processes, but the sound flowing out of this work is more special. As a matter of fact, “PARANOID” has only major representative work and there are many recurrences. Even in other albums, there are two countries of home country SANCTUARY board, American type RHINO board, but “PARANOID” furthermore exists to the RHINO board SUPER DELUXE board. When I briefly introduce the sound, RHINO board which is the most gorgeous and digital like is the board. It is the version of masterpiece “BLACK BOX” of recurrence. On the other hand, the UK SANCTUARY board received a natural and natural finish mania. And, the SUPER DELUXE board released in 2016 is between the two. Although it was RHINO production, it was summarized by neat sounding close to the SANCTUARY board, from reflection on the fact that “BLACK BOX” was too loud.
Then, how about the sound of this work which reproduced the English U. If you say this in one word “Super Natural SANCTUARY board”. As it is not subjected to any processing after digital, the sound pressure is lower than that of various current CDs, but the sound hidden there is trying to be correct. For example, if you’re playing guitar sounds, it’s a treble. Various existing remasters emphasize the edge of treble from the image of “the origin of Sabbath-metal”. I finished it with a very kinkin / glittering sound. In contrast, this work is simply “rock sound”. There is no such act as to force the guitar metallically, and the original ringing is left intact.
A further point is a bus drum. As a matter of fact, the recording of “PARANOID” is cheap as the recording of the bus drum is not clear, the outline is not clear now. Sounds that the current remaster CD is forcibly pulling up the peak of hitting sound to make it brute forcefully. Even with a relatively natural SANCTUARY board, only bus drivers are pressing force just before the limiter who punched. In contrast, this work is thoroughly accomplished, natural. The striking sound as Ohno recording depicts a beautiful mountain, I can not feel a sense of stuff up to every corner of a single stroke, harmoniously with the bass and guitar. Although it is brilliant with the current remaster, it is overwhelmingly natural that this work is the total “band sound” if factoring it down.

【Permanent preservation board with single bonus included bonus】
In addition to such a main part, this work also includes bonus tracks. In “BLACK SABBATH: UK ORIGINAL LP” it was single “Evil Woman”, but this work is a single “Iron Man”. Audio mania who produced this volume is a reprint of the original release of America (Warner Bros. Records 7530).
As a matter of fact, the world wide single is “Paranoid”, “Iron Man” is a single in North America only. If I stick to British original, “Paranoid” is about to be selected, but it seems that this maniac did not produce a board raising because the contents of the essential are the same as album · take. In that respect, the American version “Iron Man” is a single edit that is different from the album. It is a take that was compiled at 3: 29, while the album version is 5: 57. This version is official CD in RHINO board vest “GREATEST HITS 1970-1978”, but also contemporary remaster is given. This work, as well as the main part, is reprinting the rare version with the original sound.

The pronoun “BLACK SABBATH” which was revived with the real sound “PARANOID”. Britain’s 1st press LP which left us realistic sympathy, respiratory feeling that existed only in the “Island Studio” in London. It is the highest quality quality board ever.
If you think about it, there might not have been a band that was maddened by the image as much as BLACK SABBATH. The members of the group were simply pursuing their music without brains, but it became the origin of heavy metal and was called the founder of Doom rock. And, in the remaster who was produced later in the year, its image appeared outstandingly. “The view of Sabbath” of a worker got confused, the consciousness of “It is the origin of heavy metal …” is working because “Sabbath is the origin of such sound”. However, the sound of this work has no room for mismanagement of such “image”. It is simply a “real sound” that simply reproduces the unused LP of the superpole just for the first time. The original SABBATH and the sound “just” that the Vertigo label of the time wanted to deliver can be tasted as it is.
This is the real pleasure of raising the first LP. Press CD that inscribes such honest and authentic sound to the highest peak ever. Please, please suck this fragrant sound into my heart.

