Black Sabbath / Live Longest Die At Last 2020 Remaster / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Live Longest Die At Last 2020 Remaster / 2CD/ Zodiac

Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA 5th August 1975  STEREO SBD

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The legendary live album “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST”, which is a masterpiece that transcends both formal and informal, and was also wanted by Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne. The latest and highest peak board to commemorate the 50th anniversary of debut is now available on the permanent preservation press 2CD!

[50th Anniversary Edition of the highest peak master who still has nothing to exceed] “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” …… It can be said that this is the supreme brand that promises the highest peak. Its true identity is the transcendental stereo sound board recording of “August 5, 1975 Asbury Park Performance”. Many live albums have been born in the history of Sabas over 50 years, but there is no more. It is a top sound board in the top.
In the first place, the 1975 Asbury Park performance has been known for FM broadcasting for a long time, and part of it has been adopted for the official edition “PAST LIVES”. It’s the best soundboard recording of the 70’s, and it’s a big classic. However, it is also a big pitfall because it is so standard. The full version of this soundboard first appeared in the early 2000s, but the impact was so great that subsequent upgrades became less known. In fact, various titles are outbreaks regardless of press / CDR and domestic / overseas. Even if you look at the track list, you can only tell that it is a complete version, and you can not tell until you ask whether it is a vertex master or an old model master. Nowadays, even though the general distribution board disguised as an official has appeared, many people may have complained in the end with a copy of the old boot, “Don’t use such an old-fashioned master by now.”
When asked “Which is the best master?”, The answer is “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST”. It was an upgrade master excavated in 2012, and the freshness was completely different from before. Obviously, it has been digitized from Omoto, and there are no noises, twists, or dubbing marks, and the localization that was crazy in all the existing groups is normal. Already, from corner to corner, “completely official class” … No, the real “PAST LIVES” was so ridiculous that I couldn’t listen to it. The rumor has crossed the sea and sought even Iommi and Ozzy (successfully obtained, according to people familiar with the matter).
Naturally, after that, it was thought that the copy board of “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” would dominate the market … but that was not the case (maybe there is no vendor familiar with Sabas). No, but if this were LED ZEPPELIN or DEEP PURPLE, it would have been widespread long ago. Anyway, strangely, the name of “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” became the proof of the highest peak master. After that, every time a later version such as repress or “DEFINITIVE EDITION” appeared, it was sold out and out of print with great popularity. This work is the latest version in 2020, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the debut of the heavyweight BLACK SABBATH, and the refinement of its highest peak master.

[Latest remastered sound that allows you to experience the microcosm] The sound is just supreme. This time, it’s not a remaster of the remastered version, but a remaster after returning to the original. Of course, the direct feeling and vividness are the highest ever, but the original sound does not greatly exceed “DEFINITIVE EDITION” only for the original sound (on the contrary, distortion will occur if it exceeds it). Rather, the point is a stereo feeling. In the midrange of the original sound, there was a habit of pulling the high and low frequencies, but when I looked down on the whole, it became a lumpy feeling. This is not a drawback either, but this time I put a scalpel here and made fine adjustments. You can now enjoy a more vivid sense of separation.
Please enjoy this upgrade with headphones. Up until now, there was a feeling of immersion and synchronization as if Sabas was in my head, but this work has a wide world. If the brain is the stage, the full show will be pierced with a feeling of a microcosm that seems to be spread out with the force of the skull.

[“SABOTAGE TOUR”, which was at its peak even in the 70’s] Undoubtedly, “Sabas’s masterpiece” is drawn with such a sound. If you are familiar with the conventional version, you will be satisfied, but let’s review the points for those who are new to this. First of all, the ensemble is amazing. The performances of the four people are still in their heyday, and even if they are ripe, they have not started to rot. Iommi’s guitar now has a metallic edge in addition to its weight, and Ozzy’s voice grows comfortably. Later, it was said to be synonymous with bad horses, but at this time, he was a high-tone singer.
Secondly, it is also big that support keyboardist Gerald Woodruff is accompanied. Until then, Sabas wrote songs that required keyboards, but the tour was limited to four people. However, it is now possible to freely play songs that could not be done even if I wanted to, such as incorporating the previous work “Spiral Architect”. In the 70’s, there are keyboards in “SABOTAGE TOUR” and “TECHNICAL ECSTASY TOUR”, and considering the tension of the performance, “SABOTAGE TOUR” is the climax.
Third, a long full set. “SABOTAGE TOUR” is also known for the lengthening of the show at once. Until then, most of the shows were about 70 minutes, and sometimes even when it exceeded 80 minutes, it was a style of stretching with jam. However, “SABOTAGE TOUR” was built from the beginning as a 100-minute class set. It’s a good opportunity, so let’s organize the contents here.

・ Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath
・ Paranoid: War Pigs / Iron Man / Paranoid
・ Master of Reality: Orchid / Embryo / Children Of The Grave
・ Black Sabbath 4: Snowblind / Supernaut
・ Bloody Sabbath: Killing Yourself To Live / Sabbra Cadabra / Spiral Architect
・ Sabotage: Hole In The Sky / Symptom Of The Universe / Megalomania

… And it looks like this. Moreover, the number of songs is not simply large, but the flow has evolved. The contrast between the first half of folding the famous songs and the second half of incorporating various songs in the jam was also vivid, and the show was extremely complete.
A full live performance with the potential of the heyday of a set composed by free song selection because it is on the keyboard. It is a masterpiece that you can enjoy the climax of the moment with a transcendent sound board. All of BLACK SABBATH’s live albums … No, it’s a super-masterpiece that doesn’t exceed even if you include the studio masterpiece. The highest peak. Please experience it with the permanent storage press 2CD!

★ Superb stereo sound board of “August 5, 1975 Asbury Park Performance”. It is a large standard sound board that has been partially adopted in the official board “PAST LIVES”, but it is the ultimate quality board in its full length version. The legendary masterpiece “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” that even Iommi and Ozzy himself wanted has been further brushed up. Glittering guitar, thick undulating bass, drums that even the structure of the kit comes to mind, vocals that are directly connected to the ears. Everything is superb, and there is no noise that was found even in the official board “PAST LIVES”. It is the ultimate superb sound board album that is overwhelmingly beyond the official level, not at the level of “a little good”.

公式/非公式の別を超えた最高傑作であり、トニー・アイオミやオジー・オズボーンも欲しがった伝説のライヴアルバム『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』。デビュー50周年を記念する最新・最高峰盤が永久保存プレス2CDで登場です!

『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』……これはもう、最高峰を確約する至上のブランドと言っても良いでしょう。その正体は「1975年8月5日アズベリーパーク公演」の超絶級ステレオ・サウンドボード録音。50年に及ぶサバス史で幾多のライヴアルバムが誕生してきましたが、これ以上はない。まさに頂点中の頂点サウンドボードです。
そもそも1975年アズベリーパーク公演は古くからFM放送が知られ、公式盤『PAST LIVES』にも一部が採用。まさに70年代最高のサウンドボード録音であり、定番中の大定番です。しかし、あまりにも定番だからこそ、大きな落とし穴にもなっている。このサウンドボードの完全版が登場したのは2000年代の初頭だったのですが、その衝撃が大きすぎ、その後のアップグレードが知られづらくなったのです。実際プレス/CDR、国内/海外を問わず、さまざまなタイトルの盤が乱発。トラックリストを見ても完全版であることしか分からず、頂点マスターなのか、古い型落ちマスターなのか聴いてみるまで分からない。現在では公式を装った一般流通盤まで登場しつつ、結局は古いブートのコピーで「今ごろ、こんな古臭いマスターを使うなよ」と愚痴った方も多いのではないでしょうか。
「じゃあ、ベスト・マスターはどれ?」となった時、その答えとなるのが『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』。2012年に発掘されたアップグレード・マスターで、それまでとは鮮度がまるで違った。明らかに大元からデジタル化されており、ノイズもヨレもダビング痕もまるでなく、あらゆる既発群では狂っていた定位も正常。もう、隅から隅まで「完全オフィシャル級」……いえ、現実の『PAST LIVES』なんぞバカバカしくて聴いてられなくなるケタ違いの超極上品だったのです。その噂は海を越え、アイオミやオジーでさえ探し求めた(関係者によると無事入手された)そうです。
当然の事ながら、それ以降は『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』のコピー盤が市場を席巻……するかと思われましたが、そうはならなかった(サバスに詳しい業者がいないのかも知れませんが、これがLED ZEPPELINやDEEP PURPLEであったらとっくの昔に広まっていたでしょう。情けない)。ともあれ、奇しくも『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』の名が最高峰マスターの証となったわけです。その後も再プレスや『DEFINITIVE EDITION』といった後発バージョンも登場するたびに大人気のうちに完売・廃盤。本作は、重鎮BLACK SABBATHのデビュー50周年を記念し、その最高峰マスターを磨き直した2020年最新版なのです。