BLACK SABBATH永遠の大代表作『PARANOID』。その原初サウンドを正鵠に復刻した1枚が永久保存決定です。
歴史的な名盤を連発していた70年代のオリジナルSABBATH。その名作群の中にあって、問答無用の代表作こそが『PARANOID』でした。象徴曲「Paranoid」を筆頭に、代表曲ビッグ3とも言える「War Pigs」「Iron Man」を収録した奇跡の名盤。原点の重みではデビュー作『BLACK SABBATH』こそが勝り、完成度では3rdアルバム『MASTER OF REALITY』が上回りながらも堂々たる代表作の座を譲らぬ歴史的な超名盤です。
本作は、そんな決定的なアルバムの原書たる1枚。本国イギリスVertigoレーベルが1970年にリリースした初回プレスLP「6360 011」を海外のオーディオ・マニアが精緻にデジタル化したアルバムです。先日プレス化を果たした『BLACK SABBATH: UK ORIGINAL LP』と同じく、ギフト・タイトルとして大好評を博した本編に加え、米国オリジナル・シングルの『Iron Man』をボーナス収録しました。

『BLACK SABBATH: UK ORIGINAL LP』に触れた方ならピンと来ると思いますが、本作はただのアナログ起こしとは次元が違います。制作した海外マニアは何種もの未開封ミント・クオリティ盤を厳選し、最上のものを「アナログのデジタル化」に特化したハイエスト環境で注意深く再生。針パチ1つないどころか、盤の歪みも回転ムラさえも感じさせないクオリティで、ただ1回だけの“初回再生の音”をデジタル化している。そのクオリティは、まさに“本物の音”。デジタル化した後に一切の修正・補正をしていないにも関わらず、微かなノイズも存在しない奇跡のサウンドなのです。
当店では、こうした工程で『BLACK SABBATH』から『SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH』までお届けしてきましたが、本作から流れ出すサウンドは、さらに特別なのです。実のところ『PARANOID』は大代表作だけあって再発が多い。他のアルバムでも本国系SANCTUARY盤、アメリカ系RHINO盤の2系統がありますが、『PARANOID』はさらにRHINO盤SUPER DELUXE盤まで存在する。簡単にそのサウンドをご紹介しますと、一番ド派手でデジタルっぽいのはRHINO盤。再発の名作『BLACK BOX』のバージョンです。それに対し、英国SANCTUARY盤は自然でナチュラルな仕上がりがマニア受けしました。そして、2016年にリリースされたSUPER DELUXE盤は、両者の中間。RHINO制作でありながら『BLACK BOX』が派手すぎた事への反省からか、SANCTUARY盤に近い端正サウンドでまとめられていました。

そんな本編に加え、本作はさらにボーナス・トラックも収録。『BLACK SABBATH: UK ORIGINAL LP』ではシングル『Evil Woman』でしたが、本作はシングル『Iron Man』。本編を制作したオーディオ・マニアが米国オリジナル・リリースの(Warner Bros. Records 7530)を復刻したものです。
実のところ、ワールド・ワイドのシングルは『Paranoid』であり、『Iron Man』は北米のみのシングル。英国オリジナルにこだわれば『Paranoid』がセレクトされるところなのですが、肝心の中身がアルバム・テイクと同じなせいか、このマニアは盤起こしを制作しなかったようです。その点、米盤『Iron Man』はアルバムとは異なるシングル・エディット。アルバム・バージョンが5:57なのに対し、3:29にまとめられたテイクです。このバージョンはRHINO盤ベスト『GREATEST HITS 1970–1978』で公式CD化されていますが、やはり現代的なリマスターが施されている。本作は、本編と同じく原初サウンドでレア・バージョンを復刻しているのです。

本物サウンドで甦ったBLACK SABBATHの代名詞『PARANOID』。ロンドンの“アイランド・スタジオ”にだけ存在した交感、呼吸感をリアルに残してくれた英国1stプレスLP。その史上最高峰クオリティ盤です。
思えば、BLACK SABBATHほどイメージに翻弄されたバンドはなかったかも知れません。当のメンバー達はただ無心に自分達の音楽を追い求めていましたが、それがヘヴィメタルの元祖となり、ドゥームロックの始祖と呼ばれた。そして、後年になって制作されたリマスターには、そのイメージが色濃く現れてしまった。作業する人間の「サバス観」が紛れ、「SABBATHならこういう音のハズ」「ヘヴィメタルの元祖なんだから……」の意識が働いて“作って”しまう。ところが、本作のサウンドには、そんな“イメージ”の紛れ込む余地が1ミクロンもない。単に超極上の未使用LPを、単に初回再生しただけの“本物の音”。オリジナルSABBATHと、当時のVertigoレーベルが届けたかったサウンド“だけ”がそっくりそのまま味わえるわけです。


1. War Pigs 2. Paranoid 3. Planet Caravan 4. Iron Man 5. Electric Funeral
6. Hand Of Doom 7. Rat Salad 8. Fairies Wear Boots

Taken from the US original 7″ single(Warner Bros. Records 7530)

9. Iron Man 10. Electric Funeral

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