そのサウンドは、まさに至高。今回はリマスター盤のリマスターではなく、一度大元に戻ってからの磨き直し。ダイレクト感や鮮やかさはもちろん過去最高ですが、原音が原音だけに『DEFINITIVE EDITION』を大きく超えるものではない(逆に超えたら歪みが発生してしまいます)。むしろ、ポイントはステレオ感。原音の中音域には、高域や低域を引っぱるようなクセがあったのですが、それが全体を俯瞰すると塊感にもなっていました。これも欠点と言うほどではないのですが、今回はここにメスを入れて微調整。さらにあざやかな分離感が楽しめるようになりました。

【70年代でも絶頂を究めていた“SABOTAGE TOUR”】
第2に、サポート・キーボーディストのジェラルド・ウッドルフが同行しているのも大きい。それまでのサバスはキーボードの必要な曲を書きつつ、ツアーは4人だけでした。しかし、ここでは前作の「Spiral Architect」を盛り込むなど、やりたくてもできなかった曲も自由に演奏できるようになった。70年代でキーボードがいるのは“SABOTAGE TOUR”と“TECHNICAL ECSTASY TOUR”でもあり、演奏のテンションも考え合わせれば、“SABOTAGE TOUR”こそが絶頂なのです。
第3に、長大なフルセット。“SABOTAGE TOUR”は、一気にショウが長くなった事でも知られています。それまでは70分ほどのショウがほとんどで、たまに80分を超える時にもジャムで引き延ばすスタイルでした。しかし、“SABOTAGE TOUR”は最初から100分クラスのセットを構築されたのです。良い機会ですので、ここでその内容も整理しておきましょう。

・黒い安息日:Black Sabbath
・パラノイド:War Pigs/Iron Man/Paranoid
・マスター・オブ・リアリティ:Orchid/Embryo/Children Of The Grave
・血まみれの安息日:Killing Yourself To Live/Sabbra Cadabra/Spiral Architect
・サボタージュ:Hole In The Sky/Symptom Of The Universe/Megalomania

鍵盤入りだからこその自由な選曲で組まれたセットを全盛期のポテンシャルで貫くフルライヴ。まさに絶頂の刹那を超絶サウンドボードで楽しめる最高傑作です。BLACK SABBATHのあらゆるライヴアルバム……いえ、スタジオ名盤を含めても超える物のない超名盤。その最高峰。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで存分にご体験ください!

★「1975年8月5日アズベリーパーク公演」の超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。オフィシャル盤『PAST LIVES』にも一部採用されたほどの大定番サウンドボードですが、その全長版にして究極クオリティ盤です。アイオミやオジー本人さえもが欲しがった伝説の名盤『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』をさらにブラッシュ・アップ。ギラギラと輝くようなギター、太くうねるベース、キットの構造まで目に浮かぶドラム、耳元直結なヴォーカル。すべてが超極上であり、オフィシャル盤『PAST LIVES』でさえ所々あったノイズも皆無。“ちょっと良い”どころのレベルではなく、圧倒的にオフィシャル超えした究極の超極上サウンドボード・アルバムです。

Disc 1(41:13)
1. Supertzar
2. Killing Yourself To Live
3. Hole In The Sky
4. Snowblind
5. Symptom Of The Universe
6. War Pigs
7. Megalomania

Disc 2(58:51)
1. Sabbra Cadabra
2. Band Jam
3. Guitar Solo #1
4. Sometimes I’m Happy
5. Drums Solo
6. Supernaut
7. Iron Man
8. Orchid – Guitar Solo #2
9. Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor
10. Guitar Solo #3 – Don’t Start (Too Late)
11. Black Sabbath
12. Spiral Architect
13. Embryo – Children Of The Grave
14. Ozzy’s MC
15. Paranoid


Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
Tony Iommi – Guitar
Geezer Butler – Bass
Bill Ward – Drums
Jezz Woodroffe – Keyboards



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